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Challenge both your English & minds





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THEY dazzle (使……惊叹) with their ball skills and scoring ability, but it is their rivalry _____ has made headlines.
Who are we talking about…? Two Spanish superstar soccer players: Lionel Messi, of FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.
The pair is believed to compete _____ everything from league titles to FIFA Player of the Year awards.
And with the new season _____[kick] off in late August, the battle between Messi and Ronaldo continues.
But Messi says as far as he is concerned there is nothing personal in it. They are not friends, but not enemies _____
“I respect him, but I have no relationship with him, as I don’t with a lot of other footballers,” he told Marca, a Spanish national daily newspaper. “I have relationships with my Barcelona club mates, and with the international squad (
体育运动代表队), as well as Argentinean players who I’ve got to know well over the years.”
Messi said he had never felt any anger toward Ronaldo. “It’s all made up _____ the media, the papers, who want a duel (
争斗) between us, but I don’t compete with Cristiano, _____ can he with me,” he said.
But ESPN believes the rivalry does drive the two to ever-greater heights. According to AP, Ronaldo hit 46 goals for Real Madrid last season, only to see Messi reach 50 for Barcelona.
But soccer is a team game. One player’s performance can’t always save the day* for the club. Another even more fierce one-on-one competition is found on the tennis court – Swiss Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal of Spain.
“Had Nadal’s career not coincided (
……一致) with yours, you probably would have won another four or five French Open titles and your total tally (记录) might have been around 23 or more – have you wondered about that?” Reuters asked Federer in an interview in June.
Federer answered: “I’ve enjoyed my rivalry with him. Some losses have been tough but it makes the victories a bit sweeter as well (especially) when you do beat someone who you have lost many times against.”
The arguments _____ who is greatest may be never-ending, but for sports fans, just enjoy the rivalry and the great game they have provided us.



The reading passages in Lower English Course were designed to introduce a large number of points associated with vocabulary, grammar and construction that often cause difficulties to students. These have been retained within the structure of this edition together with the practice exercises which formed part of most chapters.
  With the introduction of a considerably modified examination however, a large part of the earlier book has been rewritten so as to ensure adequate preparation for all sections of the new syllabus(大纲
). The notes to each chapter have been condensed to essentials to allow additional material to be included together with guidance in pronunciation, special grammatical points and use of prepositions, related in each of these cases to the foregoing comprehension passage.
New sections have been added to most chapters, consisting of multiple choice questions based on the comprehension passage, a number of questions of the type that will appear on the Use of English paper and finally considerable practice in spoken English, including conventional usage, conversations, situations to be dealt with orally and discussion topics.
The Chapter on spoken English has been adapted to the new “Interview” and “play extract” reading passage with advice and examples included. Other sections deal with the new type of summary and with composition writing, though each of the proposed types of composition is presented separately as part of a chapter.
The student undertaking this course should already have a good elementary knowledge of English. When classes have as many as ten weekly lessons most of the material can be dealt with in class, but students in groups which meet for not more than 4-5 hours weekly have to do a good deal of preparation at home with class guidance and checking. A key is available separately and the material is presented clearly enough to enable a student working alone to derive considerable benefit from it.

1.Compared with the old edition, this new edition ____.
  A)adds some new sections to most chapters
B)introduces more difficulties to students
C)remains almost unchanged
D)has considerably improved the balance between theory and practice
2.According to author, this new edition has been adapted ____.
A)because a new syllabus had been introduced
B)so that the notes could be included
C)because a number of multiple choice questions had to be dealt with orally
D)and advice and examples have been condensed
3.It can be inferred from the passage that the major component of the textbook is ___.
A)additional materials
B)practice exercises
C)comprehension passages
  D)writing compositions  

4.One of the features of this textbook as mentioned in the last paragraph is that ____.
  A)its users may be beginners of the English language
B)it can be used for different course arrangements
C)only advanced learners can benefit from it
  D)its learners must spend at least 10 hours on it per week

5.The passage is most likely a part of ___.
A)a scientific paper
B)a preface
C)an interview
  D)a news article



As a child, I was very shy. I wanted to be successful, but lacked  1  . When I discovered climbing, I found something I was good at. I began to be  2  by my friends and this gave me the desire to climb  3  and higher mountains. I found that nothing was impossible if I could find the  4  to try to achieve my goals.

Both personal determination and teamwork are  5  when you climb. You need to rely on the  6  of your team and share in the achievement. But personal focus and determination to keep going despite any difficulty are also very helpful to team success.

My greatest achievement in  7  was being the first ever to reach the top of the 5,000foot Troll Wall in Norway, which has the highest and most vertical(垂直的) rock face in Europe. A stone dropped from the top of the mountain will  8  nothing until it lands on the valley floor one  9  below. So it was very adventurous.

Before our climb, the experts in Europe had said it was  10  to climb the Troll Wall. But with three companions, I decided to  11  . It took ten days to make the climb and we  12  on ledges(岩石架)no more than a foot wide when we were tired. Thankfully, we  13  .

Afterwards, I said to myself, “If I can do that, I can do anything.” Some years later, I climbed up Mount Everest-the highest mountain in the world.

Adventure to me is not just  14  a rope along the side of a mountain, but is one field where adventurous peopl e can often  15  themselves. If we look at every day as an adventure, we can test ourselves and continue to grow throughout our life. That is the final adventure.


1.A.money             B. confidence  C. purposes             D. chances

2.A.denied             B. attacked    C. recognized            D. tricked

3.A.harder             B.farther     C.smaller               D.safer

4.A.place              B.secret      C.courage              D.time

5.A.suitable           B.simple      C.equal           D.important

6.A.comfort            B.support     C.interest              D.doubt

7.A.science             B.medicine   C. climbing             D. engineering

8.A.touch              B. stop       C. pollute               D. hurt

9.A.meter              B. inch       C. centimeter            D. mile

10.A.easy              B. impossible  C. exciting              D. useful

11.A.try               B. learn       C. return               D. escape

12.A.ate               B. lived       C. rested               D. stood

13.A.worked           B. decided     C. continued            D. succeeded

14.A.bending over       B. falling off   C. hanging onto         D. leaning against

15.A.hold              B. forgive     C. punish               D. challenge














adds some new sections to most chapters
对应原文第三段第一句New sections have been added to most chapters.

because a new syllabus had been introduced
对应原文第二段第一句With the introduction of a
considerably modified examination however, a large part of the earlier book has
been rewritten so as to ensure adequate preparation for all sections of the new

comprehension passages.
第二段末尾和第三段第一句都出现了comprehension passages, 第四段出现了reading passage, 种种迹象表明: 本书的主要组成部分是阅读文章.
it can be used
for different course arrangements.
a preface,


1-5 BCACD   6-10 BCADB   11-15 ACDCD

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