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Challenge both your English & minds





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After spending a weekend away with my adult son . I was so impressed by his generous heart that I sent him this letter.

Dear son,

I want to thank you for teaching me a very  1  lesson in life by the great example you  2  .When we were eating at that cafe in Bondi and a person who had  3  his hamburger didn’t have enough money to pay for it, without any  4  ,you went over and put the  5  2 into his hand. When we were leaving, you also threw a five cent coin onto the pavement and said  6  like,Some kid will really enjoy  7  this.

Last week, a young man  8  me in the line at a petrol station didn’t have  9  money to pay for his petrol. I asked the money collector,How much  10  is he?She told me he had meant to put 15 of petrol in his car but he had been looking at the wrong gauge(计量表) and had put in 15 litres, which came to just over  11  .That is an easy mistake as both gauges run fast.

Something made me think of you and  12  you did that night at the cafe in Bondi. I handed the man 6.He was so  13  and said,But why would you do this for me?I just smiled as I thought of  you.

Thank you, son, for teaching me that it’s  14  to give than receive.Now when I see a fivecent coin on the  15  and want to pick it up, I think of you and leave it. there, just in case some kid will get a kick out of finding it.

Love always,




1.A.humorous      B. private    C. reasonable       D. valuable

2.A.followed       B. gave      C. set             D. took

3.A.ordered        B. booked    C. offered         D. bought

4.A.hesitation      B. doubt     C. permission       D. difficulty

5.A.other          B. last       C. extra           D. rest

6.A.nothing        B. everything    C. anything        D. something

7.A.finding        B. accepting   C. looking for      D. pointing at

8.A.behind          B. beyond    C. ahead of         D. next to

9.A.much          B. some      C. any            D. enough

10.A.far           B. long       C. short           D. high

11.A. 15        B. 20      C. 25          D. 30

12.A.what         B. which      C. whatever        D. whichever

13.A.excited       B. surprised      C. interested        D. encouraged

14.A.easier        B. better       C. faster           D. worse

15.A.corner        B. way        C. ground          D. carpet





1. _____preparations  made for the President’s official visit to three foreign countries.
A) Elaborate B) Graceful C) Royal D) Tedious

2. The doctors drew the conclusion that the young man’s blindness was ______
A) consistent B) partial C) internal D) temporary

3. In the past decades, the farms of the world have succeeded in producing enough food to feed ______all of the planet’s people.
A) relevantly B) externally C) utterly D) virtually

4.The mad man was put in the softpadded cell lest he ____ himself.
A)injure B)had injured C)injured D)would injure

5.Frequently single-parent children ____ some of the functions that the absent adult in the house would have served.
A)take off B)take after C)take in D)take on




BEIJING, Nov. 26—U.S. dollar hit another record low against the euro on Friday, with the European currency climbing above $1.32 for the first time. The green-back fell to its lowest in nearly five years against the yen the same day.

By 1943 EST, the dollar was trading at US$1.3265 per euro, compared with US$1.3270 in thin late New York trade. It was at 102.55 yen, little changed from New York after touching 102.37, a level not seen since March 2000, in London.

Japanese Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki repeated his warning against dollar weakness, threatening to take action against sudden moves, but market participants said such verbal intervention (口头干涉) had long lost its clout.

Traders were expecting market liquidity to remain thin on Friday because of the extended U.S. holiday.

In such thin trading, many said a fall in the dollar past 102 yen and US$1.33 per euro was a real possibility.

Referring to recent currency movements as “brutal”, European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet, who is the most vocal European policymaker on dollar weakness, is due to make comments in Rio de Janeiro, along with ECB council member and Spanish central bank governor Jaime Caruana.

Introduced in 1999 as the common currency for 12 European countries, the euro initially(最初) dropped against the dollar but has risen some 60 percent since hitting an all-time low of 82 U.S. cents in October 2000.


64. What does “the green-back” refer to in the first paragraph?

A. U.S. dollar                                               B. Another record

C. The euro                                           D. European currency

65. How did Sadakazu Tanigaki feel about dollar weakness?

A. Excited                 B. Puzzled           C. worried                  D. Disappointed

66. The underlined word “brutal” probably means ______.

A. cruelty                         B. help                C. criticism                 D. apology

67. According to some people, it was possible for the dollar to trade ______.

A. at 1.3265 per euro                                   B. at 1.32 per euro

C. at 1.3270 per euro                                   D. at 1.331 per euro



In his youth,Knute Axelbrod wanted to learn many languages,to know everything about human history,to  1  wise by reading great books.When he first came from Europe  2  the state of North Dakota,he worked in a mill all day  3  studied all evening.Then he met Lena Wesselius and  4  her at the age of eighteen.After that there was a farm to pay for,and there were children to  5 .For many years Axelbrod had no time to study. Finally he had a farm  6  was free from debt,with good soil and plenty of animals.But  7  then he was sixty-three years old and ready(it seemed) to die.His wife was 8 .His sons had grown  9  and gone away.His work was done.He was  10  and alone. Axelbrods daughter and  11  begged him to live with them,but he  12 .No,”he said“You must learn to be  (13 .You will come and live here  14  my  farm,and  15 will pay me four hundred dollars a year  16  the use of it,  17  I will not live here with you.I will watch you from my hill. He built himself a small house on the hill, 18 he cooked his  19 ,made his bed,and read many books from the public library.He began to feel that he was  20  free than ever before in his life.


1.A.be B.grow C.become D.turn
2.A.in B.to C.for D.at

3.A.while B.and C.whereas D.but

4.A.married B.married with C.married to D.got married

5.A.bring B.rear C.raise D.feed

6.A.it B.and C.he D.that

7.A.for B.by C.at D.from

8.A.died B.death C.dead D.deadly

9.A.over B.on C.up D.tall

10.A.free B.unneeded C.unemployed D.busy

11.A.daughter in law B.husband C.mother D.son in law
12.A.refused B.said nothing C.kep silent D.agreed

13.A.independent B.dependent C.independence D.dependence

14.A.over B.on C.in D.at

15.A.you B.someone  C.perhaps D.maybe

16.A.in B.to C.for D.by

17.A.But B.So  C.Therefore  D.Then
18.A.when B.where C.what D.that

19.A.breakfast B.supper C.meals D.dinner

20.A.more B.much C.a lot D.far



1.形容词辨析A) Elaborate“详尽的;精心计划的” an elaborate design精心的设计;B) Graceful“优美的;得体的” seek a graceful exit寻求体面的退出;C) royal“皇家的,王室的D) tedious“冗长乏味的正在为总统对三个国家的正式访问作精心准备。


2.形容词辨析D) temporary“暂时的,临时的A) consistent“一贯的,一致的B) partial“部分的;偏心的C) internal“内部的;固有的。医生得出结论:这位青年的失明是暂时的。


3.副词辨析D) virtually“几乎,差不多;实际上A) relevantly“有关地;适宜地B) externally“外部地,外表地C) utterly“完全地,彻底地”utterly ignorant of sth.全然不知。在过去几十年中,世界上的农场已成功地为这个星球上差不多所有的人生产出了足够的食品。




单亲家庭的孩子经常承担一些义务,而这些义务原本由他的父亲或母亲 履行的。本题测试动词短语辨异。四个选项的意思分别为:A.take off“拿去,取消,脱(衣,帽等)(飞机等)起飞,离开B.take after“(面貌,性格)像,模仿C.take in“接受,领会,理解,欺骗D.take on“呈现,雇佣,承担


64. A 推理判断题。前面讲的是美元贬值,所以此处的green-back应该指的是美元。

65. C 推理判断题。日本财政部长反复警告美元贬值,并威胁说要采取行动抵制突如其来的变化,由此可见他非常担心。

66. A 猜测词义题。根据上文日本财政部长的反应及下文Jean-Claude Trichet所要采取的行动可判此项正确。

67. D 细节理解题。根据第五段可知。










并且18岁时与她结了婚。此处需选择含结婚意义的谓语动词,而表示结婚可有几种表达:marry sb., be married to sb.,get married with sb.,因此只能选择A










联系上下文,此处原文意为:他的儿子都长大了,都离开了他。grow up长大,为固定短语。


















此处需一个引导定语从句的连词,由于先行词为the hill表地点,因此选择关系副词where






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