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Challenge both your English & minds





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 0526 - e-pie - 英语练功房


Show off talents wherever you can

YU Minhong, president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc, delivered a wonderful speech after the grand final (总决赛) of the 14th China Daily “21st Century?New Oriental Cup” National High School and Primary School English Speaking Competition. Here is some of his advice to young people.
Yu said it’s important to do what you like without fear of failure. He stressed that the process of working toward your dreams matters more than the results. He also encouraged young people to take opportunities to show off their talents. Take competitions like this one as an example: If you are afraid to fail, you’ll never get the chance to stand on the stage and make a speech. Above all, it’s most important to take part.
Another suggestion he gave is to read books, not only textbooks, but also “all the books that are beneficial to you”. “It is not easy to keep reading every day,” Yu said, “For me, it is much more difficult and challenging to keep reading and taking notes every day than it is to walk 10,000 steps.” He said that reading is the foundation (基础) of everything.
In his speech, Yu also shared his view on life. He chose a different life rather than a more successful one. He used the famous lines of American poet Robert Frost (1874–1963) to make his point: “Two roads diverged (分叉) in a wood, and I … took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Yu pointed out that your happiness should not be what others think you should pursue (追求), but instead you should decide what it is. It is you who should make the judgments (判断) and choices for your own life.



Express ideas to succeed

WHAT is the key to success in public speaking? According to Sun Ning, who became a celebrity interpreter (口译员) when he accompanied President Xi Jinping to meetings with US President Barack Obama in the US in 2013, “words matter, but more importantly, ideas matter.”
A former (以前的) winner of the 21st Century Cup competition, Sun said that nowadays, fluent English is not enough to win a speaking competition. It is important to be able to think quickly on stage and express one’s ideas, even if one has to do it slowly.
In order to do so, Sun said speakers should understand the topic first. They should stay on topic when preparing a speech. Telling a story is a good idea, but too much storytelling should be avoided because it’s meaningless to tell a story just for the purpose of telling a story.
On the other hand, competitors should also avoid filling their speeches with concepts (概念). Instead, they should show their critical (批判性的) thinking, giving a bigger, fuller picture of the topic.
He also warned contestants not to turn public speaking into performing. In fact, he prefers speakers who are “quiet but engaging” and who can show deep thinking.


Month's important days


April 1: April Fool’s Day

Watch out on April 1!

If your classmate sends you a text message saying that your math teacher has asked you to go to his or her office, you’d better give it a second thought. He or she may be just trying to make you look like a fool.

On April Fools’ Day, people in Western countries play tricks on each other.

Classmates sometimes tie each others shoelaces (鞋带) to their chairs. Teachers might hand out an impossibly difficult surprise test. Even newspapers run fake reports.

But not everything that happens on the day is a joke.

Steve Jobs set up Apple with his two friends on April 1, 1976. Now it is one of the most successful technology companies in the world.

April 6: The Opening Day of the First Modern Olympic Games

April 6, 1896 was definitely (无疑) a day to remember. On that day, King George I of Greece announced the opening of the first modern-day Summer Olympic Games in Athens. Since then, the Olympic Games have become a fixed activity held every four years.

From Aug 5 to 21 this year, the 31st Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It will be the first time that a South American country has hosted the Games.


April 22: Earth Day

April 22 this year marks the 46th Earth Day. It will see at least 80 countries sign the landmark (有重大意义的) agreement to deal with climate change reached in Paris in December The Paris deal set a goal of keeping global warming below 2 C compared to pre-industrial times and pursuing (寻求) efforts to limit the temperature rise to 1.5 C.

But dont think that protecting Mother Earth is just the states responsibility (责任). Ordinary (普通的) people like you can also make a difference. Start by turning the lights off when you leave a room, taking your drink container (容器) with you, recycling your plastic (塑料的) bags and traveling by bike or bus instead of driving a car.


April 23: World Book Day

Do you spend more time on social media and video games than great books? World Book Day, which falls on April 23, is a time for us to reflect (反思) on the importance of books. Reading books is a good way for us to know about yourself and the world.

So, how can you make reading a habit? First, start small. Set yourself a goal of reading for 15 minutes every day. After you’ve gotten used to it, you can increase the time to 20 or 30 minutes, and then gradually more. Second, take notes. Write down your thoughts while reading. This helps you build connections with books.

Finally, share your thoughts on your reading with your family or friends.




Imagine being a rather young, 16-year-old girl going to work at 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning. You have just taken off your coat when three people come up to the counter ___1___ shoes. Not only do you have to remember the six-digit stock number of each style, you also have to ___2___ the shoe sizes and who wants ___3___ . You bring the shoes; two out of the three do not fit. You go back to the ___4___ room and climb up the three-metre ladder, the boxes on the shelf behind you knocking your back.

A co-worker comes to tell you that your ___5___ wants you to hurry. You sell shoes to one ___6___ customer; ___7___ just cannot find anything that looks right, ___8___ you have brought her six pairs. Another customer finds something suitable, but ___9___ not to buy it because it is a display shoe. After you finish ___10___ them, you work on the stock—moving boxes and putting ___11___ on the shelves. Soon, more customers ask you to bring shoes, and the cycle ___12___ again.

Before I arrived for my first day of work last summer, I felt ___13___. But after that day was over, I ___14___ that being a part-timer in a shop is not easy. ___15___ it is difficult enough without having ___16___ or annoying words running through your head. However, getting angry never ___17___ anything.

After having worked in a shop, I’ve ___18___ that customers have to understand ___19___. So next time, be ___20___ while shopping.

1. A. asking for         B. picking out           C. choosing from       D. waiting for

2. A. take                  B. remember             C. show                    D. sell

3. A. it                     B. each                     C. one                      D. what

4. A. rest                  B. stock                    C. waiting                 D. shoes

5. A. people              B. boss                     C. customer              D. comrade

6. A. satisfied            B. indecisive             C. picky                   D. unpleasant

7. A. some                B. another                 C. the other               D. others

8. A. but                   B. in fact                  C. even though          D. fails

9. A. demands           B. decides                 C. stops                    D. fails

10. A. serving           B. selling                  C. persuading            D. helping

11. A. shoes              B. boxes                   C. shirts                    D. ties

12. A. disappears       B. ends                     C. brings                  D. begins

13. A. expectant        B. easy                     C. proud                   D. confident

14. A. realized           B. expected               C. said                      D. guessed

15. A. So                  B. However               C. And                     D. Or

16. A. polite              B. pleasing                C. unhappy               D. rude

17. A. helps              B. changes                C. solves                   D. gains

18. A. learned           B. heard                    C. told                      D. advised

19. A. customers        B. buyers                  C. clerks                   D. salespeople

20. A. easygoing        B. patient                  C. nice                     D. helpful










1. A这是发生在鞋店里的事,从下文可知此处说的是有三个人向柜台走来要买鞋。

2. B从前面的 …do you have to remember the six-digit stock number of each style 来看,这里说的是而且你还得记住鞋的号码,故用 remember

3. D句意为你不得不记住六位数编码,还得记住鞋号和谁要的什么

4. B从下文提到的 work on the stock-moving boxes and putting shoes on the shelves 可推测此处说的是到货物间去拿鞋。

5. C为给顾客找合适的鞋,得到货物间去,爬上3高的梯子并被鞋盒子砸了一下等,说明你在此处耽搁时间长了,因此可推断当时顾客等急了,催促售货员快点。

6. A与下文的很挑剔的那位顾客相对照,此处说的是把鞋顺利地卖给了一位顾客,也就是那位顾客他很满意,故用 satisfied

7. B前面提到有三位顾客,此处分别说面对他们的情况。一位已买到鞋;此处说的是第二位,故用another。下面紧接着说第三位,用的也是another

8. C前面说另一个顾客没有发现合适的鞋子,后句为你已为他拿了 6双鞋,由此可推测空缺处应填 even though,即这位顾客很挑剔,即使已让售货员拿了 6 双鞋,也没能找到合适的鞋。

9. B but 表示转折来看,此处说的应是决定不买因为这是一双样品鞋

10. A从上文来看,你为三位顾客服务,故用 serve

11. A从上下文可知你是在鞋柜上卖鞋,故刚为这三位顾客服务完,此时动手搬运箱子,并把鞋放回架上。

12. D商品里售货员的工作主要是招待(顾客)。前面说刚为三位顾客服务,现在又说又来了更多的顾客,那么又一个循环(卖鞋)开始了。

13. B从下文的 But after that day was over, I ___16___ that being a part-time is not easy 可推测,此处说的是在找到兼职工作前认为当售货员是份很容易的工作。

14. A此处谈论的是做了一天的工作后根据自己的实践与原来想法相比差远了,即意识到并没有那么容易。

15. C前面说做兼职不容易,后面说 …it is difficult enough…,即都不容易,故语意一致而选用 and

16. D与后面的 or annoying 语意一致,此处应填 rude

17. C这里是说:做兼职不容易,有时可能会说粗鲁的或让人生气的语言,然而生气也不会解决(solve)任何问题。

18. A After having worked in a shop 来看,此处谈的是做兼职时的体会,故用 learn(体会到,了解)

19. D从语境来看,这里通过做兼职觉得做一名售货员的确不容易,由此提醒顾客应该理解售货员,双方互相尊重。

20. C这是最后的感想。作为顾客应该理解售货员,同时建议下次购物时要一些,此处 nice kind friendly 的意思。



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