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Challenge both your English & minds





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Rhinoceroses from South Africa will be moved into a national park in Pu'er on Saturday, as officials rebuild a home for the species that vanished 80 years ago from Southwest China's Yunnan province.

The move is expected to produce a herd of rhinos in the wild in three to five years.

In July 2010, seven rhinoceroses, originally from the wild, arrived at Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming, the provincial capital. After two years and eight months of getting accustomed to the local environment, the rhinos can now be released back into the wild, experts said.

In 2009, Yunnan Wild Animal Park initiated a plan with Taiyanghe National Forest Park in Pu'er city to reintroduce some rhinoceroses into the province from South Africa. After a year of negotiations, South Africa approved the request and sold Yunnan nine rhinos, of which seven were kept in an area inaccessible to visitors in the wild animal park.

"Considering South Africa has more rhinos in the wild, we turned to the African country for help," said Tang Yangchun, deputy general manager of Yunnan Wild Animal Park.

Yunnan's history as a habitat for rhinos ended in 1933 when the last two rhinos were hunted down, Tang said during a symposium on rhinos in Kunming four years ago. Animal experts agreed rebuilding rhino groups in Pu'er was a feasible way to reintroduce the species in the area. Unlike carnivores, rhinos won't fundamentally change the local ecology in Pu'er, Tang said.





基础写作 (1小题,满分15)























*《红高粱家族》Red Sorghum Clan;    **《酒国》The Republic of Wine;   ***《生死疲劳》Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out;  ****2012年诺贝尔文学奖 The 2012 Nobel Prize for literature;  *****虚幻现实主义hallucinatory realism;  ****** 文学素质literary quality.


 基础写作 (1小题,满分15)

Mo Yan, whose real name is Guan Moye, is a writer with many famous novels, the best of which include Red Sorghum Clan, The Republic of Wine and Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out and so on. Mo Yan has been awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature by the Nobel Prize Committee who think that the works by Mo Yan have merged hallucinatory realism with folk tales, and history with the contemporary society. In Mo Yan’s opinion, he has been granted this honor for the following reasons, the first being that the literary quality of his works has impressed the members of the Nobel Prize Committee. Besides, his works present the unique cultures and customs of China to the world, and at the same time he has written his novels from the perspective of humanism, which has gone beyond the limit of countries and races. On the other hand, in terms of the view held by some people that he does not deserve the prize, he has expressed his gratitude to them, as they remind him of his strengths and weaknesses.





We cannot escape hearing and seeing brokenness in this world. We are reminded daily that as humans we are more fragile than we would want to 16 , and are exposed to being broken on a daily basis or 17 others directly or indirectly.

    We’ve all 18 some form of brokenness, and we know of others who have. For some people, brokenness has been a blessing in disguise. Though 19 it makes them weak, the long-term strength is increased, which makes them a  20 person. For some, it takes them down hard, pushing them to 21  from society and sometimes self-destructive habits are formed.

Mental, emotional, financial, spiritual and physical brokenness affects everyone at some point on our journey of life. The 22  back to wholeness after an encounter with brokenness can be positive or negative, bitter or better. So does this mean the measure of recovery from the brokenness  23  on the type of brokenness? My answer is no.

  Nelson Mandela was kept in prison falsely for 27 years in total---but look at the end of his life. He must have 24  some form of brokenness at some point but today his life speaks of wholeness. His ability to come back as a  25  person speaks for itself.

  There are men and women who have returned from war with limbs 26 , mental, social and emotional 27 , but today they’re still whole. In relationships, hearts are broken but people deal healthily with their brokenness and 28  to let what has broken them kept them broken. They’ve  29  .

  Sure, it’s a(n) 30 to survive any form of brokenness but believing you are worth better and with the right support system, we can be made whole again.


16. A. conclude           B. expect              C. admit           D. prove

17. A. breaking           B. wounding          C. interrupting         D. affecting

18. A. finished            B. experienced          C. shared                 D. changed 

19. A. inconveniently        B. slowly                 C. dangerously        D. temporarily 

20. A. richer                       B. busier                 C. calmer                 D. better

21. A. survive             B. withdraw          C. suffer                 D. stop  

22. A. road                        B. signal                 C. idea              D. direction

23. A. insist                       B. turn          C. look             D. depends

24. A. accepted                 B. faced                 C. predicted     D. remembered 

25. A. whole                      B. political                 C. clever            D. healthy

26. A. shaking            B. missing             C. stretching     D. growing 

27. A. powers             B. abilities             C. challenges     D. failures

28. A. choose              B. hesitate             C. mean            D. refuse 

29. A. moved on                B. lit up                 C. given in                D. calmed down

30. A. opportunity             B. process                 C. fight             D. attempt  



第二节 语法填空 (10小题;每小题1. 5分,满分15)


Two things I did may have caused people 31  (think) that something is wrong with me. The first was when my wife asked me to have the sitting-room clock 32  (repair). I drove into the market place of our little town and, clock under arm, entered a shop. Only it was the meat shop.  33  my thoughts far away, I stood staring into the shop-keeper’s eyes. I 34 (be) his customers for a long time and the good man smiled at me.

   This went on for several very long seconds before I realized where I was. There is no doubt that I should have calmly bought a pound of meat,  35  I merely nodded briefly and left.

 The other man in my town who probably thinks I am mad is Mr. Smith. Some years ago he was manager of Mead’s Shop, and he and I knew each other quite well. One day, he 36 (stand) in the doorway of his shop when I passed. My brain was on some distant problem and my eyes stared into space.

   “Hello, Mr. Herriot,” I heard his voice. I turned a blank gaze on him—I just had no idea 37 he was though his face was familiar. Then I saw 38  word “MEAD” in foot-high letters above the shop window.

   “Good morning, Mead,” I cried heartily and continued my way. I had gone only a few steps before I realized that my greeting had been 39 (polite). I turned back and said to him again, “Good morning, Mister Mead.”

   It was only when I had turned the corner of the street that I realized, too late, 40 his name was Tony and the time was late afternoon.




第一节  完形填空 (15小题;每小题2分,满分30)

16—20 CABDD   21—25 BADBA   26—30 BCDAC

第二节 语法填空 (10小题;每小题1. 5分,满分15)

31. to think   32. repaired    33. With   34. had been   35. but   36. was standing   37. who   38. the    39. impolite   40. that 




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