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Challenge both your English & minds





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How to improve my lifeMany people think that they have to accept whatever life throws at them.They'll say, “This is my fate, my destiny. I cannot change it.”

 Of course notYou don't have to suffer needlessly.Your destiny depends on you, not on any other external factors.

 I know someone who says she just accepts what life gives her because she has done everything she can to improve it.Guess what her lifestyle isShe wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes back home, relaxes, chats with people, watches TV, then goes to sleep.Next day, the same routine cycle follows.

 Huh! Is this what she calls “doing her best”She believes she has tried her best and just accepts it in her heart that this is the life that God has intended for her to live; that her luck can only change if God wills it.Of course God wants us to be happy and live our life to the fullest, but we have to do our share of exerting (运用) the effort to live the life of our dreams.

 Remember that you reap what you sow.You just don't sit around and wait for a million dollars to fall from the sky.You have to get off the couch, get your eyes off the TV screen, get your hands off the phone.Don't expect your luck to change unless you do something about it.If something goes wrong, don't just regard it as a temporary setback; but use it as feedback.Learn your lesson, make the most of the situation, and do something to solve the problem.It's not enough to think positively; you also have to act positively.

If someone's life is in trouble, do you just hope and pray that things will turn out fine? Of course notYou get to do anything you can to save the person.So it is with your own life.It is not enough to hope for the best, but you have to do your best.In other words, don't just stand (or sit) there, do something to improve your life.

46According to the woman mentioned in Para.3, her life ________.

 Adoesn't need improving

 Bcouldn't be improved

 Cwill be better some day    

 Dwill be worse in the future

47What does the author think of the woman's life?

 APositive.   BSatisfying.  CColorful.     DPassive.

48Which of the following statements is the author's opinion?

 AYour temporary problem is not discouraging.

 BYour luck can be changed by your efforts.

 CYou can only achieve success when God wills it.

 DYou should treat yourself in the way you treat friends.

 49In Para.5, the author emphasizes the importance of ________.

   Apositive action    Bpositive thinking  Chope for the best    Dintention to succeed

 50The text is mainly written to advise you to ________.

 Aunderstand yourself 

 Bimprove your life  

 Cbelieve in yourself 

 Dchange your normal way


1009 - e-pie - 英语练功房



Carmen’s mother Maria had just survived a serious heart attack. But without a heart transplant(移植)her life was in constant   1     . 

      Both the mother and daughter knew that the chances were very small: finding a donor heart that   2      Maria’s blood type could take years. However, Carmen was determined to save her mother. She kept   3    hospitals all over the country.

      Days stretched out. By Christmas, Maria had trouble   4  from one end of the room to the other. Carmen lost all hope. She fell into a   5     of the hospital, crying.

“Are you okay?” a man asked.

Carmen sobbed as she told the stranger her story. This middle-aged man was named Frank, whose wife, Cheryl, a tender and devoted mother of four lovely children, had been in hospital with a brain disease and wouldn’t   6    it through the night. Suddenly, an idea came to Frank’s mind. He knew Cheryl had always wanted to   7     something from herself. Could her   8  go to Carmen’s mother?

After reviewing the data, doctors   9     Frank that his wife’s heart was by some miracle a perfect fit for Carmen’s mother. They were able to   10     the transplant.

That cold night, when Cheryl was   11    dead, Frank came to knock at Maria’s door. She was   12   for Frank’s family as she had been doing every day recently. Though Maria had never met Frank before, they both felt a strange bond as they hugged and cried.

On New Year’s Eve, Carmen attended Cheryl’s   13  with Frank’s family, who were singing their favorite song “My heart will go on.”

One day later, on New Year’s Day, Maria   14  with Cheryl’s heart. Yes, Cheryl’s loving heart would go on, for it was   15  in another loving mother’s chest.


1. A. change          B. danger         C. disorder                D. pain

 2. A. matched          B. replaced                C. controlled            D. cooperated

 3. A. finding                B. phoning              C. touring            D. interrupting

 4. A. rolling               B. running                C. walking                D. jumping

 5. A. corner                B. bed                      C. man                     D. nurse

 6. A. put                      B. support               C. pass                      D. make 

 7. A. save              B. recycle            C. donate                   D. separate

 8. A. heart             B. brain                      C. husband                D. spirit

 9. A. informed            B. warned                C. congratulated            D. reminded

10. A. give up         B. carry out                C. search after          D. put off

11. A. noticed         B. predicted             C. found              D. declared

12. A. praying              B. begging              C. decorating            D. singing

13. A. funeral           B. operation             C. performance           D. anniversary

14. A. passed away       B. woke up              C. left behind            D. dressed up

15. A. active         B. alive             C. necessary    D. changeable  




导读:作为全球闻名的咖啡连锁巨人,星巴克在中国却总是碰钉子(get the cheese),看来,这位咖啡界巨人到了中国,也要接地气啊。

1009 - e-pie - 英语练功房



International coffee company and coffeehouse Starbucks has again brewed debate over business versus _______[history]interests in China after its opening of an outlet near a famed Buddhist temple in East China.

The controversial Starbucks outlet opened on Saturday in the scenic zone of the quiet, secluded Lingyin Temple, or the Temple of Soul`s Retreat, ______is located in a wooded area ______ the bank of the West Lake in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province.

This is not the first time for Starbucks to light a fire under the kettle in China. In 2007, similar disputes over commercialism in points of historical interest eventually forced the closure of an outlet of the company it ______[operate]  for seven years in Beijing`s Forbidden city, also ______[know]  as the Imperial Palace.

Some people have expressed concerns about the American coffee chain`s ______[present]  near the peaceful temple.

"The smell of the ______[combine]  of coffee beans and burning incense must be the fragrant smell of money," Sina Weibo user "Liulianxiaobawang" wrote.

"Starbucks turned to the Buddha after it had `entered` the Imperial Palace," wrote "Tangboxiaohu".

"Actually, the coffeehouse is a long distance from the temple. It is ______[locate] in the tourist service area on Lingyin Road outside of the temple, as part of the supporting facilities," said Wang Shan, deputy director of the Lingyin Administration of the West Lake Administration in Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang.

The temple`s administration has urged the cafe to change its name from "Lingyin Temple Starbucks" ______ "Lingyin Starbucks" to make ______clear that it is not located inside the temple.


1009 - e-pie - 英语练功房


1009 - e-pie - 英语练功房


The UK has a well-­respected higher education system and some of the top universities and research institutions in the world. But to those who are new to it all, sometimes it can be confusing.

October is usually the busiest month in the college calendar. Universities have something called Freshers’ Week for their newcomers. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, join lots of clubs and settle into university life

However, having just left the comfort of home and all your friends behind, the prospect(前景)of meeting lots of strangers in big halls can be nerve-­wracking(令人头痛的). Where do you start? Who should you make friends with? Which clubs should you join?

Luckily, there will be thousands of others in the same boat as you worrying about starting their university social life on the right foot. So just take it all in slowly. Don’t rush into anything that you’ll regret for the next three years.

Here is some top advice from past students on how to survive Freshers’ Week

●Learn rules. Make sure you know British social etiquette(礼节). Have a few wine glasses and snacks handy for your housemates and friends.

●Be kind. Sometimes cups of tea or even slices of toast can give you a head start in making friends.

●Be sociable. The more active you are, the more likely you’ll be to meet new people than those who never leave their room.

●Bring a doorstop. Keep your door open when you’re in and that sends positive messages to your neighbors that you’re friendly.

So with a bit of clever planning and effort, Freshers’ Week can give you a great start to your university life and soon you’ll be passing on your experience to next year’s new recruits

  31Which of the following statements is FALSE according to the passage

      AOctober is generally the busiest month for universities

      BIt’s a good idea to have a doorstop.

      CA bit of planning can make Freshers’ Week easier.

      DThe first week of your every year at university is called Freshers’ Week.  

  32The underlined word “recruits” in the last paragraph refers to     

      Acourses  Bfreshers        Cneighbors     Dchallenges

  33We can infer from the 4th paragraph that     

  Athe newcomers usually miss the days living at home

  Bmost of the students in the UK spend three years in universities

  Cmany freshers are worried about how to fit university life

  Dall the new students will make new friends and join certain clubs

  34Why does the author suggest having wine glasses and snacks handy

  ATo pass the busy university life

  BTo help make friends with other freshers

  CTo show yourself a drinker as others

  DTo pass the time in a happy way

35The main purpose of the passage is to     

  Atell the newcomers how to make a new start in universities

  Bintroduce something about higher education system of the UK

  Cdiscuss something about the Freshers’ Week in the UK

  Dadvise the freshmen how to behave well in the beginning


1009 - e-pie - 英语练功房


To others and themselves the British have a reputation for being conservative——not in the narrow political sense, but in the sense of adherence to accepted ideas and unwilling to question them.The reputation comes partly from their 1.For 900 2 they have suffered 3 invasion nor revolution (except in 1649  4 1688) nor disastrous defeat in 5 .Their monarchy (君主政体) survives 6 serious question.Under its normal 7 political arrangements have been 8 stable that, except for the 9 interruptions in the seventeenth 10 , they have been adopted throughout 11 centuries to meet changing needs without violent 12 .Britain, in 1978, was 13 in managing without 14 written constitution; some fragmentary definitions of 1688 still 15 .There had been 16 quarrels, social and economic as well 17 political, but the quarrels had been 18 , usually 19 compromise.The underlying 20 had not been broken.


1.A.language B.future C.history D.literature
2.A.centuries B.years C.minutes D.seconds
3.A.neither B.as C.or D.either
4.A.too B.but C.or D.and
5.A.home B.study C.peace D.war
6.A.and B.without C.with D.neither
7.A.name B.people C.leadership D.enemy
8.A.so B.very C.too D.such
9.A.two B.one C.no D.couple
10.A.month B.day C.year D.century
11.A.a B.any C.the D.few
12.A.changes B.change C.altered D.changed
13.A.common B.popular C.unique D.angry
14.A.two B.a C.some D.their
15.A.survive B.surviving C.survives D.survived
16.A.bitter B.happy C.pleasant D.unhappy
17.A.for B.as C.to D.at
18.A.settling B.settles C.settle D.settled
19.A.for B.at C.to D.by
20.A.continue B.continuity C.continuous D.continued




3135 DBCBA 


需选一名词与前面的介词in构成介词短语,且这个短语在语意上要与前面的disastrous defeat相吻合。故选D可以满足这个条件。
without serious question
……领导下的表达方式是under the…leadership.
the centuries
as well as
by compromise
意为通过折衷、妥协的办法。如:We should settle our differences by compromise.我们应采取折衷的办法来解决我们之间的分歧。







had operated







13 24 梁加炀 76
13 31 林诗瑭 74
13 21 李嘉莹 74
13 4 邓慧欣 74
13 2 陈浣莹 74
13 46 叶颖彤 74
13 12 黄斌城 74
13 43 冼建梧 74
13 47 叶镇源 72
13 39 饶俊益 72
13 35 卢翠婷 72
13 40 容梓昊 72
13 6 甘露 72
13 26 梁毅 72
13 9   70
13 14   70
13 20   70
13 51   70
13 49   70
13 33   70
13 48   70
13 28   70
13 5   70
13 45   68
13 18   68
13 38   68
13 37   68
13 8   68
13 10   68
13 32   66
13 50   66
13 13   66
13 17   66
13 30   66
13 22   64
13 15   64
13 25   64
13 29   62
13 11   58
13 23    
13 3    
13 7    
13 19    
13 41    
13 16    
13 34    
13 42    
13 1    
13 平均值     69.38461538
19 41 朱嘉璐 76
19 33 谢宝儿 76
19 36 张亦诗 74
19 17 姜兆艺 72
19 23 凌安拉 72
19 40 郑玮然 72
19 6 陈静怡 72
19 21 梁颖仪 72
19 30 温淑娉 72
19 3 车梦婷 72
19 14 黄江凌 72
19 44 温萌 72
19 34   70
19 1   70
19 4   70
19 5   70
19 26   70
19 37   70
19 35   70
19 10   70
19 2   70
19 13   70
19 19   70
19 16   70
19 20   68
19 39   68
19 22   68
19 8   68
19 31   68
19 27   68
19 12   68
19 18   68
19 15   68
19 32   68
19 43   68
19 45   68
19 24   66
19 7   66
19 11   66
19 28   66
19 9   66
19 48   66
19 46   66
19 29   64
19 38   64
19 25   62
19 42   62
19 47   62
19 平均值     68.875
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