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Challenge both your English & minds





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Part 1

 The movie, which hit Chinese cinemas on Sept 20, tells the tale of a widowed (丧妻的) lawyer named Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) who is sent to a remote village in the north of England for a late client’s (客户的) affairs. There, he discovers the town’s tragic past – children die after they see a mysterious woman______ [dress]  in black. To clear things up, he decides to stay alone in an old house, which is completely cut ______ from the mainland at high tide (涨潮).

His fears grow when he sees a woman______  black looking at him from the window and hears the sound of a pony (
小马驹) and trap (轻便马车) in difficulty, followed by the screams of a young child. Kipps decides he must find a way to break the cycle of horror after his son is ______ [threat] by the mysterious woman.

And he understands fame is fleeting. “The line that has made the most______[last]  impression on me was by [US writer] William Goldman. He said something like, ‘Stars come and go, only actors last’,” he told the news website…

高考词汇  convince vt. 使相信,使信服,说服
They convinced us______  their innocence.

JAPAN’S “purchase” of the Diaoyu Islands has sparked anger among Chinese people. Protests broke out across the country, sending a strong message to the world: uthe Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

It is necessary that we do not just shout slogans (
口号) ______  can convince others with reason. Some historical facts can help explain why the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.
Japan’s claim: “In 1896, the Japanese government ‘leased (
租用)’ part of the Senkaku Islands to Tatsushiro Koga to explore for 30 years ______  free. In 1918 his son inherited (继承) it. So Japan has had actual control over the islands.”
Japan wants to prove that it has had “actual control” over the Diaoyu Islands to eventually occupy______ .



JANE Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is regarded as a literary masterpiece (杰作). I think this novel stands out because of the different lessons you learn when reading it.
The first time I looked at the book I was impressed by the complicated plot. The story centers on the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth. Darcy, a single man ______  a large fortune, fell in love with Elizabeth after______ brief meeting.

He proposed (
求婚) to her ______[ignore]  their class gap (差距). But Elizabeth refused him because she thought he was too proud. After a long time, Elizabeth finally followed her heart and accepted Darcy. I really enjoyed the story as it took me on an emotional journey.
The second time I read Pride and Prejudice, I noticed that every single character had a distinctive personality.
Take the five daughters in the Bennet family ______ example. Jane is simple and nice. Elizabeth is clever and always has her own ideas. Mary is a pedant (
书呆子). Kitty and Lydia were profligate (放荡的) girls who fancied exotic things. Their characters influence everything they do.
It taught me how important it is ______[build]  a strong personality. To some degree, this determines our future.
The third time I read Jane Austen’s book, I thought more and learned even more. I considered the novel an ______[explore]  of society at the time. Most of the marriages in the story were the result of economic needs. The marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy is the only ______[ except] . It shows Jane Austen believed true love was the foundation of a strong union.
Nowadays, houses, cars, money and well-paid jobs all play ______  part in when and whom we marry. In my mind, romance should be about forming a loving partnership ______  material wealth is indispensable (



WHATEVER the weather, rain or snow, an old man sits at the front of the alleyway (胡同) between an apartment building and a post office, fixing shoes and waiting for customers.

Xu Shifu is his name and he has reputation ______  his honesty considering the small amount of money he asks for, for his work.

One early summer afternoon, being curious about Xu’s experiences, my mom and I sat next______ his booth and asked about his family and past experiences. Xu Shifu patiently told us his life story.

Xu Shifu was born in 1956, to a poor farming family in Anhui province. He has three elder brothers and one younger sister. When Xu was young, his family lived in a shack (
小屋) built ______  hay (干草). They needed to add fresh hay to the roof almost every day in order to keep their shelter stable. Xu has never been educated. His parents died when he was young. But he never complained about life.

In 1986, Xu Shifu came to Beijing to start repairing shoes. Xu Shifu is very frugal (
节俭的). The rent for his home in Beijing is 350 yuan. Every day, he spends only 3 yuan ______  lunch. Xu earns about 1,000 yuan a month. He has saved and generously (大方地) given money to his sons. Back in his hometown, he built a two-storey house for his children, ______  cost him a lot of money.

As we were chatting, a man came to the booth to pick up his shoes, which were repaired by Xu Shifu. Xu charged only 1 yuan. “Many people tell me I am ‘stupid’,” Xu laughed, “They think I should learn to be ‘wiser’. But honesty is always the most important principle. We should charge people ______[depend]  on how much our work is worth. If you are not a speculator (
投机商), more customers come for you. So why not be honest?” His words impressed me deeply.

Xu Shifu is an ordinary person and his life is far from exciting. From him I learned that hard work and tolerance support ordinary Chinese people in their pursuit of happiness and success. I admire Xu Shifu and wish him ______  happy and healthy future.

Part 2



Dialects represent diversity between local cultures.

Huang Zhenrui: Dialects have a long history in China. They represent different local cultures and are the crystallization (
结晶) of human wisdom. Many words and expressions only exist in dialects. The more we know a language, the better understanding we have______  the past.
Cai Changyi: Like architecture (
建筑), music or painting to a nation, dialects are a kind of art. Many folk arts such as Peking Opera and Shaanxi Opera are performed in local languages. The ______[disappear]  of certain dialects will harm the development of these ancient traditions.
Shi Xiaoqing: Nowadays, more and more people, especially children, don’t speak certain dialects. Many ways of speaking are disappearing and we must take action against this. As China is a big country, it’s natural for people to speak differently. It’s a reflection of diversity and we should be proud______  that.

Ma Ruimeng: In China, there are many different dialects. Some are so complicated that even people from ______[neighbor] villages don’t understand each other very well. In modern society such language barriers should ______[overcome]  by promoting Mandarin (



EVERYONE has had awkward moments in life. But what makes you blush (脸红)?

For Britons, being late and forgetting people’s names are among the most common things ______ leave them red faced[
尴尬的场面;尴尬的面孔], reported the Daily Mail.

Tripping (
跌倒) in public and getting food______[stick]  in their teeth also humiliates (使……丢脸) people in the UK. The survey of 2,000 adults found that burping (打嗝) accidentally, stalling (熄火) a car ______ traffic lights and having food on your face are among the top 50 most embarrassing situations to find yourself in.

“The good thing about this list is that no one is immune (
免除……)…”said the spokesman of the research company. “The thing to remember from all of it is there’s no point______[take]  yourself too seriously. ”


1022 - e-pie - 英语练功房



ATTENTION, South Korean pop music fans. The dancing tune (曲调) of the moment features a guy with an invisible (隐形的) horse.

South Korean rapper PSY’s latest video Gangnam Style (
《江南style) has gone viral, with more than 200 million views worldwide since it was uploaded last month. Its popularity has raised a new dance storm called the “horse-riding” dance, which______[involve]  galloping around as if you were riding a horse.

In the video, the 34-year-old chubby (
丰满的) singer wears a tailored suit with stylish sunglasses and black bowtie. He performs the horse-riding dance in many different locations across Seoul’s posh (奢华的) Gangnam District.

His video has caused a wave of celebrities worldwide to copy him – American pop singer Britney Spears even had a personal one-on-one dancing lesson with PSY on a US famous chat show on Sept 10.
Now ready to learn the dance? First, one step with your right foot, then step with your left, and finally two more with your right. At the same time keep your fists (
拳头) loose like holding a horse’s reins (缰绳).

EUROPE is home______  a variety of cultural treasures. But if you only have a couple of days, how can you get an authentic flavor (特色) of the continent? Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide publisher, has offered pairs of cities for culture-hungry but time-poor travelers.
London and Paris
It takes you about two hours to travel from London to Paris by Eurostar, a high-speed railway service. The two capital cities have been competing for supremacy (
最高地位) in fashion, art and nightlife ______ decades – but each secretly admires the other.
No one can doubt the splendor (
宏伟) of Paris’ Louvre Museum, but if you want to save money, you cannot skip London because______[place]  like the British Museum are free to visit.
Compared with London, Paris has more outdoor attractions, such as the beautiful green walkway La Promenade Plantee (
When you stroll (
漫步) in Paris, you’ll see diners linger (逗留) over red wine. While in London, you can try some afternoon tea, eat fish and chips or ______[salt]  caramel (焦糖) cake.

1022 - e-pie - 英语练功房

Vienna and Bratislava
Austrian capital Vienna and Slovakia city Bratislava are an hour apart by train. But since they are linked by the Danube River, the best way to travel is by ship. A tour of the two cities is the perfect way to experience everything ______  17th century’s Habsburg dynasty splendor to sci-fi restaurants.
Vienna is famous for Mozart and imperial (

皇家的) palaces. You can appreciate the perfect blending of architecture and nature in the grand Scholoss Schonbrunn Palace, and reward yourself ______ a cup of Vienna coffee, which has made its way to the world’s intangible (无形的) cultural heritage list.
Bratislava is best known for its fine dining – the remarkable UFO restaurant. You can enjoy a meat-laden dinner here in an amazing ______[set] .


Turn down your music player

LIKE to listen to loud music on your headphones? Think twice before you turn up your MP3 player because scientists have just found out that headphones could be ______  bad for our ears as noise from jet engines.
As we know, sound is measured in decibels (dB,
分贝). The volume (音量) of a jet engine is about 120 dB while ______[listen]  to music with headphones could also be as high as 120 dB if the volume is turned up to the maximum (最大的) setting. And if you use ear buds, which you put directly into your ear, that can add another 6 to 9 dB to the volume, according to sciencedaily.com.
______[publish]  in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study showed that noises louder than 110 decibels can damage something in our ears called myelin sheath, which helps protect the nerves that carry sound from our ears to our brain.
The damage of myelin sheath can cause temporary (
短暂的) deafness. But the good news is that it can re-grow, ______[let] the cells function again as normal and full hearing can return, under one condition - you have to give them enough time away from the continuing loud music.

CUCUMBERS, sweet peas, grapes – what do they have______ common?
….Take cucumbers as an example. The plant grows as a straight stem (
) until it finds something to hold onto, ______ a nearby tree or a stick. That is when the stem makes small coils (卷曲) that help the plant hold the stick tightly.
How plants are able to do this has remained a mystery to scientists for years. Even Charles Darwin was interested in this question. But it is not until now ______ a Harvard research team has finally found the answer. The study was published in the journal Science earlier this month.
The key, ______ it turns out, is inside a kind of thread-like cell called “g-fiber cell”, which has the ability to shrink (
收缩) or stretch (伸展). Each stem of the cucumber plant is made up of several layers of g-fibers. Once the plant finds something to hold onto, cells on one side of the stem start to shrink, forcing the whole thing to curve (弯曲) and coil, which is a bit like how our muscles get our bodies to move.
What’s more, a cucumber’s coil is not exactly like ______ of a spring. If you look closely, you may find that a spring curves all in the same direction, but a plant’s coil curves in two opposite directions, like a telephone cord (
线). This means that the stem can stay soft when pulled gently but become stiff (坚硬的) and strong when pulled harder.



MY little brother, Ty, and I were close ______[grow]  up. We bickered (斗嘴) over stupid ustuff but we told each other everything. Or so I thought.(1)

There was nothing particularly memorable about the cold winter Arkansas day when Ty killed himself. He got home and cheerfully greeted everyone as usual. Once dinner was ready, he joined the family for barbecued chicken. I noticed then that he wasn’t talking much. But it didn’t seem like anything was wrong. I had no idea it would be the last time I’d see him.
It was nearly 8 o’clock when I heard ______ sounded like breaking glass coming from Ty’s room. My dad went to find out what had happened, then my mom checked too before dragging me into their bedroom. Dad showed up and screamed: “He’s still got a pulse (
脉搏). We’re going to the emergency room!”
All of a sudden, an ambulance arrived, and we sped off. At the hospital, Mom and I were put in a private room while my dad checked on Ty. Mom explained to me that he had tried to kill himself.
Then my dad returned and shook his head as if to say: “Ty didn’t make it.” My mom passed out. I didn’t feel any emotion. NOTHING made sense.
After Ty shot himself, my family alternated between tears and silence. I didn’t go to school for months. I went to therapy (
治疗), but I did not like talking to a stranger. My best friend was always there for me, but she never pushed me to share.
The following spring, I had to do a project for a community-service class, and I realized my topic should be suicide (
自杀) awareness. I thought if more people talked about it, maybe it wouldn’t happen to another teen. I organized a walkathon (步行马拉松). I was so comforted when I saw hundreds of people show up to support my family and other survivors who’d lost loved ones to suicide.
Being open about suicide rather than treating it like a secret felt so incredible that I started to speak ______ school assemblies (
集会). Sharing Ty’s story has helped me, and so far I’ve had two people confess that they had thoughts of suicide. I directed them______  help right away. If Ty were here, he’d be really proud of me and happy to know his life is having such a positive effect on others.(2)

















to build




















be overcome



























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