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Challenge both your English & minds





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1. To me every hour of the day and night______[be]an unspeakably perfect miracle.
2. ______
makes a good boss?  如何成为一个好的雇主?

 3. She was startled when Lisa popped _____at the door all smiles.莉萨满面笑容地突然出现在门口时她吃了一惊。

 4. No other organization was able or willing to take ______the job.没有任何其他组织能够或愿意承担这项工作。

5. Believing he had only a year to live, his writing took _____a feverish intensity.他认为自己只有一年能活了,他的文字呈现出一种极度的狂热

6—7. As the first foreign language university and______[offer] the most language programs in the country, it excels in the teaching and studying of foreign languages, foreign literature, overseas sinology, and also serves as an important base producing quality professionals ______ language competence and global vision.

8. ______[Arm] with the theory of Marx and Lenin,Mao Zedong Thought guides our way.

9—10. During the two-day final ______[hold] at Beijing Foreign Studies University from March 19-20, Wang Xiwen, Miao Pengpeng and Tu Xiaorui outshone 47 other contestants ______[make] it to the top three. Here are some of the key elements of making a good speech, straight from them.
 11. Everyone has stage fright, ______[admit] Miao, but as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. “You aren’t afraid of having dinner, right? That’s because you practice having dinner every day!” said Miao.  

 12--13.  ______ the 2016 Presidential election (选举) is approaching, US high school students have become more interested in the election. They hope to have a voice in the process and, ultimately (最终), have a say in deciding the next US president.

14. Cypress Bay High junior Jacob Wilentz is one such student and he said the country needs change. Although Wilentz will only be 17 this November, he said his opinion still ______[count].

15. “Discussions I may have with my peers, debates with teachers and communication with my parents allow me______[ hear] and give my opinions meaning and insight (洞察力).

16. Alain Jean, who was the 2008 African American/Caribbean American vote director for Barack Obama in the state of Florida, said teenagers should be paying attention to the presidential election because many high school students will be ______voting age by election time. She said candidates (候选人) have views and positions on certain topics that may affect teens lives.

17. ______ was the darkest day in Belgium since World War II. On March 22, Brussels, the Belgian capital, suffered the worst terror attack in its history.
______Seeas the heart of Europe, Brussels is home ______the European Union (EU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and many international agencies and companies. Why was the important European city attacked?
 20. Along with its security services, Belgium’s bureaucracy (官僚体制) as______ whole is also said to have played a role in the attacks.

21. It’s ______understandthat the bureaucracy leads to problems in sharing information. This not only allows terrorists to hide below the radar[在视线以外,不引人注目地], but also slows the passing of new laws to deal with equal treatment of Muslims.

22.The money of a large company like Illumina means that its DNA sequencing technologies are far more accurate than the average______.
“We hope today is a turning point in the war on cancer,” said Flatley. “By making it possible for cancer ______ detect early in people with no symptoms through a simple blood test, we aim to greatly decrease cancer deaths by finding the disease at a stage______ it can be cured.”

24. IT has become common sense that bad environments do harm to human beings and that’s why we need to protect our environment. But what damage could a ______[worse]environment do to our health?

25. Nearly one ______ four deaths worldwide have been linked to unhealthy environments and are avoidable, according to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report released on March 15.

26—27. Everyone always says that studying abroad in college can change your life. I made the decision to experience it for myself during my junior year. I chose to study in the Dominican Republic. As it got closer______ the deadline, an ______[advise] told me I had received a scholarship from an alumni (校友) family foundation (基金).

 28. As the next semester began, I realized again that I needed to take a chance. I got involved with a local boarding school for girls living ______poverty.  

29—30. I think that AI will replace humans one day. First, as technology advances, AI will become smarter and smarter. Second, without emotions, AI is stricter and more accurate in its work, making it far superior______ humans. If there were conflicts______ AI and humans, it would be likely that AI would win.

31. In the first round, a player from Class One impressed me most ______ her confidence and knowledge, as she could shout out correct answers within two seconds.

32.No excuse, however, should be enough. ______, restaurants might argue that they are trying to avoid clutter (混乱); privately, they might encourage waiters to speed tables along; but what it amounts to is an 19 dining experience.

33.I might go back for those noodles, because they were delicious. But don’t expect me to talk up the ______to anyone. It was just okay.




34—37. Forcing yourself to recall almost  never helps because it doesn’t ______ your memory; it only tightens it. Students find the preparatory method helpful in examinations. They read over the questions before trying to answer any of them. Then  they answer first the ones ______ which they are most confident(有信心的). Meanwhile, deeper mental activities in the subconscious mind are taking place; work is being done on the ______ difficult questions. By the time the easier questions are answered, answers to the more difficult ones will usually begin to come into consciousness. It is often just a question of waiting for recall to come to the________.

  38—45. In 1990 a report was published about what the earth might be like 20 years from then on. The report was a result of a three-year study.

According to the report, the picture of the earth in the year 2010 is not a pleasant ______. The world will be more ______ because the population will continue to grow. The population could be as large as 6 300 million, almost 2 150 million more than in 1985. More people would move into cities, especially cities in developing countries. Cities like Cairo and Jakarta probably would each have 15 million by then.

Food production will increase, but not enough to _______ all the people. Farmers will grow 90% more food than they did in 1985, but most of the increase would be in countries that already produce enough food for their people. Little increase is expected in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Poor farming ways are destroying large areas of crop land, changing farms into_______. More farmland is lost________ cities become larger and more houses are built. Air pollution will get worse as industrial countries burn more coal and oil. Many of the world’s forests could disappear as more and more trees are cut down. Energy will continue to be a serious problem. The experts say their picture of the earth for the year 2010 may be wrong. They only carried out the situation that ______ today. By changing the situation, by ______ the problems, the picture can be changed. There is still time for the nations of the world to work out a plan of action. But they warned that ______ too long to make decisions would greatly reduce the chances of success.



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