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Challenge both your English & minds





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More and more students want to study in“hot”majors. 1 a result many students want to 2 their interests and study in these 3 such as foreign languages international business and law etc.

Fewer and fewer students choose scientific majors 4 maths physics and biology and art majors 5 history Chinese and philosophy.

6 students can study in these“hot”majors because the number of these“hot”majors 7 limited.

If one 8 interest in his work or study 9 can he do well I 10 this from one of my classmates.He is 11 the countryside.His parents are farmers.Though he 12 biology he chose“international business”He 13 to live a life which is different 14 of his parents.

In the end he found he 15 in doing business.He found all the subjects to be 16 . 17 this wouldn't have happened if he had chosen his major according to his own interests.

Choosing a major in university 18 decide one's whole life.Majors 19 are not“hot”today may become the“hot”major of tomorrow.

Choosing your major according to your own 20 is the best way to succeed.


1.A.Being B.For C.Having D.As

2.A.give up B.appear C.give D.master

3.A.place B.room C.areas D.space

4.A.for example B.such as C.and so on   D.as a result

5.A.even B.like C.just D.or

6.A.Only a few B.Quite a few C.Perhaps  D.Many

7.A.is B.are C.would be D.have been

8.A.had no B.had C.has no D.has

9.A.why B.and what C.how D.and how

10.A.suggested B.guessed C.searched     D.learned

11.A.out of B.off C.in D.from

12.A.studied B.likes C.learns D.succeeds to study

13.A.wants B.doesn‘t want C.enjoys     D.doesn’t like

14.A.from which B.from that C.for which D.for that

15.A.was interested B.was clever C.was not interested D.was not clever

16.A.lovely B.rare C.obvious D.tiresome

17.A.So B.Then C.Just then D.Maybe

18.A.can B.does not C.probably   D.perhaps not to

19.A.on which B.in which C.which D.——

20.A.interests B.experience C.mind      D.heartCloze




Women are also underrepresented in the administration and this is because there are so few women full professors. In 1985,Regent Beryl Milburn produced a report blasting the University of Texas System adminitration for not encouraging women.The University was rated among the lowest for the system.In a 1987 update ,Milburn recognized and commended the progress that was made and called for even more improvement.

    One of the positive results from her study was a System-wide program to inform women of available administrative jobs.

    College of Communication Associate Dean Patrica Witherspoon,said it is important that woman be flexible when it comesto relocating if they want to rise in the ranks.

    Although a woman may face a chilly climate on campus , many times in order for her to succeed , she must rise above the problems around her and concentrate on her work.

    Until women make up a greater percentage of the senior positions in the University and all academia,inequities will exist.

    "Women need to spend their energies and time doing scholarly activities that are important here at the University." Spirduso said. "If they do that will be successful in this system.If they spend their time in little groups mourning the sexual discrimination that they think exists here, they are idly wasting valuable study time."

  1.According to Spirduso,women need to ____.

  a.produce a report on sexual discrimination

  b.call for further improvement in their working conditions

  c.spend their energies and time fighting against sexual discrimination

  d.spend more time and energy doing scholarly activities

  2.From this passage ,we know that _____.

  a.there are many women full professors in the University of Texas

  b.women play an important part in adminitrating the University

  c.the weather on the campus is chilly

  d.women make up a small percentage of the senior positions in the University

  3.Which of the following statements is true?

  a.the number of women professors in the University in 1987 was greater than that of 1985

  b.the number of women professors in the University in 1987 was smaller than that of 1985

  c.the number of women professors was the same as that of 1985

  d.more and more women professors thought that sexual discrimination did exit in the University

  4.One of the positive results from Milburn's study was that _____.

  a.women were told to con centrate on teir work

  b.women were given information about available administrative jobs

  c.women were encouraged to take on all the administrative jobs in the Unversity

  d.women were encouraged to do more scholarly activities

  5. The title for this passage should be _______.

  a.The University of Texas

  b.Milburn's Report

  c.Women Professors

d.Sexual Discrimination in Academia



One day a police officer manager to get some fresh mushrooms.He was so 1 what he had bought that he offered to 2 the mushrooms with his brother officers.When their breakfast arrived the next day each officer found some mushrooms on his plate.

“Let the dog 3 a piece first”suggested one 4 officer who was afraid that the mushrooms might be poisonous.The dog seemed to 5 his mushrooms and the officers then began to eat their meal saying that the mushrooms had a very strang 6 quite pleasant taste.

An hour 7 however they were all astonished when the gardener rushed on and said 8 the dog was dead. 9 the officers jumpedsintostheir cars and rushedsintosthe nearest hospital.Pumps (泵) were used and the officers had a very 10 time getting rid of the mushrooms that 11 in their stomachs.When they 12 to the police station they sat down and started to 13 the mushroom poisoning.Each man explained the pains that he had felt and they agreed that 14 had grown worse on their 15 to the hospital.The gardener was called to tell the way 16 the poor dog had died.“Did it 17 much before death”asked one of the officers 18 very pleased that he had escaped a 19 death himself.“No”answered the gardener looker rather 20 .“It was killed the moment a car hit it.”


1.A.sure of B.careless about C.pleased with D.disappointed at

2.A.share B.grow C.wash D.cook

3.A.check B.smell C.try D.examine

4.A.frightened B.shy C.cheerful D.careful

5.A.refuse B.hate C.want D.enjoy

6.A.besides B.but C.and D.or

7.A.later B.after C.past D.over

8.A.cruelly B.curiously C.seriously     D.finally

9.A.Immediately B.Carefully C.Suddenly  D.Slowly

10.A.hard B.busy C.exciting D.unforgettable

11.A.stopped B.dropped C.settled D.remained

12.A.hurried B.drove C.went D.returned

13.A.study B.discuss C.record D.remember

14.A.this B.these C.it D.they

15.A.road B.street C.way D.direction

16.A.how B.in that C.which D.in  which

17.A.suffer B.eat C.harm D.spit

18.A.to feel B.feeling C.felt D.having felt

19.A.strange B.painful C.peaceful D.natural

20.A.happy B.interested C.surprised     D.Excited








从上文中managed to get(表示好不容易买到新鲜蘑菇),及后文offer to =express willingness to)可知此处应选C项,意为:对……感到满意(=satisfied with)。


有下文所发生的一切可知,此处应选A项,表示要与brother officers一起分享蘑菇的美味。


try a piece = try eating a piece.蘑菇的毒性是闻不出来的,故排除B项,另外可参见下文(这只狗吃了蘑菇)。




从下文“the officers then began to eat their meal”可知,这只狗enjoy eatinghis mushroom.


修饰名词taste的两个形容词之间存在转折关系,故应选but besides是介词不能连接形容词。


An hour later = After an hour表示一个小时后。






用洗胃器清除胃里的蘑菇,肯定是不好受的。Have a hard time in doing sth. = have difficulty in doing sth.


remained in their stomachs = were left in their stomachs残留在胃里的蘑菇。


Return = go back表示从医院回到警察局。






on ones way to在去某地的途中。


当先行词为way时,其定语从句引导词不用how,而应用in which.that在从句中也可表方式作状语,亦可将引导词省去。




feeling作谓语动词asked的伴随状语。to feel可作目的状语,但不用逗号;felt缺少连词and,以构成并列谓语;having left表示发生在谓语的动作之前的动作,作原因或时间状语。






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