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   Some citizens told reporters that some do summer homework for students on line and those who do homework for them are mostly college students, who reveal that they are well paid by doing homework for others. The phenomenon has aroused different opinions . In many students' view, there is so much homework that they have no choice but to ask others to do it but parents strongly oppose the behaviour, saying that it will affect the children's studies. Some teachers suggest summer homework should vary from student to student, thus not only helping them a little but also lessening their study burden. Some experts believe that doing homework for others does great harm to students and that teachers should give as little homework as possible and let the students have enough rest during the summer vacation instead of regarding summer vacation as the extension of the learning semester. 




   Two brothers had a small misunderstanding at first but grew into a conflict. A carpenter who happened to look for a job make them reunited by building a bridge stretching from one side of the stream to the other.

The existence of misunderstanding is natural. People do not trust each other or know nothing about each other’s attitude and personality. Or one side subjectively thinks the other side has done something wrong. Or one side’s interests, reputation or health have been hurt by the other side. Misunderstandings thus come about.

One incident is vivid in my mind. It happened when I was in senior one . One day I found one of my favourite books missing. I asked my deskmate whether she had taken it with her since she loved to trick me. On hearing what I said, she got very angry and burst into tears. Did I misunderstand her or wrong her? Yes, the next day, another classmate sitting behind us was interested in my book and took it from my desk without my permission. Knowing the truth, I sincerely apologized to my deskmate for my wronging her. She smiled away her tears and we at last made up after the slight misunderstanding.

When misunderstandings are between us and strangers, we should find the point through frank conversations and solve it face to face. The problem will no longer exist and a modest relationship is recovered. But the most common is misunderstanding between friends, classmates or family members who provide you with the helping hand when you are in need, company you when you are depressed, bless you when you are in happiness. So, a tolerant, sincere and considerate heart is in need to bridge the gap separating you. Anyway, communication is the best way to melt the ice of misunderstanding.





1.C。下文有提示laughed at his physical appearance。同词复现。




5.B。此句的时间状语为some years ago,是时间点,因此选placed表示瞬间动词,不要受后面的keep it的影响而选了C。这叫同词干扰复现。





10.B。该句的主语是history,历史有一个功能是纪念和缅怀历史人物,因此用remember sb as比较贴切。 







语法填空 一


16.on。考介词的用法。在具体的某一时间段如on a Saturday night, on a rainy afternoon。

17.who。考从句引导词的用法,先行词An old woman, 后面的从句缺主语,因此填who。

18.Walking。考非谓语动词的用法。      现在分词做状语表示伴随。其逻辑主语是句子主语she, 且表主动。

19. her。考代词的用法。 give somebody something 因此此空填代词宾格,根据文意,填her。

20. and。考并列连词的用法。       两个动作之间填连词,这里是两个动作的先后关系,故填and。

21. what。考从句引导词的用法。表语从句缺宾语,故填what。

22. seriously。考构词法。修饰动词要用副词,故填seriously, 谨防漏写最后一个字母s,而造成拼写错误。

23. to help。考非谓语动词的用法。根据intend to do something, 打算做某事,故填动词不定式。

24. the。考冠词的用法。这里特指作者喝完可乐的那个空罐子。

25. satisfaction。考构词法,介词with后要填名词,谨防拼写错误,如satisfiction, satifaction等。

语法填空 二


26.drove  考谓语动词的用法。与前面的woke作并列谓语,应用过去式。

27.where  考关系副词的用法。where引导定语从句,修饰the countryside。

28.but   考连词的用法。根据句意,前后是转折关系,故填but。

29.After/ When 考连词的用法。此空填After/ When引导时间状语从句。

30.it   考代词的用法。指代前面提到的那件事。

31.to board 考非谓语动词的用法。It is time to do sth句型。

32.gently 考构词法。 修饰动词用副词,gently在此修饰drifted。


34.in 考介词的用法。眼含泪水用in。

35. the 考冠词的用法,填the特指这次滑行的神奇。




[文章大意] 远离家人和朋友,作者步入了大学的校园。本文讲述了她作为一名大一新生的经历和感受。

36. C。细节理解题。根据第二段“Leaving home and some of my closest friends was one of the hardest things I ever did.”可知,作者舍不得离开家和朋友。

37. D。推理判断题。根据第三段“Combining two people with different backgrounds into one room can be tough.”可知,作者认为让两个背景不同的人在同一个屋檐下相处是件困难的事情。因此可以推知,作者起初可能觉得很难和她的室友融洽相处。

38. A。细节理解题。根据第四段“I had tons of work ... But no one told me what to do or when to do it. This is very much unlike things in high school, where the teacher gives a task with a week-long deadline and step-by-step guidelines. College is very different from high school or home where rules are set and you are able to achieve things easily just by following them.”可知,在大学,学生有很多事情要做,但没有人告诉他们该怎么做,什么时候做,而在高中,只要按照老师的指导就能轻松地完成任务。因此可知,大学要求学生更加具备自我指引的能力。

39. A。推理判断题。根据最后一段“A freshman in college may experience doubts, fears and even tears but now I know that having them at first is better than not experiencing them at all.”可知,作者认为大一新生可能会经历疑惑,恐惧和流泪,但经历过这些总比根本没有经历过要好。因此可以推知,在作者看来,大一新生的恐惧感是有益处的。

40. B。细节理解题。根据第一段“At first it seemed a dream, but after a couple of weeks, I knew I was beginning a new adventure in college.”可知,作者认为在大学求学是一次探险;再根据文章最后一句“... and now I am walking fearlessly in this unknown adventure.”可知,现在作者正无畏地在这次探险中前行。因此可知,作者撰写此文时还在上大学。



41.D。 细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句So politeness can first of all be regarded as a phenomenon, an observable social phenomenon. 可得知答案。

.42. C。细节理解题。根据第二段...we should dig into the depth where different cultural values are rooted.可得知答案。

43. B。词义猜测题。根据后面ignoring the fact of the compliment paid to him.可知这里“denigrate”是“贬低”的意思。

44. C。细节理解题。根据第三段but a Chinese speaker would try to deny the truth of the compliment.以及the Chinese speaker is showing modesty by denigrating himself, ignoring the fact of the compliment paid to him. 可得知C选项正确。

45. B。作者意图题。作者只是客观地讲述了中国人和西方人的各自特点。



46. A。推理判断题。根据下文给出的例子可知,当人们边走边接电话时,他们不看别人,不与人打招呼,注意不到别人的孩子,也不停下来抚摸别人的宠物。打电话的人完全无视别人的存在。故作者“感到被冷落了”。

47. D。细节理解题。根据第三段“Every advance in communications technology limits the intimacy of human contact.”可知,通讯技术上的每一次进步都进一步阻碍了人和人之间的亲密(交流)。

48. B。细节理解题。根据第四段“As almost all possible contact among human beings gets automated, people feel lonelier.”可知,当几乎每一次人类之间的可能的沟通(机会)变得自动化时,人会感到更孤独。文中举出超市连锁店的例子也是为此给出证明。

49. C。推理判断题。根据最后一段“Giving them up isn’t a choice—they are great for what they are intended to do. It’s their unexpected consequences that make me move back.”可知,放弃先进的通讯设备对作者来说不是一个好的选择,它们本身并没有错,但是它们造成的出乎意料的结果使作者望而却步。由此可推知,作者认为先进的通讯技术是一把双刃剑。

50. C。主旨大意题。作者通过自身的经历阐述了现今通讯技术带给人们的负面影响——人和人的距离越来越远,甚至让人感到更加孤独。故这篇文章阐述对现代通讯科技的不满。




52. A。细节理解题。根据第一段They reached the finding after studying a meteorite(陨石) that had its beginnings near the Martian surface.和最后一段 It is called the Allan Hills meteorite.可得知答案。

53. B。推理判断题。根据Spacecraft orbiting Mars have shown what appear to be rivers, lakebeds and mineral deposits. These pictures suggest that, at one time, water did flow there. Mars Rover vehicles and other spacecraft have confirmed the information. 可推知。

54. B。细节理解题。根据最后一段Its name came from the place in Antarctica where it was found in 1984. 可得知答案。

55. D。这是一篇科技新闻报道。



56. B。恐龙Buddy怀着好奇心与兄弟姐妹到外面的世界去了解其他生物。随着问题的出现Buddy想要有所发现来解决他所面临的科学问题,与B中所给的信息“Young dinosaur’s travels teach kids science.”相匹配。

57. F。电影主要讲了一只宠物蜥蜴在主人车转弯时掉在沙漠上,后来遇到了母蜥蜴Beans,随着Beans来到一个完全陌生的地方。这个电影中主要角色的发展不适合小孩子理解,比较适合青少年,与F 中所给的信息“Age 13+”相匹配。

58. C。电影主要描述了小恐龙和他的伙伴们在丛林里躲避其他食肉类恐龙的袭击。他们相信团队合作。他们的家长也非常担心他们,教他们如何逃跑,与C中所给的信息“The young are trained to work together in face of danger.”相匹配。

59. A。视频包含五个故事,内容简单明了,主要讲人类与动物之间的友谊,非常适合小孩与家长一同观看,与A中所给的信息“The friendship between people and animals.”相匹配。

60. D。当许多恐龙迁徙到别的地方寻找食物的时候,一只小恐龙出生了。他的母亲为他取名为Littlefoot。一次剧烈的地震使他与最亲爱的人分开了。Littlefoot走到大峡谷与他的家人会合。观众可以看到地球气候的变化迫使恐龙迁徙到很远的地方寻找食物,同时地震、火山及其他恐龙的攻击使他们的生存变得困难,与D中所给的信息“Baby dinosaur survives the bad natural environment.”相匹配。

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