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Challenge both your English & minds





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We all have our own life to pursue and our own kind of dream to be weaving (编织), as long as we keep believing.

By Louisa May Alcott

(American novelist, 1832 – 1888)



I blame that _______ me singing to girls back in high school,” Mars joked.

The Hawaiian singer-songwriter had a long road to success. Mars _______[ sing] in his dads band since the age of two. At the age of four, he was already known as Little Elvis for impersonating (模仿) late American superstar Elvis Presley.

But this alone would not have ensured his success. When Mars moved to Los Angeles at 17 _______[ further] pursue his musical career, he had to prove himself by producing and writing songs for others before he was able to appear _______ stage.

For years I _______[ get] rejected and rejected and rejected. I was frustrated, waiting around to work with producers and writers,” Mars said in an interview with stltoday.com. “Then I said, ‘I can do that. I don’t need anybody else,’ so I started writing and producing [my own] tracks (唱片).

His hard work has finally paid_______. Now Mars is a regular guest at awards ceremonies. At the 39th American Music Awards in November, Mars beat Canadian teenage singer Justin Bieber and won the Favorite Male Artist (pop/rock) award. He has received six nominations for the upcoming 54th Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for his debut (初次登场) album Doo-Wops & Hooligans.

Mars attributed his success_______ his earlier experience in Los Angeles. It opened my eyes, he said. I was able to learn so much before putting out my first album. I got to work with other artists, and it _______[lay] the groundwork (基础) for me to be ready and put some real songs together.”




vt. 确保,保证

They took steps to ensure the _______[safe] of the passengers.


vt. 归因于

His doctor attributes his health problems to _______ poor diet.

The poverty trap



Critics say that wealth is_______[ increase] concentrated in the hands of the richest Americans. A report by the Congressional (国会的) Budget Office in October said that after-tax income for the top 1 percent of US households ballooned 275 percent _______ 1979 and 2007. The gain for the bottom one fifth was only 18 percent.

The Wells Fargo study found that while all income groups are better off than they were in the late 1970s, the income gap between the ultra-rich (超级富裕的) and the rest of society has _______[wide] dramatically.

The picture was brighter for the middle classes, _______ ability to climb improved between 1980 and 2009. Despite several recessions (衰退) they have held onto stock market profits and continue to benefit from superior education, which often leads to higher-paid jobs.

However, the percentage of lower-income people who moved up the economic ladder slowed _______[sharp] from 1980 to 2009, compared with the previous dozen years. “Those at the lower end of the income distribution are_______[ current] stuck between a rock and a hard place,” the authors wrote.

The report suggests that globalization is partly to blame, as an _______[increase] supply of workers from abroad is driving down wages and job opportunities for those at the bottom of the ladder.?

The college graduation gap between rich and poor has also grown over the past few decades, _______[make] it harder for lower-income students to climb up the economic ladder.

Economic experts point to the fact that modern jobs require high levels of technical knowledge, which in turn need years of expensive education.

The chance for upward mobility from the bottom without a college degree is extremely limited, said Erin Currier, project manager at Pew. There is a significant wage premium (加码) for having a college degree.

The report authors said that while government aid for lower-income workers could fuel greater economic mobility, dealing with the root cause of inequality in childhood would be a better solution. Broader access to _______[afford] education, better nutrition, and more stable and interactive childcare experiences are critically (关键地) important to _______[help] lower-income workers dig themselves out of poverty, the report said.

Financial literacy (学识) also is important for all income groups. The report said that lower-income workers would especially benefit from better education about potential tax breaks and personal finance.


THE time between when you first start primary school until the day you finish the college entrance exam is equal to 12 years of hard work and days and days of reading. It is almost impossible to protect your eyes from  _______[ overuse].


JOE Chadbourne loves going to the movies. He sits in front of the television for hours _______[watch] sports games. He attends sporting events at Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio, and is in his second year competing for his swim team, the Falcons.

Joe Chadbourne, a 17-year-old junior, _______[be] blind since birth. But he never let his disability set his limits.

When Chadbourne decided to join the swim team, his parents were quite worried. “I thought it was crazy at first,” said his mother, Therese Chadbourne. “Since he got into it, he has been so dedicated. His teammates, the coaches, the teachers, everybody has been so _______[support]. It turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”

The feeling is mutual (彼此的).

He probably won’t want to be considered an inspiration, but he is,” Firestone swimming coach Cindy Virdo said. “I know he’s an inspiration to me.”

Once, when Chadbourne was absent for some reason, Virdo had the other students swim the length of the pool underwater with their eyes closed.

It was very weird (奇怪的), said one team member, Mark Belanger. Youve got to know where the wall is going to be based on the number of kicks you did underwater.

They were struggling,” Virdo said. “Imagine what he goes through every single day and he has no fear. He gets out there and does it. No complaints, no fear.”

To let Chadbourne know when he’s nearing the wall and it’s time to turn, Virdo uses what she called the “Joey Stick”, a broom handle with a tennis ball duct-taped on.

When he does flip turns, either freestyle or backstroke, we’ll tap him,” Virdo said. “He caught on quickly. He has that trust in us _______ when we tap him, he’ll do his turn, push off and go.”



_______ many food festivals in other places in the world, the Macao Food Festival showcases (展示) a variety of food from around the world in just one place. Every year, numerous local people and tourists from all over the world flock (聚集) to the food festival to enjoy cuisines (佳肴) that are usually unavailable. Pasta (意大利面食), Indian pancakes, Korean kimchi (泡菜) no matter _______ you want to eat, as long as you can name it, you are likely to find it at the festival!

My favorite delicacy (美食) is the sashimi (生鱼片) roll, which was offered by a newcomer this year, the Japanese Village. Even watching sashimi _______[ make] was a feast for the eyes. Japanese chefs wearing their traditional kimonos (和服) skillfully sliced fillets (鱼片) of salmon (鲑鱼), tuna (金枪鱼) and snapper (啮鱼) into pieces, then chopped them into small cubes before finally rolling them with crispy (脆的) seaweed. Super yummy, as I told one of the chefs after I tasted a piece!

_______ made the Japanese Village even more distinctive (与众不同的) is that the money it collected at the festival will be used to help Japanese people to recover from the recent nuclear disaster there. Isnt_______ amazing to eat great things and accomplish something great at the same time?



Two Christmas traditions have come under attack in recent years from environmentalists: Christmas cards and Christmas trees.


Paper cards are seen as wasteful and, for some people, going card-free is another way of going green. They also argue that in a world of e-mail, Skype, Facebook and Twitter, people are in touch all the time anyway; they no longer need the _______[year] card that connects them with long lost friends. If you want to send Christmas greetings, there are free e-cards, which get the job _______[do] with no postage (邮费) or wasted paper.

However, especially for people who didn’t grow up with e-mail, there is something missing from a Christmas e-mail. The first Christmas cards appeared in London in 1843 and were designed by the same man who_______[ introduce] the world’s first postage stamp three years earlier. His name was Sir Henry Cole.

They rose in _______[popular] throughout the 20th century. Many people sent cards that were sold for charity. The most famous of these are the ones sold for UNICEF. In the UK this year, in the three weeks before Christmas, the post office expects to handle 100 million cards every day. Environmental awareness also means that nowadays many people recycle their cards; this helps raise money to plant more trees, as well as recreating more paper.

When we think of trees at Christmas, there is one that immediately springs (跃入) to mind the evergreen tree that people decorate with ornaments and place their presents under. The custom_______[ date] back almost a thousand years to Germany. Nowadays 33 to 36 million Christmas trees are produced in America and 50 to 60 million in Europe each year. Some trees are sold live_______ roots and soil so people can plant them later and reuse them next year.

Some people prefer artificial (人造的) trees as they are reusable and much cheaper than their_______[ nature] alternative. However, environmentalists point out that they are made from petroleum (石油) products and so have many contamination (污染) issues.



Like many  _______[American], I came to Beijing with the  _______[mistake] idea that noodles were a simple food.

My upbringing (成长) didnt offer me much contact with noodles. We ate potatoes at almost every meal, but noodles were rare.

When we did have noodles, they were simply a convenience food accessed by a can opener. The  _______[can] product in no way prepared me for the fact that noodles are the signature (标志性) dish of many cultures around the world.

Like many things in their long history, the Chinese have raised noodle-making  _______ an art form with the hand-pulled noodle.



WASPS (黄蜂) buzzing, stinging (蛰人的) insects or socially aware members of the animal kingdom? According to a recent study, the polistes fuscatus (纸巢蜂), also known _______ the golden paper wasp, can recognize the faces of other members of its species the same way _______ humans can recognize other humans.


Scientists used to believe that insects brains were too small and unsophisticated (不发达的) to recognize individuals, as it involves _______[process] a lot of information. But polistes fuscatus have highly developed visual recognition abilities and can remember the distinctive facial markings of other wasps, according to a study published on December 1 in the journal Science.



Therese moved in with Charlie during a bad time in both their lives. Charlies wife had just died, Therese was at the end of a painful divorce, and money was tight. They were as miserable (不幸的) as any two people could be. But they decided to sit together for a few minutes each morning before Therese headed off _______[work] and tell each other three things they were grateful _______ in their lives.

Try _______[do] the gratitude exercise yourself. Every night before you go to sleep, list five things that you’re grateful for that day, and notice how you feel when you wake up the next morning. A grateful heart can send your happiness level soaring.?








1. Our teachers always tell us to believe in ______ we do and who we are if we want to succeed. (2011年四川卷)

A. why B. how C. what D. which

2. When the news came ______ the war broke out, he decided to serve in the army. (2011年辽宁卷)

A. since B. which C. that D. because

3. Im afraid hes more of a talker than a doer, which is ______ he never finishes anything. (2011年山东卷)

A. that B. when C. where D. why

4. There is clear evidence ______ the most difficult feeling of all to interpret is bodily pain. (2011年上海卷)

A. what B. if C. how D. that

5. It is not always easy for the public to see ______ use a new invention can be of to human life. (2011年重庆卷)

A. whose B. what C. which D. that

6. Weve offered her the job, but I dont know ______ shell accept it. (2011年山东卷)

A. where B. what C. whether D. which

7. The shocking news made me realize ______ terrible problems we would face. (2011年北京卷)

A. what B. how C. that D. why

8. The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of ______ others actually understand. (2011年上海卷)

A. why B. that C. which D. what

9. His writing is so confusing that its difficult to make out ______ it is he is trying to express. (2011年安徽卷)

A. that B. how C. who D. what

10. Id like to start my own business thats ______ Id do if I had the money. (2011年陕西卷)

A. why B. when C. which D. what

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