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Challenge both your English & minds





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0127 - e-pie - 英语练功房



The young woman entered the pool where an injured dolphin(海豚) was swimming. Despite her fear, she felt strong wearing her new leg.

   In her second grade. Maja  31  her cousin, Jasmina. After Jasmina’s death. Maja swore she would honor the little girl by  32  with a dolphin, an animal that both girls  33  . “Jasmina never got the chance to do it,” says Maja, now 32, “so I  34  that someday I’d do it for her.”

   In high school, Maja was  35  about sports. she even planned to become an athlete.   36  ,in 1993, during the civil war in her home country, a bomb  37   her left leg.

   After two years’  38  in the U.S., Maja received her first artificial (人造的)leg. But  39  it didn’t fit well, walking for Maja was painful.  40  , she managed to graduate from a local high school. Then after receiving a  41  from Saint Francis University, she got a job at an insurance firm and  42 started her own company.

     To relax, Maja  43  often watch the dolphins play at an aquarium (水族馆)near her home. A young dolphin, Winter, who had lost its tail, caught her   44    One day, Maja happened to see trainers  45  Winter with a high-tech tail. When they were done, Winter swam freely in the water. Maja was  46 . She managed to find the inventors of Winter’s tail. Within ten days, she had a new leg which freed her the   47   that had troubled her for almost 16 years.

 Now, Maja was ready to keep her  48  .She went to the aquarium. Lowered herself into the pool and held out a hand to Winter, who approached   49   , then swam away. After a few minutes, the dolphin let Maja   50   its back Finally, they began to swim around the together.


31. A .lost       B. visited       C .rescued          D. left

32. A. talking    B. living        C. swimming         D. surfing

33. A. adored       B. adopted      C. possessed        D. premised

34. A. pretended   B. decided       C. perfected        D. agreed

35. A. positive    B. enthusiastic       C. particular       D. curious

36 .A. Undoubtedly  B. Surprisingly  C. Strangely      D. Unfortunately

37 .A. took away   B. took ever    C. cut down         D. cut out

38 .A. study      B. potation      C. treatment       D. experiment

39 .A. until      B. because       C. although         D. it

40 .A. Otherwise  B. Therefore      C. Besides         D. However

41 .A. scholarships   B. degree      C. prize          D. notice

42 .A. gradually       B. actually    C. eventually     D. niter

43. A. might           B. should      C. could       D. would

44 .A. eye            B. leg         C. nose         D. hand

45 .A. celebrating     B. grueling   C. marking      D. fitting

46. A. inspired       B. passed       C. shocked      D. amused

47 .A. worry           B. sadness    C. pain         D. fear

48 .A. appointment     B. promise    C. record       D. halt

49 .A. blindly         B. angrily    C. gratefully    D. cautiously

50 .A. strike          B. cover      C. touch          D. wipe



0127 - e-pie - 英语练功房


When first entered, Vanak Restaurant does not look like much of a restaurant, but once the pleasant smells of kabob(烤肉串)hit the senses, you are incapable of calling it anything less

Owned by a local couple, this Persian restaurant has an inviting, homelike atmosphere that many restaurants lack

The space is small with only a few dining tables and nearly no decoration, but the environment is truly charming

Lying in a hardly noticeable street corner, the restaurant still attracts all customers, especially those experienced in the delights of Middle Eastern cooking

A common sight is that of old Persian men sitting in the corner talking loudly about world topics, watching news events on TV, drinking a black tea known as Persian chai, and reading local Persian newspapers all the while trying to finish off their plate piled with food

The variety of food at the restaurant is limited, but the amount of each dish is fairly largeMost of the meals can serve two people and are under $10, so not only is it affordable but practical as well

The food especially appeals to health-conscious eaters because each dish is very healthy, made with limited fat and oil and served straight off the grill (烤肉架).

The main dish that the restaurant is popular for is its kabobs, which are different style of grilled meat

One delicious and extremely healthy dish is the Joojeh Kabob, which is made of grilled chicken pieces served with either rice or breadAnother great kabob is the Chelo Kabob, a kabob consisting of grilled beef

Although the restaurant is small, the atmosphere and the food is deliciousIt is a place that should not be overlooked


36When first entering the restaurant, one can find that it ________

      Ais splendidly decorated             

Bhas pleasant smells of kabobs

      Cis crowded with dining tables      

    Dlooks like a common restaurant

37What activity is also mentioned apart from dining in the restaurant?

      AWatching news events on TV     

BDrinking a kind of black coffee

      CReading local English newspapers    

DDiscussing world topics in low voices

38The food of the restaurant ________

      Ais served in small amounts                       Bis rather expensive

      Cis rich in variety                                   Dis very healthy

39What is the dish Joojeh Kabob mainly made of?

      ARice          BChicken                                CBread          DBeef

40It can be inferred from the passage that the restaurant ________

      Aoccupies a large space                                    Bowns a favorable location

      Cis popular for its special food             Dhas a quiet environment inside


In families with two working parents, fathers may have more impact ____1____ a child’s language development than mothers, a new study ____2____.

Researchers ____3____ 92 families from 11 child care centers before their children were a year old, interviewing each to establish income, ____4____ of education and child care arrangements. ____5____, it was a group of well-educated middle-class families, ____6____ married parents both living in the home.

When the children were 2, researchers videotaped them at home in free-play sessions with both parents, recording all of their ____7____. The study will appear in the November ____8____ of The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.

The scientists ____9____ the total number of utterances of the parents, the number of different words they used, the ____10____ of their sentences and other aspects of their speech. ____11____ average, fathers spoke less than mothers did, but they did not ____12____ in the length of utterances or proportion of questions asked.

Finally, the researchers ____13____ the children’s speech at age 3, using a standardized language test. The only predictors of high ____14____ on the test were the mother’s level of education, the ____15____ of child care and the number of different words the father used.

The researchers are ____16____ why the father’s speech, and not the mother’s, had an effect. “It’s well ____17____ that the mother’s language does have an impact,” said Nadya Pancsofar, the lead author of the study. “It ____18____ be that the high-functioning mothers in the study had already had a strong influence ____19____ their children’s speech development, or it may be that mothers are ____20____ in a way we didn’t measure in the study.”


1. A. in  B. at  C. on  D. with

2. A. reports B. informs  C. assumes  D. suggests

3. A. appointed  B. recruited  C. enrolled  D. admitted

4. A. level  B. standard  C. years  D. degree

5. A. Moreover  B. Overall  C. In all  D. Luckily

6. A. and  B. or  C. with  D. without

7. A. speech  B. action  C. expression  D. response

8. A. publication  B. version  C. edition  D. issue

9. A. recorded   B. measured  C. included   D. estimated

10. A. simplicity  B. complexity  C. easiness  D. dif? culty

11. A. On  B. In  C. For  D. At

12. A. change  B. speak  C. differ  D. specialize

13. A. videotaped  B. predicted  C. compared  D. analyzed

14. A. values  B. scores  C. standards  D. qualities

15. A. effect  B. intensity  C. quality  D. strength

16. A. aware  B. unaware  C. sure  D. unsure

17. A. understood  B. constituted  C. established  D. informed

18. A. should  B. could  C. had to  D. used to

19. A. with  B. in  C. at  D. on

20. A. contributing  B. cultivating  C. instructing  D. enlightening





36—40 BADBC





本文的主题是双职工家庭中,对于孩子语言的发展父亲可能比母亲有更大的影响力。研究者对92个孩子的活动以及其父母与之交流的语言进行了为期两年多的跟踪与调查 ,并在孩子们3岁时对他们进行语言测试,结果发现父亲而非母亲的言语对孩子影响更大。其中的原因可能是母亲的言语早已对孩子产生了影响,也可能是研究人员并未对母亲的影响进行记录。


1. C

介词搭配题 have impact on sth. :对 ……产生影响。


动词辨析题。第一句是文章的主题句 ,表 明了整个研究的发现结果 ,因此在新闻报道中往往会用suggest, show等词 report 的主语应该是记者 、新 媒体 inform  (通知 ),assume (假设 )在意义上都不正确


动词辨析题。根据原文可知 ,研究人员征集了92个家庭 的孩子参加这个实验 recruit :招募 (志愿者 、工作人员等 );appoint :任命 enroll :报名 ,注册  (参加课程 ,学校学习 );admit :录取 ,招生


名词辨析题 。本句的动词谓语为establish (确认,明确 )。根据句意 ,研究者需要确认家庭 中与孩子发展有关 的因素 ,因此此处应该是指父母 level of education (教育水平 ),而不是standard of education  (教育标准 )。


副词辨析题 overall :总体来说 。根据原文可知 ,在列举了被研究家庭的各个方面情况之后 ,本句显然是对整体情况的一个描述 ,因此用overall一词


语法关系题 。本句的主句为  “it was a group of ... families” ,因此本短语充当状语 ,根据句意应该选with


语义衔接题 。因为该研究是父母对孩子语言发展的影响,因此研究人员记录的应该是孩子在玩耍中所说的话 ,因此speech  (说话 ,言语 )符合题意。


名词辨析题 。期刊杂志的一期称为issuepublication :出版物 version :译本 (书、音乐改编的 )版本 edition :版本  (如精装 、平装 ), (书报等 )一次发行 的总数


语义衔接题 。根据上文 ,科学家用录像记录了孩子们在家玩耍时与父母之间的语言 ,而下文提到了父母说话及提问在数量和长度等方面的差别 ,因此这里科学家应该是根据录像测算 measure )父母说话 的数量 、用词等方面的量化值

10. B

固定搭配题 。句子结构的复杂性要用complexity一词 ,如 complex sentence复合句

11. A

介词搭配题 on average :平均

12. C

语义衔接题 。根据句意 ,本句前半句 的内容是对父母与孩子说话的数量进行比较 ,后半句承接这个比较 ,主要是对父母的话语长度或疑问句的使用比例进行 比较 。因此此处应该选differ一词

13. D

语义衔接题 。根据后文采用标准化语言测试  using a standardized language test 可知这里应该选的是分析 analyze )一词

14. B

语义衔接题 ,因为上文提到用标准化测试分析孩子三岁时的语言 ,而该句提到测试的结果 ,因此是high score  (高分 )。

15. C

名词辨析题 。决定孩子三岁时语言能力 的因素包括母亲的受教育程度、育儿水平  quality  of child care )以及父亲对孩子使用 词汇 的多样性 effect :结果 intensity :强烈程度 strength :强度 ,力度

16. D

逻辑关系题。从上文可知研究人员发现父亲使用的词汇对孩子的语言发展有影响 ,但他们无法确定 unsure )造成这个结果 的原因何在。unaware意思为没有意识到

17. C

动词辨析题 well-established :已被充分证明;well-understood :完全理解的;well-constituted :结构优 良;well-informed :消息灵通

18. B

语法辨析题 。此处为虚拟语气 ,表示猜测的语气 。根据前文可知 ,科学家早已证实母亲的语言对孩子的语言发展有影响 ,但父亲的语言为何在这个阶段影响如此巨大 ,科学家还不得而知。根据后面的  “had already had a strong influence”也可以看出此处为虚拟语气

19. D

介词搭配题 influenceon为固定搭配 ,表示  “ ……产生影响

20. A

动词辨析题 。根据上文 ,研究人员感到不解的是为什么父亲的语言 比母亲对孩子的影响更大。他们提出了两个可能的原因, 中第二个原因就是母亲语言影响孩子语言发展的方式他们尚未记录 ,因此用contribute (做出贡献 )一词表示对孩子语言发展 的总体上 的帮助。而cultivate(培育 ),instruct  (教授 )和enlighten(启蒙 )在意义上不恰当。




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