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Challenge both your English & minds





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In those far-off days, it was taken for granted that the critics of major papers would write in detail and at length about the events they covered. Theirs was a serious business, and even those reviewers who wore their learning lightly, like George Bernard Shaw and Ernest Newman, could be trusted to know what they were about.

1、这里的theirs,是指代前面的the critics of major papers,主流报纸上的评论

theirs was a serious business,意思是主流报纸上的评论是件很严肃的事情

2wear their learning lightly


Some people who know a lot like to make sure that we know that they know a lot.

They give us lectures on chronology and philosophy when we ask the time. They seek to impress us with their learning.


Others are more gentle and careful - more sensitive. They are happy to share and be helpful. They understand, instinctively, how much of what they know is appropriate to share in any context. They have no need to impress.

They wear their learning lightly. This is wear in the sense of wearing a scarf, but used figuratively

3know what they were about

弄明白这里的they指什么,根据前后文,是指the events they covered




那些博学而谦逊的人,像萧伯纳和Ernest Newman,能够被信赖是了解他们所报道的事情的。



"So few authors have brains enough or literary gift enough to keep their own end up in journalism," Newman wrote, "that I am tempted to define "journalism" as "a term of contempt applied by writers who are not read to writers who are"."


【分析】多重复合句。句子主干为 Newman wrote...,引号内是 wrote 的宾语。宾语部分其实是一个 so...that...句型。前一引号中,两个 enough 分别作 brains literary gift 的后置定语,to keep their own end up in journalism 为目的状语。后一引号中,that 引导结果状语从句,主干为 I am tempted to define...as...。其中 applied by...to... 作的后置定语,两个writers 后面都有 who 引导的定语从句修饰。


 【点拨】1)brain“大脑;智慧,思想”本句中是“思想”。2) read 本句中用作形容词,意思是“有大量读者的”。



When it comes to eating smart for your heart, stop thinking about short-term fixes and simplify your life with a straightforward approach that will serve you well for years to come.

Smart eating goes beyond analyzing every bite of food you lift __67__ your mouth. “In the past we used to believe that __68__ amounts of individual nutrients (营养物) were the __69__ to good health,” Linda Van Horn, chair of the American Heart Association's Nutrition Committee. "But now we have a __70__ understanding of healthy eating and the kinds of food necessary to __71__ not only heart disease but disease __72__ general," she adds.

Scientists now __73__ on the broader picture of the balance of food eaten __74__ several days or a week __75__ than on the number of milligrams (毫克) of this or that __76__ at each meal.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains, for example, provide nutrients and plant-based compounds __77__ for good health. “The more we learn, the more __78__ we are by the wealth of essential substances they __79__," Van Horn continues, "and how they __80__ with each other to keep us healthy."

You'll automatically be __81__ the right heart-healthy track if vegetables, fruits and whole grains make __82__ three quarters of the food on your dinner plate. __83__ in the remaining one quarter with lean meat or chicken, fish or eggs.

The foods you choose to eat as well as those you choose to __84__ clearly contribute to your well-being. Without a __85__, each of the small decisions you make in this realm can make a big __86__ on your health in the years to come.


67. A) between             B) through             C) inside        D)to

68. A) serious               B) splendid            C) specific        D) separate

69. A) key                 B) point              C) lead             D) center

70. A) strict                 B) different           C) typical           D) natural

71. A) rescue                B) prevent             C) forbid        D) offend

72. A) in                   B) upon                 C)for            D)by

73. A) turn                 B)put                    C) focus         D) carry

74. A) over                  B) along         C) with                 D)beyond

75. A) other                 B) better         C) rather                D)sooner

76. A) conveyed           B) consumed          C) entered             D) exhausted

77       A) vital                    B) initial        C) valid                 D) radical

78. A) disturbed           B) depressed         C) amazed             D) amused

79. A) retain            B) contain                C) attain             D) maintain

80. A) interfere            B) interact              C) reckon              D) rest

81. A) at               B) of                C) on                      D) within

82. A) out             B) into                  C) off                   D) up

83. A) Engage          B) Fill                   C) Insert                D) Pack

84. A) delete           B) hinder                C) avoid                D) spoil

85. A) notion             B) hesitation          C) reason                D) doubt

86. A) outcome          B) function            C) impact              D) commitment


  You never see him, but they're with you every time you fly. They record where you are going, how fast you're traveling and whether everything on your airplane is functioning normally. Their ability to withstand almost any disaster makes them seem like something out of a comic book.They're known as the black box.

  When planes fall from the sky, as a Yemeni airliner did on its way to Comoros Islands in the India ocean June 30, 2009, the black box is the best bet for identifying what went wrong. So when a French submarine (潜水艇) detected the device's homing signal five days later, the discovery marked a huge step toward determining the cause of a tragedy in which 152 passengers were killed.

  In 1958, Australian scientist David Warren developed a flight-memory recorder that would track basic information like altitude and direction. That was the first mode for a black box, which became a requirement on all U.S. commercial flights by 1960. Early models often failed to withstand crashes, however, so in 1965 the device was completely redesigned and moved to the rear of the plane – the area least subject to impact – from its original position in the landing wells (起落架舱). The same year, the Federal Aviation Authority required that the boxes, which were never actually black, be painted orange or yellow to aid visibility.

  Modern airplanes have two black boxes: a voice recorder, which tracks pilots' conversations,and a flight-data recorder, which monitors fuel levels, engine noises and other operating functions that help investigators reconstruct the aircraft's final moments. Placed in an insulated (隔绝的) case and surrounded by a quarter-inch-thick panels of stainless steel, the boxes can withstand massive force and temperatures up to 2,000. When submerged, they're also able to emit signals from depths of 20,000 ft. Experts believe the boxes from Air France Flight 447, which crashed near Brazil on June 1,2009, are in water nearly that deep, but statistics say they're still likely to turn up. In the approximately 20 deep-sea crashes over the past 30 years, only one plane's black boxes were never recovered.


  57. What does the author say about the black box?

  A) It ensures the normal functioning of an airplane.

  B) The idea for its design comes from a comic book.

  C) Its ability to ward off disasters is incredible.

  D) It is an indispensable device on an airplane.

  58. What information could be found from the black box on the Yemeni airliner?

  A) Data for analyzing the cause of the crash.

  B) The total number of passengers on board.

  C) The scene of the crash and extent of the damage.

  D) Homing signals sent by the pilot before the crash.

  59. Why was the black box redesigned in 1965?

  A) New materials became available by that time.

  B) Too much space was needed for its installation.

  C) The early models often got damaged in the crash.

  D) The early models didn't provide the needed data.

  60. Why did the Federal Aviation Authority require the black boxes be painted orange or yellow?

  A) To distinguish them from the colour of the plane.

  B) To caution people to handle them with care.

  C) To make them easily identifiable.

  D) To conform to international standards.

  61. What do we know about the black boxes from Air France Flight 447?

  A) There is still a good chance of their being recovered.

  B) There is an urgent need for them to be reconstructed.

  C) They have stopped sending homing signals.

  D) They were destroyed somewhere near Brazil.




The young woman entered the pool where an injured dolphin(海豚) was swimming. Despite her fear, she felt strong wearing her new leg.

   In her second grade. Maja  31  her cousin, Jasmina. After Jasmina’s death. Maja swore she would honor the little girl by  32  with a dolphin, an animal that both girls  33  . “Jasmina never got the chance to do it,” says Maja, now 32, “so I  34  that someday I’d do it for her.”

   In high school, Maja was  35  about sports. she even planned to become an athlete.   36  ,in 1993, during the civil war in her home country, a bomb  37   her left leg.

   After tow years’  38  in the U.S., Maja received her first artificial (人造的)leg. But  39  it didn’t fit well, walking for Maja was painful  40  she managed to graduate from a local high

school. Then after receiving a  41  from Saint Francis University, she got a job at an insurance firm and  42 started her own company.

     To relax. Maja  43  often watch the dolphins play at an aquarium (水族馆)near her home. A young dolphin. Winter, who had lost its tail, caught her   44    One day, Maja happened to see trainers  45  Winter with a high-tech tail. When they were done, Winter swam freely in the

water. Maja was  46 . She managed to find the inventors of Winter’s tail. Within ten days, she

had a new leg which freed her the   47   that had troubled her for almost 16 years.

 Now, Maja was ready to keep her  48  .She went to the aquarium. Lowered herself into the

pool and held out a hand to Winter, who approached   49   , then swum away. After a few minutes, the dollop hint let Maja   50   its back Finally .the began to swim around the together.


31. A .lost       B. visited       C .rescued          D. left

32. A. talking    B. living        C. swimming         D. surfing

33. A. adored       B. adopted      C. possessed        D. premised

34. A. pretended   B. decided       C. perfected        D. agreed

35. A. positive    B. atheistic       C. particular       D. curious

36 .A. Undoubtedly  B. Surprisingly  C. Strangely      D. Unfortunately

37 .A. took away   B. took ever    C. cut down         D. cut out

38 .A. study      B. potation      C. treatment       D. experiment

39 .A. until      B. because       C. although         D. it

40 .A. Otherwise  B. Therefore      C. Besides         D. However

41 .A. scholarships   B. degree      C. prize          D. notice

42 .A. gradually       B. actually    C. eventually     D. niter

43. A. might           B. should      C. could       D. hand

44 .A. eye            B. leg         C. nose         D. hand

45 .A. celebrating     B. grueling   C. marking      D. firm

46. A. inspired       B. passed       C. shocked      D. amused

47 .A. worry           B. sadness    C. pain         D. fear

48 .A. appointment     B. promise    C. record       D. halt

49 .A. blindly         B. angrily    C. gratefully    D. cautiously

50 .A. strike          B. cover      C. touch          D. wipe












  57. C) Its ability to ward off disasters is incredible.

  58. A) Data for analyzing the cause of the crash.

  59. C) The early models often got damaged in the crash.

  60. C) To make them easily identifiable.

  61. A) There is still a good chance for their being recovered.






答案:31-35 ACABB  36-40 DACBD   41-45 DACBC   46-50 BDABD

31. A  解析:根据空格后的“After Jasminas death”, 可知玛佳失去了自己的表妹。

32. C  解析:根据文章的最后一段中的“the two began to swim around the pool together”可知玛佳发誓用跟海豚一起游泳来纪念自己的表妹。

33. A  解析:根据发誓跟海豚游泳,可知海豚是两个女孩都很崇拜的动物。

34. B  解析:此句的意思是:于是我决定有一天我要为她做到这件事。

35. B  解析:根据空格后的“她甚至打算成为一名运动员”,可知玛佳对体育很有热情。positive 意为“积极的”;enthusiastic意为“热情的;热心的”;particular意为“特别的;特殊的”; curious意为“好奇的”。

36. D  解析:根据下文的内战爆发,可知是不幸的。

37. A  解析:根据下文的人造腿,可知炸弹夺去了她的腿。take away意为“夺走;带走”;take over 意为“接收,接管”;cut down意为“砍去”;cut out 意为“切去;剪下”。

38. C  解析:根据上下文,她失去了腿,在美国接受治疗,故答案为C

39. B  解析:根据下文的走路对玛佳来说是痛苦的,可知因为假腿不合适,故答案为B

40. D  解析:根据下文的“她设法完成了中学学业”,可知虽然痛苦,但……,因此答案为D

41. B  解析:根据空格前后的“receiving”和“...University”,可知玛佳获得了大学学位。

42. C  解析:大学毕业,得到工作,最后终于建起了自己的公司。

43. D  解析:此句意思是:为了放松,玛佳过去经常去看水族馆里的海豚表演。

44. A  解析:有一只失去尾巴的海豚吸引了她的注意力。catch ones eye意为“吸引……的注意力”。

45. D  解析:根据下文海豚能自由地游泳了,可知是工作人员正在给海豚安高科技尾巴。

46. A  解析:看到安上尾巴的海豚能游泳了,玛佳也受到了鼓舞。

47. C  解析:根据上文的“走路对她来说是痛苦的”,可知此句表达的是“她有了一条使她摆脱了多年困扰她的痛苦的新腿。”

48. B  解析:根据下文的和海豚一起游泳,可知现在玛佳可以兑现自己多年以前许下的诺言了。

49. D  解析:根据空格后的“then swam away”可知海豚很谨慎地靠近她。

50. C  解析:根据上文的“伸出一只手去碰Winter”,可知过了几分钟后Winter就让她碰它的背了。





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