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Challenge both your English & minds





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Read & Review

 Statistics released by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, shows that the quota of Beijing hukou for graduates from other places has been reduced to 6,000 last year, a two thirds cut from the year before.

Starting from 2005, post-graduate students returning from studying overseas could become Beijingers with a certified diploma and a contract with a Beijng-based company.

oversea ['?uv?'si:] [主英国英语]=overseas

adj., adv.

certify ['s?:tifai]



Two witnesses must certify that this is your signature.


 I certify that the above information is true and I agree him/her to participate the scheme.


After 2009, students had to ensure that their stay abroad was at least 360 days. The rules said that companies recruiting the students should have at least 500,000 yuan registered capital, and a collective hukou quota with a preference for high technology jobs.


 56.     It is a pity that we should stay at home when we have ______ weather.

(A) so fine                  (B) such a fine            (C) such fine              (D) so fine a

57. There were beautiful clothes _____ in the shop windows.

(A) spread                  (B) displayed              (C) exposed               (D) located

58. Mr. Smith advised us to withdraw ______.

(A) so that to get not involved                            (C) so as not to get involved

(B) so as to get not involved                         (D) so that not to get involved

59. _____ in a seemingly endless war, the general was forced to evaluate the situation again.

(A) Since the loss of 50,000 soldiers             (C) Having lost over 50,000 soldiers

(B) Because of 50,000 soldiers having lost          (D) 50,000 soldiers were lost

60. Knowing something as a whole is far from knowing all its _____.

(A) instance                (B) character              (C) items                    (D) details

Reading Comprehension

Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

   In only two decades Asian Americans have become the fastest-growing U.S. minority (少数民族). As their children began moving up through the nation's schools, it became clear that a new class of academic achievers was emerging. Their achievements are reflected in the nation's best universities, where mathematics, science and engineering departments have taken on a decidedly Asian character. This special liking for mathematics and science is partly explained by the fact that Asian-American students who began their educations abroad arrived in the U.S. with a solid grounding in mathematics but little or no knowledge of English. They are also influenced by the promise of a good job after college. Asians feel there will be less unfair treatment in areas like mathematics and science because they will be judged more objectively. And the return on the investment in education is more immediate in something like engineering than with an arts degree.

Most Asian-American students owe their success to the influence of parents who are determined that their children take full advantage of what the American educational system has to offer. An effective measure of parental attention is homework. Asian parents spend more time with their children than American parents do, and it helps. Many researchers also believe there is something in Asian Culture that breeds success, such ideals that stress family values and emphasize education.

Both explanations for academic success worry Asian Americans because of fears that they feed a typical racial (种族的) image. Many can remember when Chinese, Japanese and Filipino immigrants (移民) were the victims of social isolation. Indeed, it was not until 1952 that laws were laid down giving all Asian immigrants the right to citizenship.

31. While making tremendous achievements at college, Asian-American students ______.

(A) feel they are mistreated because of limited knowledge of English

(B) are afraid that their academic successes bear a strong Asian character

(C) still worry about unfair treatment in society

(D) generally feel it a shame to have to depend on their parents

32. What are the major factors that determine the success of Asian Americans?

(A) A solid foundation in basic mathematics and Asian Americans?

(B) Hard work and intelligence.

(C) Parental help and a limited knowledge of English.

(D) Asian culture and the American educational system.

33. Few Asian-American students major in human sciences mainly because ______.

(A) their English is not good enough

(B) they are afraid they might meet with unfair judgement in these areas

(C) there is a wide difference between Asian and Western cultures

(D) they know little about American cultures and Western cultures

34. Why do the two "explanations" (Para. 3, Line 1) worry Asian Americans?

(A) They are afraid that they would again be isolated from American society in general.

(B) People would think that Asian students rely on their parents for success.

(C) Asian American would be a threat to other minorities.

(D) American academic achievements have taken on too strong an Asian character.

35. The author's tone in this passage is _____.

(A) sympathetic         (B) doubtful               (C) critical            (D) objective





 Read & Recite

Hospital Attack Triggers Concerns



救死扶伤的医生本应受到尊重和爱戴,可是今年来发生的一连串恶性纠纷事件却凸显出医患矛盾(doctor-patient tension)的加剧。而救死扶伤者的安全又该由谁来保障?


Nearly 1,000 medical practitioners in northeast China`s Heilongjiang Province gathered Tuesday afternoon to mourn the death of an intern killed in a hospital attack on March 23.



The memorial for Wang Hao was held at 3 p.m. at the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University in the provincial capital Harbin.


Zhou Jin, president of the hospital, said at the memorial that Wang had just before the attack received admission to study a doctorate at a Hong Kong-based medical university.哈医大附属第一医院院长周晋在追悼会上表示,王浩在遇袭前刚刚接到香港一所医科大学的博士生录取通知书。

Health Minister Chen Zhu issued a statement Tuesday, mourning the loss and calling for the murderer to be severely punished.


The incident occurred at 4:30 p.m. Friday when a patient allegedly attacked Wang and three other medical workers at the hospital with a knife.上周五,下午四点半,有人称,一名患者闯入医院,对王浩和其他三名医务人员持刀行凶。


66Having been found guilty, the man was given a severe _____ by the judge.

(A) service               (B) sentence             (C) crime               (D) crisis

67.____ is known to the world, Mark Twain is great American writer.

    (A) That                 (B) Which                (C) As                    (D) It

68. The residents, ____ had been damaged by the flood, were given help by the Red Cross.

    (A) all their homes                                 (C)all of whose homes

    (B) all whose homes                                   (D) all of their homes

 69. You can't afford to let the situation get worse. You must take ____ to put it right.

(A) decisions           (B) directions           (C) sides                  (D) steps

70. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I ____ your advice.

(A) follow                 (B) had followed    (C) would follow    (D) have followed


Part IV                            Cloze                                   (15 minutes)


Many teachers believe that the responsibilities for learning lie with the student.  71  a long reading assignment is given, instructors expect students to be familiar with the  72   in the reading even if they do not discuss it in class or take an examination. The  73  student is considered to be  74 who is motivated (激光) to learn for the sake of  75 , not the one interested only in getting high grades. Sometimes homework is returned  76  brief written comments but without a grade. Even if a grade is not given, the student is  77  for learning the material assigned. When research is   

 78 , the professor expects the student to take it actively and to complete it with  79  guidance. It is the 80  responsibility to find books, magazines, and articles in the library. Professors do not have the time to explain  81  a university library works; they expect students,  82  graduate students, to be able to exhaust the reference  83  in the library. Professors will help students who need it, but  84  that their students should not be  85  dependent on them. In the United States professors have many other duties  86  teaching, such as administrative or research work.  87  , the time that a professor can spend with student outside of class is  88  . If a student has problems with classroom work, the student should either  89  a professor during office hour  90  make an appointment.


71. (A) If                 (B) Although                       (C) Because         (D) Since

72. (A) suggestion       (B) context                         (C) abstract        (D) information

73. (A) poor                    (B) ideal                               (C) average        (D) disappointed

74. (A) such                    (B) one                                     (C) any           (D) some

75. (A) fun                (B) work                                    (C) learning        D) prize

76. (A) by               (B) in                                     (C) for               (D) with

77. (A) criticized       (B) innocent                                (C) responsible     (D) dismissed

78. (A) collected       (B) distributed                               (C) assigned        (D) finished  

79. (A) maximum        (B) minimum                           (C) possible       (D) practical 

80. (A) student's        (B) professor's                              (C) assistant's        (D) librarian's

81. (A) when                      (B) hat                                        (C) why                (D) how

82. (A) particularly    (B) essentially                               (C) obviously        (D) rarely

83. (A) selections     (B) collections                                (C) sources           (D) origins     

84. (A) hate                 (B)dislike                                (C) like                (D) Prefer

85. (A) too                (B)such                                    (C) much             (D) more

86. (A) but                     (B)except                                       (C) with             (D) besides

87. (A) However        (B)Therefore                                 (C) Furthermore   (D) Nevertheless

88. (A) plentiful         (B)limited                                 (C) irregular        (D) flexible

89. (A) greet                (B) annoy                                 (C) approach       (D) attach

90. (A) or                            (B) and                                       (C) to                    (D) but





66. B   67. C   68. C   69. D   70. B

71. A   72. D   73. B   74. B   75. C   76. D   77. C   78. C   79. B   80. A

81. D   82. A   83. C   84. D   85. A   86. D   87. B   88. B   89. C   90. A

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