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0409 - e-pie - 英语练功房



Properties in the former US industrial city Detroit started to fall to as low as $100, attracting Chinese investors who have found their investments in the Chinese property market becoming harder under the central government's tightening policies.

As real estate hits rock bottom in Detroit, Chinese investors are planning to purchase properties there, the People's Daily reported.

There are more than a dozen properties priced lower than $100, with some extreme cases on offer for $1.

Some Chinese investors are linking up to buy several properties there. Given that some wealthy Chinese are happy to spend $1,100 on a single pair of designer shoes, the opportunity of buying two Detroit properties with change to spare is not being ignored, the China Central Television reported.

The Chinese property market is experiencing a new round of tightening. The central government announced on March 1 a levy of a 20 percent tax on gains on pre-owned house sales.

Experts suggest homebuyers should be cautious before undertaking an overseas shopping spree because there is "no such thing as a free lunch".

"For instance, Detroit is extremely cold in winter with the lowest temperature reaching minus 30 degrees Celsius and the broken economy means there is a high rate of unemployment and crime," said Tian Xue, an associate director and head of international project marketing at Knight Frank China.

It may be true that some Chinese buyers are zeroing in on the Detroit property market but James Macdonald, head of Savills research team in China, is skeptical about the magnitude of the trend.

"Typically, when property buyers go overseas, they prefer key markets such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Portland, San Diego and Boston. These markets are more expensive but comparatively stable and they have diversified populations. In some cases these markets have a large Chinese population and better education systems," said Macdonald.



  我们通常所说的底特律是两个概念。一个是目前人口70万,面积370平方公里的“底特律市”(Detroit City),目前这里的居民大部分都是低收入者和无业的黑人居民,治安状况糟糕。“一元房”都集中在这个区域。另一个是430万人口居住、面积超1万平方公里的“大底特律都市区”(Metro Detroit) 。有四五百万中产阶级的支撑,大底特律都市区仍然是美国最国际化、最有影响力的大都市区之一,人口和经济总量都居美国都市区的第十三四名。大底特律都市区的房子并不便宜,例如华人聚集的大底特律地区特洛伊或诺维等地,20余万美元的房子已经极少,30余万美元的存货也不多了





0409 - e-pie - 英语练功房


If you are worried about things and are under a lot of stress at work or school, then you are probably not sleeping well. Worry can keep you awake, tossing and _26_ in bed until the early hours of the morning when you eventually _27_ asleep. When you wake up, you don’t feel _28_, but tired and worn out and 29 to face a new day
  Dr Henry Winkle, in a recent newspaper article _30_ Stress and Sleep, _31_ that stress and lack of sleep are directly _32_. Dr. Winkle says ,“The more we worry, the _33_ we sleep, the more we are unable to deal with _34_. If we can find a way to get a good night’s sleep,” he _35_ , “we can often find the 36 to deal with what’s worrying us
  So, what is a good night’s sleep? Research shows that the amount of sleep which people need in order to keep healthy _37_ a lot. Seven hours is about the average amount, _38_ strangely enough, sleeping longer often gives you a headache _39_ of making you feel more refreshed.
  Dr. Winkle believes that preparing for sleeping is important. People who work late should try to give themselves a short _40_ and do something restful before going to bed. This could be watching TV or listening to music. Doing some exercise _41_ in the day should help you to feel physically as well as _42_ tired. A bedtime drink can also help, but coffee or tea should be avoided as they contain caffeine(咖啡因) and will keep you _43_ .“When you put the light _44_,” Dr. Winkle says, “concentrate on relaxing your muscles, working slowly up from your feet, and you’11 be asleep 45 you know it.”


  26. [A]turning   [B]rolling   [C]twisting   [D]rotating
  27. [A]find   [B]feel   [C]drop   [D]fall

  28. [A]relieved   [B]renewed   [C]refreshed   [D]released
  29. [A]impossible   [B]unable   [C]powerless   
  30. [A]titled   [B]labeled   [C]entitled  
  31. [A]implies   [B]suggests   [C]proposes   [D]indicates

  32. [A]related   [B]tied   [C]combined   [D]put together
  33. [A]more   [B]less   [C]shorter   
  34. [A]nervousness   [B]anxiety   [C]stress   
  35. [A]enhances   [B]attaches   [C]inserts   [D]adds

  36. [A]power   [B]energy   [C]vigor   [D]force
  37. [A]varies   [B]differs   [C]alters  
  38. [A]nevertheless   [B]since   [C]though  
[D] however
  39. [A]because   [B]spite   [C]despite   [D]instea
  40. [A]pause   [B]break   [C]vacation   
  41. [A]earlier   [B]early   [C]previously  
  42. [A]spiritually   [B]consciously   [C]mentally   
  43. [A]asleep   [B]awake   [C]alert   
  44. [A]out   [B]on   [C]away  
  45. [A]as soon as   [B]when   [C]before   [D]after



 51—55 DCAAC






    If you have to miss one meal a day (or if you want to do so), which meal will cause you fewest health problems if you don't eat it? If they have to make a decision of this type, most people (especially dieter or very busy people) will choose to have no breakfast.

  However, many experts in the field of health consider breakfast (the meal which breaks your fast which started the night before) to be the most important meal of the day. If we eat a good breakfast, they say, we will have the energy and nutrients (营养) we need to begin our working day with energy and hopeful with good humor. However, many people skip breakfast or only have a donut and a cup of coffee for a well balanced meal. What happens if we ignor(忽视) the importance of breakfast?

  One recent study carried out in the United States tested a large number of people. People who were chosen to take part in the experiment ranged in age from 12 to 83, both males and females. During the experiment, these people were given a kind of breakfast, and sometimes, they had to skip breakfast completely. Special tests, including blood tests and endurance (耐力) tests , were set up to see how well the their bodies worked when they had eaten a certain kind of breakfast.

  The results showed that if a person eats good breakfast, he or she will work more efficiently and more productively than if he or she skips breakfast or eats a very poor breakrast. This fact appears to be especially true if a person works with their brains. The study showed that if school children eat fruit, eggs, bread, and milk before going to school, they will learn more quickly and will be able to put all their minds to their lessons for a longer period of time than if their breakfast diet is not good enough.

  The study also showed that, contrary to what many people believe, if you skip breakfast, you will not lose your weight. This is because people become so hungry if they skip breakfast that they eat too much for lunch and put on weight instead of losing. So remember, if you are on a diet, skipping breakfast will not help you, You will probably lose more weight if you reduce your other meals.


  1The worddieters means ______ .


  Athose who eat less food than ordinary people


  Bthose who want to be slim


  Cbig eaters


  Dthose who restrict themselves to a special diet in order to control their weight


  2Many experts in the field of health think ______ .


  Athat one must miss one meal a day


  Bthat most people should skip breakfast


  Cthat to skip one meal a day is no good for one's health


  Dthat breakfast is most important in a working day


  3Those taking part in the experiment ______ .


  Awere all adults


  Bincluded youngsters as well


  Cwere both teenagers and grown----ups


  Dwere mostly young people under 20


  4Special test were set up on the people to observe their body conditions when ______ .


  Athey had skipped breakfasts


  Bthey had eaten particular breakfasts


  Cthey had had all the three meals


  Dboth A and B


  5 The results showed that ______ , he or she will work more efficiently.


  Aif a person has a proper breakfast


  Bif a person eats a big breakfast


  Cif a person has a donut instead


  Dif a person eats little breakfast


  6The study showed that if school children ______ before going to school, they will learn more efficiently.


  Aeat eggs and coffee


  Bhave proper breakfasts


  Cjust eat fruit and milk


  Dskip breakfast


  7We can safely say ______ .


  Aif you skip breakfast, you will not lose weight at all.


  Bif you skip breakfast, you won't eat much for lunch either.


  Cskipping breakfast does a lot of harm.


Dskipping breakfast will help one lose weight



The Middleton Bank was robbed(抢劫), and Detective Paul Nichols was sent for. The bank ___1___ said, " The robber had a long and ugly ___2___ on his right cheek." It happened that the man came into the bank and stood in ___3___ with the other customers. When he reached the window, however, he handed the bank clerk a piece of paper, saying, " Don't say anything or do anything. I have a ___4___ and I'll use it if I have to. Put four thousand dollars in ___5___ and hand it to me." ___6___ he was not joking, the band clerk did ___7___ as the robber wished. The man walked out of the bank, ___8___ realized what had happened, not even the lady standing behind him.

  A thorough(彻底)search was made, ___9___ no such person with an ugly scar was ___10___.

  "I can't understand ___11___ he could get away so ___12___." Detective Nichols told his __13___ Nancy that evening. " We questioned everyone inside and outside the bank. No one saw a man with a scar on his face." Nancy Nichols was a very ___14___ woman. Her husband liked to ___15___ his personal affairs with her because of this.

  She enjoyed helping solve a case. While her husband was watching the programme on TV, Nancy ___16___ drinking her coffee in silence. "Why ___17___ the robber want the bank clerk to see the scar?" She said to herself. " He should have wanted to _18___ it."

  Nancy rose from her seat, and went ___19___ to turn off the TV. She let her husband know what she had come up with.

  Five minutes later, Paul was in his car, hurrying to the police station. Another search was organized.

The robber was caught within twenty-four hours. The man had been an ___20___, and knew how to disguise (伪装) himself.


  1. A. customer    B. manager    C. clerk     D. soldier

  2. A. mark      B. face     C. birthmark   D. scar(伤疤)

  3. A. line      B. silence    C. surprise   D. fear

  4. A. gun       B. cheque     C. knife     D. stick

  5. A. my suitcase  B. the box    C. the bag    D. an envelope

  6. A. Understanding B. Considering C. Realizing  D. Recognizing

  7. A. doubtfully   B. exactly    C. curiously   D. patiently

  8. A. no one     B. someone    C. anyone    D. everyone

  9. A. because     B. and       C. but      D. for

  10. A. there     B. found     C. appearing   D. caught

  11. A. how      B. why      C. when     D. where

  12. A. fiercely    B. quietly    C. calmly    D. rapidly

  13. A. fellow     B. leader     C. wife      D. daughter

  14. A. lovely     B. pretty    C. practical   D. hardworking

  15. A. discuss    B. tell      C. introduce   D. argue

  16. A. stood      B. sat      C. walked     D. lay

  17. A. could      B. must      C. would     D. should

  18. A. hide      B. show     C. see      D. discover

  19. A. by      B. near      C. down     D. over

  20. A. actor     B. escapee    C. engineer    D. editor






  Keys: DDCDA   BA


  1C 下文有该词出现。

  2D 根据下文,抢劫犯是一个脸上有道疤的人。

  3A stand in line解释为“排队”。


  5D 答案ABC上文没有提到过;D表示“银行里把钱装在信封里是很自然的事情”。

  6C 表示“意识到”。

  7B 意思是“完全按照他的话做了”。

  8A 根据上下文意思应该是没人意识到所发生的事。

  9C 表示转折。

  10B BD确切;因为不是没被抓到而是根本就没发现。

  11A 他跟妻子在探讨原因。

  12D 没人看到他,所以认为歹徒离开很迅速。


  14C practical是“实际的”的意思,ABD与全文意思无关。

  15A discuss解释为“讨论”,而argue解释为“争论”。

  16B 下文有rose from her seat提示。

  17D should可以用来表示目的和动机。

  18A 表示“他应想方设法把它遮起来”。

  19D 其他三个都不对;went over解释为“走过去”。

  20A 根据全文意思推断。


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