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Challenge both your English & minds





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Remember the three words when you're upset: never mind; It doesn't matter; It will be over in the end.




MANY were thinking this Olympic summer _____[give] us everything it could. But the drama didn’t end there, at least not for the host nation. On September 11, Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic of Serbia ____[win] the US Open.
His success has gone far ____a personal achievement. BBC chief sports writer Tom Fordyce writes: Murray’s history-making US Open victory was many things: one of the great finals of the modern era (
时代), a late-night thriller from the city that never sleeps, a breath-taking display of physical strength and mental fortitude (坚忍).

HARVARD is a world-class university. Some famous leaders, including American President Barack Obama, ____[graduate]  from the Ivy League school. ____ is a college that claims to teach students “integrity (诚实)”, which is ____ a recent cheating scandal (丑闻) surrounding it has come ____ a surprise.
Last month, during a take-home exam, 125 students from one course ____[be] accused of sharing answers. ____[Suspect]  cheating was found in half of the exam papers handed in.

Exam rules stated that students should not discuss answers ____ could use the Internet and textbooks. However, a lot of the answers were practically identical, leading teachers to think something was wrong.
Harvard responded to the cheating ____ two ways. They have launched an inquiry (
调查) into what happened but also asked professors to be clearer about what counts ____ “group work”. Some academic experts think cheating has become more common and the message about what is OK ____ what isn’t is no longer clear.
 Peking University will tell off a student or issue (
发放) him or her with a ____[write]  notice to go with their personal record. In more severe cases students will not be allowed ____[complete]  their degree.
 The results of Harvard’s inquiry are to be announced soon. But the news of students’ dishonesty has left people ____[wonder]  where the “integrity” that Harvard has prided itself won ____ so long has gone.


SOME children I met recently live ____ poverty but refuse to give up their dreams. They fight misery (苦难) and have faith in the future. These children are from Nairobi in Kenya, Africa.
From photos and documentaries, Africa is known as a lost land. This is true. On my first day in Kenya, the traffic chaos (
喧闹), ruined houses –as well as the ____[beg] on the street – showed the country’s poverty. However, African children’s enthusiasm reflects the hope of this land.
 Suddenly, she asked me ____ I had parents. Without thinking, I answered “yes”. I was amazed to find that the girl had no father or mother. “My classmates and I are mostly orphans (
孤儿) ,” she said, “but now I have many friends, and we are very happy ____[live]  together.”
 There are many more children like Violet. They have had miserable experiences ____  are still grateful (
感激的) for life. Although their future is tough, they march on bravely. These kids deserve (值得) our respect and love!

From then on, I decided to do all I could ____[help]  those African children. Dear readers, you can also help. Let’s change these kids’ so-called destiny (
命运) and help them have a bright future.
  If your answer is no then don’t worry because neither ____  I before I came to Australia.

These words are some much used and loved Australian slang (
俚语), ____[speak]  among families and friends in ____[relax]  situations.
Australians are ____ chilled out (
放松的) that most of them even use the slang at work too!

Barbie means BBQ, which Aussie’s love to have ____ their beaches or in their gardens throughout the summer. Snag means sausage – a vital (
重要的) food in any Australian BBQ. Sunnies are sunglasses, which are very useful with all the lovely sunshine we get in Sydney. When I arrived in Sydney, I had so much fun ____[learn]  these words with my new “mates” (friends). They taught me many different phrases, and if you come to Australia to study, people will do the same for you. 

Skateboarding (滑板), for example, originated in the US in the 1950s and was the height of fashion in the early 1960s. But its popularity went down and it wasn’t until the mid 1970s when a new, improved board design emerged, ____ young people took an interest in it again.

One sport which is all the rage in the UK at the moment is “stunt (
特技) scooting”. Young people ____ all ages, especially boys, are joining in. The scooter (滑板车) of choice is small, with a light metal frame (构架) which is fixed rather than folding, giving it extra strength. While stunt scooters cost around 100 (1,005 yuan) to buy, enthusiasts frequently spend as much again customizing (定制) their ride with wheels, bars, and brakes of various eye-catching colors. 

Directed by award-winning Hu Xuehua, the special effects-filled movie is about young people achieving their dreams ____ hard work.  

 The survey covers 140 cities, and the analysis measures factors (要素) such as stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure (基础建设).
Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia - more than 40 percent of it, is covered by trees and grass. The city is home ____ people from over 223 countries and areas. There aren’t many cars in the city. Trains, streetcars and buses make up Melbourne’s public transportation system. There are also many sporting events ____[hole]  there, such as the Tennis Open and the F1 Racing Championship.
 It is buzzing (
充满) with frontier theater shows and ____[delight] festivals. A strong smell of coffee floats gently around the city. Melbourne has been named “the coffee capital of Australia”. Coffee has long been part of the culture there ____  the Victorian era.
Its locals are coffee enthusiasts and this is mirrored in the streets. There are independent cafes ____ all sizes scattered around the ancient trolley lanes (


ONE day my 5-year-old daughter, Mini, ran to the window crying: “A Cabuliwallah (从喀布尔来的水果商贩)! A Cabuliwallah!” In the street below was a Cabuliwallah, passing slowly along. Mini called him loudly but when he looked at her she ran away ____[scar] . Shortly after this, the two became friends.

They started to hang out together, laughing and talking. Mini’s new friend would give her raisins (
葡萄干) and almonds (杏仁) , spending the little money he had ____ her.

The two of them enjoyed ____[joke]  together. The Cabuliwallah, who was called Rahmun, would say: “Well, little one, when are you going to the father-in-law’s house?” Mini did not understand this and was puzzled. Time passed, and he was not remembered. Mini grew up and we were making arrangements for her wedding. I was sitting in my study when someone entered. It was Rahmun, the Cabuliwallah, ____[release]  from prison.

Barely recognizable now, he asked to see Mini and said that all those years ago she had reminded him ____ his own daughter in Kabul. It was his belief ____ Mini was still the same. He had pictured her ____[run]  to him calling “Cabuliwallah!”. He had imagined that they would laugh and talk together. In fact, he had brought her, wrapped up in paper, a few almonds and grapes.

MORE than 2,000 years ago, when the last shovelful (一铁锹) of dirt fell on the Terracotta Warriors, it was thought ____ they would never see the sunlight again and would spend the rest of their “lives” ____[guard]  and protecting the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shihuang, who died in 210 BC.

They are now ____ display in New York at Discovery Times Square, reported The New York Times.
However, the story doesn’t end here. The roughly 2,000 soldiers found so far are estimated to be only one quarter of the total number. Moreover, scientists haven’t yet dared to touch the central tomb (
), which is believed ____[contain]  the body of the emperor himself.
 This is true. According to ancient writings, the emperor’s tomb is circled by rivers of liquid mercury (
水银) which is highly poisonous ____  can keep the body in good condition. Studies of the soil around the tomb also found a large amount of mercury. This makes exploring the tomb very dangerous. But he believes that the solution will come when science ____[advance] . Perhaps a visual robot can be sent into the tomb first to investigate and help figure out the best way to protect it.


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A competitor sabotages a company’s computer system to destroy or cripple the firm’s operational ability, thus neutralizing its competitive capability either in the private or the government sector. This computer sabotage may also be tied to an attempt by affluent investors to acquire the victim firm. With the growing reliance by firms on computers for their recordkeeping and daily operations, sabotage of their computers can result in internal havoc, after which the group interested in acquiring the firm can easily buy it at a substantially lower price. Criminal groups could also resort to sabotage if the company is a competitor of a business owned or controlled by organized crime.

2.What is the purpose of a competitor to sabotage a company’s computer?
[A]. His purpose is to destroy or weaken the firm’s operational
[B]. His purpose is to weaken firm’s competitive capability and get
[C]. His purpose is to buy the rival’s company at a relatively low
[D]. His purpose is to steal important data.

Computers are used in hospital life-support system, in laboratories, and in major surgery. Criminals could easily turn these computers into tools of devastation. By sabotaging the computer of a life-support system, criminals could kill an individual as easily as they had used a gun. By manipulating a computer, they could guide awesome tools of terror against large urban centers. Cities and nations could become hostages. Homicide could take a now form. The computer may become the hit man of the twentieth century.

4.What does the author mean by “Homicide could take a new form”?
[A]. There is no need to use a gun in killing a person.
[B]. Criminals can kill whoever they want by a computer.
[C]. The computer can replace any weapons.
[D]. The function of a computer is just like a gun.







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