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Challenge both your English & minds





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0219 - e-pie - 英语练功房


0219 - e-pie - 英语练功房




School uniforms recalled in cancer scare

Thousands of children have been told not______[wear] their school uniform when the new term starts in Shanghai after samples ______[test] by the city were found to contain carcinogenic ______[chemic] .

More than 20 schools in the city have ordered the ban after six out of 22 batches of uniforms checked by the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision failed tests for toxins and quality.

The uniforms, produced by Ouxia Clothing Co Ltd in Pudong, ______[find] to contain ______[ban] dyes which could cause cancer, the bureau said ______ its official micro blog.

It also revealed the factory ______[appear] on a blacklist for quality for the past three years due to unqualified instructions or having a high pH index, which can lead ______ skin allergies.

An investigation is underway and the uniforms have been seized.

In 2012, a survey found more than half of school uniforms in Shanghai of poor quality, the lowest rate ______ 2007. City regulations allow any factory to produce school uniforms______ they have orders, the quality bureau said.




Check the answers

Hongbao places financial burden on New Year celebrations 

Pu, 27, who works in Beijing earning a ________[month]  income of 4,500 yuan ($720), has drained his savings by returning to his home in Penglai, a county in Shandong province, for Chinese Lunar New Year.

"Instead of racking my brain for gift ideas, I choose_______[give] money. It's much_______ [easy]," said Pu, who refused to give his full name.

At Spring Festival, it is a tradition for families and friends to get together and give younger generations cash _______[seal] in a red envelope, known as hongbao.

However, this custom, _______ is supposed to add happiness and festive flavor_______  the holiday, has placed a heavy burden _______ Pu and his peers.

Pu's family members all reside in rural areas. _______ the only college diploma holder and only person who works in a big city, he is the pride of his family and is assumed to be richer than many of his family members.

"I gave my parents 4,000 yuan _______ total and my cousin's kids 600 yuan each," said Pu. "A few years ago 200 yuan would suffice, _______ now giving 200 yuan is kind of losing face and my relatives would think I am mean."

Pu attributed the rise _______ hongbao _______high inflation. "Two hundred yuan cannot buy nice clothes," he said. "Everything is rising _______ my salary."

Unhappiness in the happy season is also rising. _______[spent]  the whole year working at an accounting firm in Shanghai earning 6,000 yuan a month, Sun Xiaofei gave away almost half of her annual income during Spring Festival.


to give












Having spent



I had a friend who visited me from out of town and I wanted to show him the CN Tower. It was one of the tallest structures on the earth. So I thought it would offer a(n)   36   sight.

We were standing in line for 45minutes to enjoy the    37    up to the watch point. When we got there, we went around the   38     of the tower and saw the hard wire fence  39      to the structure serving as a barrier. We went back inside to look for the glass floor that provided a direct view   40     . As soon as both of us  41     , we stopped before walking onto it. We found that our legs began to   42   . I stopped for a minute considering the step, taking several seconds to   43     the edge before moving.

And then I had a thought in my mind:“It is far   44     compared to any other floor in this building. There is no real danger to me it’s    45    an illusion. Look at all the people standing on it, and think about those who have stood on it before.I began to  46     that step onto the glass floor. I didn’t look down   47     not for a few minutes.

I walked on the    48    and looked around and thought about how   49    the experience was. I even found myself jumping up and down. There was no  50    , and it was certainly an illusion.

I considered how many things in our lives we  51     and exactly how many of them are actually illusions. I thought about all the things we   52     ourselves from doing because we have   53    ourselves into thinking there’s risk. I thought about all the things that I still have yet to do that appeared  54    . I was glad to discover that although fear isn’t a stranger to me, my desire to live a life without    55    has a much stronger pull.


36Aexpressive      Bimpressive      Cfrightening     Dbeneficial

37Abus              Bladder      Ccar                 Delevator

38Aoutside        Btop      Ccenter            Dsurface

39Aconnected      Bsurrounded    Creferred      Dcombined

40Aaround        Bup      Cdown             Dout

41Aunderstood      Bapproached   Ctalked      Dreturned

42Awave           Bmove      Ctremble          Dwander

43Alook over    Bthink over      Clook up         Dthink up

44Atighter         Btaller      Cweaker          Dstronger

45Ahappily       Bsimply      Cgreatly           Drelatively

46Atake             Bchoose      Cdecide           Dpick

47Aat most       Bat least      Cat last           Dat best

48Afence           Bfloor      Cedge               Dtower

49Agrateful       Buseful      Cwonderful      Dhelpful

50Adeath           Bwarn      Ctrouble          Ddanger  

51Ahandle         Bignore      Cfear                Dhide

52Ablock          Bprotect      Chelp               Dseparate

53Aforced         Badvised      Centered          Dled

54Aamazing      Bworrying      Cexciting      Dinteresting

55Acost            Bdoubt      Cregret             Dwaste





36 – 40 BDA AC   41 – 45 BCADB   46 – 50 ABBCD   51-55 CADBC




I hear many parents complaining that their teen-age children are rebelling, I wish it were so. At your age you ought to be growing away from your parents. You should be learning to stand on your own two feet.

But take a good look at the present rebellion. It seems that teenagers are all taking the same way of showing that they disagree with their parents. Instead of striking out boldly on their own, most of them are clutching atattempting to seize one another’s hands for reassurance.

    They claim they want to dress as they please. But they all wear the same clothes. They set off in new directions in music. But somehow they all end up crowded round listening to the same record. Their reason for thinking or acting in thus-and-such a way is that the crowd is doing it. They have come out of their cocoon(蚕茧)--- into a larger cocoon.

     It has become harder and harder for a teen-ager to stand up against the popularity wave and to go his or her own way. Industry firmly carved out a teen-age market. These days every teen-ager can learn from the advertisements what a teen-ager should have and be. And many of today’s parents have come to award high marks for the popularity of their children. All this adds up to a great barrier for the teen-ager who wants to find his or her own path.

     But the barrier is worth climbing over. The path is worth following. You may want to listen to classical music instead of going to a party. You may want to collect rocks when everyone else is collecting records. You may have some thoughts that you don’t care to share at once with your classmates. Well, go to it. Find yourself. Be yourself. Popularity will come-with the people who respect you for who you are. That’s the only kind of popularity that really counts.








16. The authors purpose writing this passage is to tell ____.

A) readers how to be popular in with around

B) teen-agers how to learn to decide things for themselves

C) parents how to control and guide their children

D) people how to understand and respect each other

17. According to the author, many teen-agers think they are brave enough to act on their own, but, in fact, most of them ____.

A) have much difficulty understanding each other

B) lack confidence

C) dare not cope with problems single-handed

D) are very much afraid of getting lost


18. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A) There is no popularity that really counts.

B) What many parents are doing is in fact hindering their children from finding their own paths.

C) It is not necessarily bad for a teen-ager to disagree with his or her classmates.

D) Most teen-agers claim that they want to do what they like to, but they are actually doing the same.

19. The author thinks of advertisements as ____.

A) convincing         B) influential        C) instructive        D) authoritative

20. During the teen-age years, one should learn to ____.

A) differ from others in as many ways as possible

B) get into the right season and become popular

C) find ones real self

D) rebel against parents and the popularity waves




He slept for a good six hours, and the sun was high when he awoke. As he sat up and yawned a pair of strong hands seized his shoulders, and in a moment his wrists were tied tightly together behind his back . He turned and stared into Bronco’s hairy face. What’s this?” he said . The old man tested the knots before answering. “Orders , Black Peter’s changed his mind . Until we can check on you . ”

Martin swore loudly , then asked if he could talk to Black Peter . Branko shook his head . “He’s busy.” Martin was seized by despair. Now all his plans might fall unless he could gain the confidence of Black Peter .

After some thought he stood up and walked to the mouth of the tunnel. Branko followed. The grassy hollows were alive with men busy with their various duties . There must have been a stream somewhere nearby, for a long line of men were taking their horses to the water ; others were setting up tents and lighting fire .(88) Immediately opposite was another tunnel at the entrance of which stood two guards armed with guns . Behind them Martin made out the giant form of  Black Peter . “There he is , ”he said . “I must talk to him.” Branko tried to stop him , but he pushed him aside , walked to the mouth of  the tunnel and called out : “ Black Peter ! I must talk to you . ”

The leader of the White Eagles was seated on a wooden box , deep in conversation with two rough-looking men . “What is it ? ” he said . “ Why are you checking on me ? ”Martin replied . “ I need to be sure bout you , ” said Black Peter . “There’s too much to close .”He pointed into the tunnel , and Martin saw the wooden boxes that he guessed must contain the gold bars . “Is that the treasure?” he asked . Black Peter stood up, struggling between his desire for secrecy and an obvious pride in the success of his plans . “Yes,” he said at last.

26. Martin’s night’s rest             .

A. was disturbed  B. lasted less then six hours

C. lasted more than six hours  D. was suddenly cut short

27. What happened as soon as Martin woke up?

A. Branko struck him.                         B. He was made a prisoner.

C. Branko checked that he was still tied up.        D. He was taken off to speak to Black Peter.

28. The success of Martin’s plans now depended on his            .

A. escaping from the tunnel                  B. finding the treasure

C. discovering who the leader of the White Eagles was

D. persuading Black Peter that he could be trusted

29. When he got to the mouth of the tunnel , Martin saw men        .

A. in fairly large numbers                        B. fetching water from the stream

C. packing up camp and getting ready to leave        D. resting in small groups

30. Black Peter finally admitted that the boxes contained gold because        .

A. he was so satisfied with what he had done         B. he had decided to trust Martin

C. he saw that he could no longer keep it a secret

D. he knew that Martin could not escape





to wear



were found



 had appeared







26.答案:C   由文中第一段第一句话“a good six hours

27.答案:B   由文中第一段第二句后半部分“….his wrists were tied tightly together behind his back.

28.答案:D   由文中第二段最后一句可知。

29.答案:A   由文中第三段第三句话可知。

30.答案:A   由文中最后一句中“an obvious pride in the success of his


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