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Challenge both your English & minds





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At the age of 22, he seems far older than his years, with a charm that comes from years of professional training.
Born in the rural county of Cambridge shire, England, Smith was first given voice training at the age of 8 after his parents heard him singing along to US singer Whitney Houston’s My Love Is Your Love one morning on the drive to school. After that, much of his childhood and adolescence (
青少年) was spent in theater rehearsals (排练).

Not only did Smith rise to fame along with the song, it also helped him find something he hadn’t yet put in his music: contrast.

Speaking of Smith’s voice  his biggest selling point  it is deep, rich, soulful, and surprisingly mature  for his young age. Thanks to that, with only one album, Smith has successfully produced the same type of soul music with which Adele exploded onto the pop scene.
He may sing about loneliness, but what you get is the painful feeling of unanswered love.
If Adele sings about broken relationships, then Smith’s songs deal with a love that doesn’t happen at all. And his sad voice perfectly suits that theme.

A FAMOUS Chinese saying goes: It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. And now your journeys can be extended beyond Chinas borders more easily, as many countries are changing theirvisa (签证) policies to welcome Chinese visitors.

A visa issued by a countrys foreign embassy (使馆) in China allows you to set foot in that country.

Following New Zealand,Australia has become the second country to offer Chinese people a working holiday visa on Nov 17.   In January, France shortened its visa application procedures for Chinese applicants from 10 working days to 48 hours. Germany and Spain soon caught up, promising a 48-hour procedure.

In 2010, China overtook Japan to become [不定式表结果]the world’s second largest economy, helping it to offer its people wealthier lives.Chinese students have also stopped blindly worshipping foreign countries.The Chinese market is full of more experienced travelers who have bought enough watches and bags.

WE have all been bothered  by big backpacks on crowded subways, and now New York City is getting tough on this problem.
Starting from this year, fifth graders in primary schools, Junior 2 students and Senior 2 students in the city have a new course to take. It’s a four-hour course on the Nanjing Massacre  in 1937, in which Japanese troops killed more than 300,000 people.
It is hoped that the course can give students the whole picture of the event and teach them to cherish peace, said the report.

It is filled with gorgeous  landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, and clean air. One might describe it as a city pulled right out of a tapestry . However, Vancouver is also a small city – a city that wakes up lazily and falls asleep slowly, a city that daydreams. Vancouver is a city with a slow pace(节奏) of life.
Growing up in such a laidback (
悠闲的) environment for over ten years, I’m sure you can imagine my struggle as I first moved to Shanghai.
The first few weeks in Shanghai were a race against time: always running, always dodging out of the way, and always trying to keep up. Every night, I collapsed (
瘫倒) into bed, completely drained (抽光) of energy. I remember crying about the sudden pressure on me the first few months I came here, begging to go back.
Vancouver is a natural masterpiece (
杰作), peaceful and pure. Life there is always at ease, always relaxing. Shanghai is a man-made masterpiece, full of energy and strength. Life there is intense (紧张的),yet always full of excitement and new possibilities. I think it is these differences that make these two cities so unique, amazing, and unforgettable.
When a city has a lake, there are often rows of trees on each side of it. So why not put up swings between every pair of trees?   Coastal  cities by the sea have breathtaking scenery . To impress their visitors at first sight, we could make sure their railway platforms were decorated to better show their closeness to the sea.

Before midnight on Thursday, in malls across the US, people start queuing up outside the locked entrances of stores, making longer and longer lines, holding coupons (优惠券), sipping (抿一口) coffee and hot chocolate, rubbing their hands and stamping (跺脚) their feet for warmth, excitedly chatting, and waiting for the clerks (店员) to open the door when the time arrives.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which fell on Nov 28 this year, “has become in recent decades a special American holiday .Indeed, up to 147 million Black Friday shoppers were expected to put up with the dark of night and the elbows of other shoppers so that they could bring home some bargains (便宜货).However, others believe that Black Friday takes its name from the fact that because of the increase in sales on the day, shops are able for the first time in the year to move out of the “red” – that is, debt – and into the “black”, or profit.Businesses, of course, try to take advantage of this day.“For many shoppers, it’s just fun to be part of a large crowd. Those who go to the malls at midnight are driven by the same thing that makes a million people get together in Times Square each New Year’s Eve.”

A STICK of peppermint (薄荷) candy with a curved hook (弯钩) on top is a traditional snack in the US. Each year before Christmas comes, Americans decorate their Christmas trees with the peppermint candies hanging from their branches.Given that the peppermint cane is so festive (有节庆气氛的), its no wonder that as many as 76 percent of US adults associate (与……关联) it most with winter.

WE spend a lot of our time either online or within arm’s reach of something that can get us online.

A study from the Pew Center for Internet and American Life had some surprising findings.

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