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0407 - e-pie - 英语练功房



0407 - e-pie - 英语练功房


All live poultry markets in Shanghai will be closed from Saturday after H7N9 bird flu virus was found in pigeon samples from a farm product market in the Songjiang district, the municipal government announced on Friday.

Early on Friday morning, 20,536 birds were slaughtered at the Huhuai wholesale market, where the infected pigeons were found the day before.

To date, the city has reported six cases of H7N9 bird flu, and four people have died from the virus. The other two, an adult and a 4-year-old boy, remain in a hospital.

So far, 16 H7N9 cases have been confirmed in China. Aside from the Shanghai cases, six are in Jiangsu, three in Zhejiang and one in Anhui provinces. Two people died in Zhejiang.

The latest fatality was a 64-year-old farmer who died in Huzhou, Zhejiang, provincial officials said.

Shanghai's two surviving patients "are getting better", Wu Fan, chief of the city's Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a news conference on Friday. "Not all H7N9 cases lead to severe illness."

Wu suggested that people with a fever and runny nose who suspect they have the virus seek immediate treatment at hospitals. The most recent victim waited for one week after being infected to see a doctor, he added.

Of the 119 people who have had close contact with H7N9 patients in Shanghai, only one developed a cough, runny nose and sore throat, but that person tested negative for H7N9, Xu Jianguang, director of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shanghai, said at the Shanghai news conference on Friday.





This is our country, America. The country where everyone is supposed to have a shot at financial success. The country of dreams and ambition. Yet, caused by the endless pursuit of individual profit, our country is a mess. And we owe it all to capitalism.

         We live in a society where people are forced to live without health coverage. A country where the poor can hardly feed themselves while the rich decide which one of their 10 homes to stay at for the night. All of these sad things arise out of capitalism.

     Sadly, our country values little more than money. It motivates our decisions and even influences entire political parties. We have gotten to the point in society where a human life comes secondary to our financial security. Any rational society would value life above all else and realize that health is a basic human right. Yet in our world, money comes first.

I never once have claimed to be an economist and have no interest in debating the financial advantages of any economic system. Yet socialism surely looks better than what we have.

If we lived in a socialist society, we would be a country without such an unfair wealth distribution. We would value friendship over business and we would treat one another as humans. Most importantly, however, is that money would stop controlling our lives and we could act how humans should act.

    Capitalism has created an “every man for himself” existence. Everything is a battle for limited resources and fuels. We have become so accustomed to the life value that we will do whatever we have to look out for ourselves. Yet is this really the kind of life we want?

We have become so illusioned. We are tired of the misdirection. All economic systems have their issues, but I feel like ours is turning our country into something it shouldn’t be. The good of man falls secondary to money. In our world, it is all about dollars and cents, which, unfortunately for most, makes no sense.

51. In the author’s opinion, the root cause of the present situation in his country is __________.

A. money     B. people’s value     C. social unfairness     D. social system 

52. According to the passage, which is NOT the characteristic of capitalism?

A. individualism                B. endless pursuit of wealth  

C. humanism                     D. great gap between the rich and the poor

53. How does the author feel about his country?

A. concerned               B. angry            C. skeptical      D. hopeless   

54. Which of the following would the author agree with?

A. Life should be placed at the top of our considerations.

B. Socialism is perfect.

C. Health is equally important as wealth.

D. The pursuit for wealth should be restricted.  

55. Which of the following might be the best title of the passage?

A. How to Save America                    B. Capitalism Is in Trouble

C. Why Is America in Trouble            D. America Is in Trouble  



If you are worried about things and are under a lot of stress at work or school, then you are probably not sleeping well. Worry can keep you awake, tossing and _26_ in bed until the early hours of the morning when you eventually _27_ asleep. When you wake up, you don’t feel _28_, but tired and Worn out and 29 to face a new day
  Dr Henry Winkle, in a recent newspaper article _30_ Stress and Sleep, _31_ that stress and lack of sleep are directly _32_. Dr. Winkle says ,“The more we worry, the _33_ we sleep, the more we are unable to deal with _34_. If we can find a way to get a good night’s sleep,” he _35_ , “we can often find the 36 to deal with what’s worrying us
So, what is a good night’s sleep? Research shows that the amount of sleep which people need in order to keep healthy _37_ a lot. Seven hours is about the average amount, _38_ strangely enough, sleeping longer often gives you a headache _39_ of making you feel more refreshed.
  Dr. Winkle believes that preparing for sleeping is important. People who work late should try to give themselves a short _40_ and do something restful before going to bed. This could be watching TV or listening to music. Doing some exercise _41_ in the day should help you to feel physically as well as _42_ tired. A bedtime drink can also help, but coffee or tea should be avoided as they contain caffeine(咖啡因) and will keep you _43_ .“When you put the light _44_,” Dr. Winkle says, “concentrate on relaxing your muscles, working slowly up from your feet, and you’11 be asleep 45 you know it.”


  26. [A]turning   [B]rolling   [C]twisting   [D]rotating
  27. [A]find   [B]feel   [C]drop  
  28. [A]relieved   [B]renewed   [C]refreshed  
  29. [A]impossible   [B]unable   [C]powerless   
  30. [A]titled   [B]labeled   [C]entitled  
  31. [A]implies   [B]suggests   [C]proposes  
  32. [A]related   [B]tied   [C]combined  
[D]put together
  33. [A]more   [B]less   [C]shorter   
  34. [A]nervousness   [B]anxiety   [C]stress   
  35. [A]enhances   [B]attaches   [C]inserts  
  36. [A]power   [B]energy   [C]vigor  
  37. [A]varies   [B]differs   [C]alters  
  38. [A]nevertheless   [B]since   [C]though  
[D] however
  39. [A]because   [B]spite   [C]despite  
  40. [A]pause   [B]break   [C]vacation   
  41. [A]earlier   [B]early   [C]previously  
  42. [A]spiritually   [B]consciously   [C]mentally   
  43. [A]asleep   [B]awake   [C]alert   
  44. [A]out   [B]on   [C]away  
  45. [A]as soon as   [B]when   [C]before   [D]after



 51—55 DCAAC






  26A【解析】本题考查词语搭配。toss and turn是固定用法,表示辗转反侧
  27D【解析】考查词语搭配。fall asleep意为入睡,是固定用法,符合题意。
  33B【解析】第一段已经提到,如果人承受很大的压力就睡不好,忧虑使你无法入睡。由此可知,越忧虑,睡的越少,the more..., the more…是固定搭配,意为,越…”
  34C【解析】此题考查对细节的理解。这一段第一句话已提到亨利博士的文章讲的是压力与睡眠的关系,前文中出现了stress and sleep,根据此细节可推断出此处应选C
  42C【解析】此题考查词语搭配。physically and mentally是副词短语的固定搭配,表示身心地
  44A【解析】此题考查动词词组搭配。put out意为熄灭put on意为穿上put away意为收起来put off意为推迟


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