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0311 - e-pie - 英语练功房


China rolls out plan to transform govt functions


BEIJING - The State Council plans to transform government functions at ministerial level to reduce administrative intervention in the market and social issues, according to a report to be delivered by State Councilor Ma Kai to the parliament's annual session on Sunday.

The plan by China's Cabinet aims to build an efficient and law-based government with clear division of power, reasonable distribution of labor, and well-defined responsibility, says the report on the State Council's institutional reform plan.

In a bid to offer quality public services and promote social justice, the State Council plan outlines major problems in the existing functions of the central government, and sets the orientation, principles and priorities in transforming the ministerial functions.


关于主题思想问题(Subject Matter

  Subject Matter(SM中心思想)是作者在文章中要表达的的主要内容是贯穿全文的核心。作者在文章中努力通过各种Supporting Details来阐明中心议题。因此,把握主要思想对于全文内容理解具有重要意义。熟悉四级测试的人都知道,这类问题常被列为5题之首。然而,如何找出主题常使考生倍感棘手。因为他们总希望通过某个词或某句话就能找到答案,而找主题往往需要通读全文后才能作出判断。


  根据批发部在内容的不同,这类问题可分杰主题型、标题型和目的型 。主题型一目了然就是找中心(Main Idea;标题型是为文章选择标题(Title;目的型就是推断作者的写作意图(Purpose.这类题常见的命题方式有:

  (1 What is the main idea (subject) of this passage ?

  (2 What does this passage mainly (primarily)concerned ?

  (3 The main theme of this passage is ___________.

  (4 The main point of the passage is__________.

  (5 Which of the following is the best title for the passage ?

  (6 The title that best expresses the theme of the passage is ___________.

  (7 On which of the following subject would the passage most likely be found in a textbook ?

  (8 The purpose of the writer in writing this passage _________.

  (9 Which of the following best describes the passage as a whole ?


  Example 1:先做语法填空,再做阅读理解

  Oceanography has been defined as "The application of all sciences _______ the study of the sea "

  Before the nineteenth century ,scientists _______ an interest in the sea were few and far between .Certainly Newton considered some theoretical aspects of it in his writings , _______ he was reluctant to go to sea to further his work .

  For most people the sea was remote , and with the exception of early intercontinental travelers or others , who earned a living from the sea, there was little reason _______[ask]  many questions about it ,let alone to what lay beneath the surface .The first time that the question "What is at the bottom of oceans "? had to be answered with any commercial consequence was when the _______[lay]  of a telegraph cable from Europe to America was proposed. The engineers had to know the _______[deep] profile( 轮廓)of the route to estimate the length of cable that had to be manufactured.

  It was ______ Maury of US Navy that the Atlantic Telegraph Company turned, in 1853 , for information on this matter. In the 1840s,Maury had been responsible for encouraging voyages _______ which soundings(试探) _______[take] to investigate the _______[deep]  of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Later, some of his findings aroused much popular interest in his book The Physical Geography of the Sea.

  The cable was laid , but not until 1866 _______[be] the connection made permanent and reliable. At the early attempts, the cable failed and when it was taken out for repairs it was found to be covered in living growths, a fact which defied contemporary scientific opinion _______ there was no life in the deeper parts of the sea.

Within a few years oceanography was under way. In 1872 Thomson led a scientific expedition, _______lasted for four years and brought home thousands of samples form the sea. Their classification and analysis occupied scientists for years and led to a five-volume report, the last volume being published in 1895 .

  This passage is mainly about_____________.

  A) the beginnings of oceanography

  B) the laying of the first undersea cable

  C) the investigation of ocean depths

D) the early intercontinental communications




Sports accounts for a _______grow amount of income made on the sales of commercial time by television companies. Many television companies have used sports to attract _______[view]  from particular sections of the general public, and then they have sold audiences to advertisers.

An attraction of sports programs for the major U.S. media company is that events are often held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons — the slowest time periods of the week for general television viewing. Sport events are the most popular weekend programs, especially among male viewers who may not watch much television at other_______[time] during the week. This means the television networks are able to sell advertising time _______relatively high prices during _______ normally would be dead time for programming.

Media corporations also use sports to attract commercial sponsors that might take their advertising dollars elsewhere if television stations did not report certain sports. The people in the advertising departments of major corporations realize that sports attract male viewers. They also realize that most business travelers are men and that many men make family decisions on the purchases of computers, cars and life insurance.

Golf and tennis are special cases for television programming. These sports attract few viewers, and the ratings(收视率) are unusually low. However, the audience for these sports is attractive to certain_______[advertise] . It is made up of people from the highest income groups in the United States, including many lawyers and business managers. This is _______ television reporting of golf and tennis is sponsored by companies selling high-priced cars, business and personal computers, and holiday trips. This is also why the networks continue to carry these programs regardless of low ratings. Advertisers are willing to pay high fees to reach high-income consumers and those managers who make decisions to buy thousands of “company cars” and computers. With such viewers, these programs don’t need high ratings to stay on the air.

41. Television sports programs on weekend afternoons ___________.

A. result in more sport events

B. get more viewers to play sports

C. make more people interested in television

D. bring more money to the television networks.

42. Why would weekend afternoons become dead time without sport programs?

A. Because there would be few viewers

B. Because the advertisers would be off work.

C. Because television programs would go slowly.

D. Because viewers would pay less for watching television.

43. In many families, men make decisions on _________.

A. holiday trips

B. sports viewing

C. television shopping

D. expensive purchases

44. The ratings are not important for golf and tennis programs because _______.

A. their advertisers are carmakers

B. their viewers are attracted by sports

C. their advertisers target at rich people.

D. their viewers can afford expensive cars

45. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Television ratings are determined by male viewers.

B. Rich viewers contribute most to television companies.

C. Sports are gaining importance in advertising on television.

D. Commercial advertisers are the major sponsors of sport events.







to ask





 were taken






  本题问及全篇的中心思想。通过快读(skimming )我们知道这是一篇叙述"海洋学"的文章。第一段谈的是关于"海洋学"的定义;第二段是讲19世纪前对海洋感兴对趣的科学家不多;第三段谈到由于有人提了铺设海底电缆,人们才开始研究"海底深处究竟是什么"第四段Maury考察北大西洋和太平洋的发现引起广泛的注意;第五段讲修筑海底电缆过程中发现大量的海洋生物;最后一段是海洋学研究的成果。可风全篇主要是讲海洋学的研究是如何开展起来的,所以正确答案是A。文章有 个地方谈到铺设义;第二段是讲19世纪前对海洋感兴趣的科学家不多;第三段谈到由于有人提出铺设海底电缆,人们才开始研究"海底深处究竟有什么";第四段说Maury考察北大西洋和太平洋的发现引起广泛的注意;第五段讲修筑海底电缆过程中发现大量的海洋生物;最后一段是海洋学研究的成果。可见全篇主要是讲海洋学的研究是如何开展起来的,所以正确答案是A)。文章有好几个地方谈到铺设海底电缆B)和越洋通讯(D),但都是围绕着海洋学这条主线的。至于C),测量海洋深度,只是一个细节,不可能是文章的中心意思










41-45 DADCC




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