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Challenge both your English & minds





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有钱就是任性“rich and willful____1____[will]”

那画面太美我不敢看(That's such a beautiful scene that I dare not have my eyes fixed_____2___[fix] on it.)

挖掘机技术哪家强?(Which excavator school tops____3____[top] the list?)

保证不打死你(I promise you won't get killed___4_____[kill]

也是醉了。(Are you kidding me? I become crazy)/ I am speechless____5____[speech]

 6--8选词填空:A tear  B bleed C awaken

As the smoke clears    I ___6____ and untangle you from me

Would it make you feel better    To watch me while I __7____

Like I'm made of paper    Go on and try to __8___ me down

In fact, loyalty in sports often runs deep. Even when their teams are losing, fans stay loyal through  __9___thick and thin.

But this is likely a myth (神话) rather than the truth, as Ireland was never really home to  __10___any snakes.

The delicious Milan Expo will look at the future of food, trying to answer the question of how Earth’s fast-growing population can be fed__11__[feed] in the future.

Once, in the airport, my husband stepped___12_____[step] off an escalator ahead of me.

The words dont matter. Its the tone (语调) in your voice and the look in your eyes and the caring in your heart that___13_____ count.

I like to think folks will say a few nice things about me when I’m gone. But given____14____[give] a choice, I’d rather hear those things before I go. Wouldn’t we all?

 Opportunity---an amount of time or a situation in____15____ which sth can be done 机会

in sbs debt----being very thankful___16______[thank] for sth that sb has done for you 欠某人的情

put up with ------accept an unpleasant____17____[pleasant] situation or experience 容忍

I can put up with the house being untidy for____18_____ a little while.

With the help of a hunter, Caine Wise, Jupiter must save the planet and her family from____19____ destruction.

Taking____20___[take] the viewer from the streets of Chicago to faraway galaxies (星系) in space, the movie was written and directed by Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski. The Chicago-born Wachowskis, who have been building imaginative___21___[ imagine] worlds for years, made themselves famous with The Matrix trilogy (《黑客帝国》三部曲) from 1999 to 2003. 杂的) storytelling.

Although the producers (制作人) said that the celebrities were trained____22___[train] before filming and accompanied (陪伴) by professional animal keepers, some experts thought that the whole team was ignorant (无知的) of animal habits, leading___23___[lead] to animals eventually getting hurt. ?

By no means should___24____ we enjoy ourselves by sacrificing (牺牲) the environment.

The four countries were thought to be at____25____ similar stages of economic development.

All the patriotic students taking___26___[take] pride in the motherland will raise their hands the moment the national flag is rising.

 The obvious reason why these two companies bargained with each other over the imported____27____[import] products is just that they both intended to benefit from___28___ these products after estimating their real value.

To our surprisecompared___29___[compare] with the richeven though many people devote themselves to supporting the whole familythey still can't afford to own a house.令我们惊讶的是,相比富人,很多人拼尽全力来维系家庭,但仍无法买得起一套房子。

To make herself understood___30___[understand]the interpreter was busy explaining carefully the terms involved in the contract and how they accounted for the profits.为了让对方明白,这位翻译正仔细解释合同中的条款及这些条款如何带来利益。





Twelve years ago, my mother gave birth to the beautiful little girl. However, we were later given the news ____1___this little girl, ___2____was three and a half month old, would only have 14 days on earth. It's

hard to understand what kind of feeling you have when you find out that you're losing something that you don't even know.

___3____The Village Voice put it: “Hamada isn’t just a sweet kid.”

     ___4____time went on, the number of days kept growing, which gave us hope. When the doctors said that we could take her home,  ___5___was a reality hit. We had no money.

The doctor cured her __6____ cancer, although ir’s said that there is no cure ___7___ cancer.

 It continued to add to the feeling ___8____ the zoo is approaching death.

Could you make friends by doing the same __9____ I did?

As the bell rang, the newcomer smiled __10____ each girl and boy.

China is home to 21 percent of the world’s population, more than 100 million of ___11___ do not have proper nutrition, according to China Daily.

It wasnt just about two of Britains biggest stars competing ____12___each other, but also one of the nations biggest rivalries (竞争) Eton versus Harrow, according to The Independent newspaper.

Last yearmy total incomewith my reward ___13____ [add]toadded up to 15000 yuanwhich was not in proportion to what I did.

  According to your language abilitywe can recommend 3 levels of courses ranging from elementaryintermediate ___14____advanced.

  This ___15____[respect] expert said he would rather accept a respectful student who was not temporarily successful in his study than a top student who didn't know how to respect others.

After seeing plenty of solid evidencethe greedy thief had no alternative ___16____to acknowledge that it was he that stole the gold watch.

Regardless of his partner's objectionhe still determined to apply for the position of manager because he knew how to apply the commercial theory ___17____the reality.

A heavy fog resulted in a severe traffic jam and his being late just resulted ___18____the traffic jam.

Not until his mother reminded him ___19____tomorrow's dictation contest was he aware that he had scarcely recited the words or had any vocabulary drills.

Everybody in the class except Li Ming thinks that the composition can get a high mark except ____20___some spelling and grammatical mistakes.

 As an environmentally friendly crop, potatoes are a food that can make the grain (谷物) supply (供应) safer while harming the environment___21____[little].

A new rating (分级) system is coming soon to help you avoid____22___[be]scared.

I stood up tall, ____23____[walk]gracefully (优雅地), and always wore a huge smile.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, feminism describes the idea of the political (政治上的) and social ___24____[equal] of the sexes.

I tried my best and lived up___25_____the things I promised to do and the things I wanted to do.


When the lights fade out

  All the sinners crawl

  So they___26___[dig] your grave

  And the masquerade

  Will come ___27___[call] out

   They say it's____28___you make

  I say it's up__29____ fate

  It's ___30____[weave] in my soul




The engineer pointed out,“___1___some extentthe more functions a calculator hasthe more ___2___[like]it is to be out of order.     The ___3___[distinguish] enterprise consists of 12 departmentseach of __4____is made up of 20 peoplewho graduated from top universities.    The president was quoted as saying that he was deeply moved by this moving filmwhich___5___[base] on a real story.    The considerate wife was very pleased ____6__her own cooking because it tasted delicious and she was sure her husband would be fond of it.    The naughty boy lied that a hen which lay under the tree____7__[lay] 2 eggs; hencehis parents resolved to scold him rather than forgive him.

 Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to everyone  ___8___[celebrate] the Lunar New Year here in America and all around the world. Those are the aspirations ___9___have attracted families to our shores for generations.

It is said that the Spring Festival evolved from an activity ___10____[know] as the Winter Sacrifice. ___11___ the cold winter began to recede and the warm spring was about to begin, the people of an entire clan 家族 gathered together.  Villagers became very___12____[fright] and moved away to escape the ferocious monster.

Images uploaded ___13___ various social media websites caused ___14___worldwide debate Friday, with many celebrities ___15___[voice] support for one camp or another. The photo also got some people worrying about__16____they needed to see an eye doctor, especially after the British retailer gave a definite[确切的]answer.

Managers at Roman Originals said they had no idea that the dress, __17____[shoot] in a particular light, might be perceived in different color schemes配色方案— not until Friday, anyway, when they __18____[flood]by phone calls and emails. The retailer said there were a million hits on its sales site in the first 18 hours __19____[follow] the photo's distribution[发布].

 He also noted[指出] that bilateral[双边的] trade now exceeded 80 billion US dollars, and ___20___the UK was a major destination for Chinese investment. Meanwhile, Prince William said he was ready to help ___21___[strength]relations between the countries, and he was particularly interested in China's younger generation.

In Taiwan's Tainan City, a fireworks display ___22___[hold] at a local temple over the weekend, ___23___[attract] thousands of people.

And his family will be fully __24____[involve]in the biopic's production. In the  __25____[state], Lee's daughter Shannon said the film would explore her father's writings and philosophies as well as his martial arts.  

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