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Challenge both your English & minds





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第三篇:Companionship of Books 以书为伴(节选)

Companionship of Books

A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps; for there is a companionship of books as well as of men; and one should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men.↘↗


A good book may be among the best of friends. It is the same today that it always was, and it will never change. It is the most patient and cheerful of companions. It does not turn its back(抛弃) upon us in times of adversity(逆境; 窘境) or distress(悲痛; 不幸). It always receives us with the same kindness; amusing(有趣)and instructing(教导) us in youth, and comforting令人欣慰的 and consoling安慰, 慰问)us in age.


Men often discover their affinity类同, 喜好) to each other by the mutual love they have for a book just as two persons sometimes discover a friendby the admiration ?dm?'re??n赞美which both entertain(招待; 款待)for a third. There is an old proverb谚语, 箴言), ‘Love me, love my dog.” But there is more wisdom in this:” Love me, love my book.” The book is a truer and higher bond of union. Men can think, feel, and sympathize同情with each other through their favorite author. They live in him together, and he in them.(他们住在他在一起,他在其中。)


A good book is often the best urn(瓮, 骨灰瓮)of a life enshrining(铭记)the best that life could think out; for the worldof a man’s life is, for the most part, but the world of his thoughts. Thus the best books are treasuries of good words, the golden thoughts, which, remembered and cherished, become our constant companions and comforters.(最好的书是金玉良言的宝库,这些黄金的想法,其中,怀念和珍视,就会成为我们忠实的伴侣和慰藉)


Books possess an essence of immortality(书籍具有不朽的本质). They are by far the most lasting products of human effort(它们是迄今人类活动的最持久的成果). Temples and statues decay(寺庙和雕像腐烂), but books‖survive. Time is of no account with great thoughts, which are as fresh today as when they first passed through their author’s minds, ages ago. What was then said and thought still speaks to us as vividly(生动地; 鲜明地)as ever from the printed page(他们当时的言论和思想仍然对我们说话生动如初从书页中). The only effect of time have been to sift out the bad products; for nothing in literature can long survive  but what is really good(时间惟一的作用已筛选出不良产品;的作品,只有真正的好的才能长久生存).


Books introduce us into the best society s?'sa??t?; they bring us into the presence of the greatest minds that have ever lived(他们带入了有史以来最伟大的心灵面前). We hear what they said and did; we see them as if they were really alive; we sympathize with them, enjoy with them, grievegr??v悲伤; 哀悼)with them; their experience becomes ours, and we feel as if we were in a measure actors with them in the scenes which they describe.(我们觉得如果我们与他们在衡量行为者他们所描绘的场面)


The great and good do not die, even in this world. Embalmed in books, their spirits walk abroad(书的防腐处理使他们的精神四海)。. The book is a living voice. It is an intellect to which one still listens.(书是一个活的声音。这是一个智慧至今仍在聆听)


·第四篇:If I Rest,I Rust 如果我休息,我就会生锈

If I Rest, I Rust


The significant inscription(重要的碑铭) found on an old key---“If I rest, I rust”---would be an excellent motto for those who are afflicted(折磨)with the slightest bit of idleness(懒惰; 安逸). Even the most industrious(勤勉的; 刻苦的)person might adopt it with advantage to serve as a reminder that, if one allows his faculties to rest, like the iron in the unused key, they will soon show signs of rust and, ultimately, cannot do the work required of them.(即使是最勤奋的人都会接受并利用它作为一个警示:如果一个人有才能而不用,就像废弃钥匙上的铁一样,这些才能就会很快生锈,最后,他们无法完成被要求的工作)


Those who would attain the heights reached and kept by great men must keep their faculties polished by constant use, so that they may unlock the doors of knowledge(使他们可以开启知识的大门), the gate that guard the entrances to the professions, to science, art, literature, agriculture---every department of human endeavor. (大门把守入口,专业,科学,艺术,文学,农业 - 各部门的人的努力)


Industry keeps bright the key that opens the treasury of achievement(勤奋使明亮的钥匙开启成功宝库). If Hugh Miller, after toiling all day in a quarry, had devoted his evenings to rest and recreation, he would never have become a famous geologist(如果休米勒在采石场劳作后整天,晚上的时光都献给休息和娱乐,他就不会成为著名的地质学家).

The celebrated mathematician, Edmund Stone, would never have published a mathematical dictionary, never have found the key to science of mathematics, (著名数学家爱德蒙斯通,就不会出版数学词典,也不会发现开启数学之门的钥匙)

if he had given his spare moments to idleness, had the little Scotch lad, Ferguson, allowed the busy brain to go to sleep while he tended sheep on the hillside

instead of calculating(计算; 预测)the position of the stars by a string of beads, he would never have become a famous astronomer. (小苏格兰青年弗格森,如果他闲暇时无所事事,让忙碌的大脑去睡觉时,他倾向于在山坡上放羊,而不是计算星星的一串珠子位置,他就不会成为著名的天文学家)


Labor vanquishes(打败, 克服)all---not inconstant, spasmodic spas·mod·ic, or ill-directed labor; but faithful, unremitting, daily effort toward a well-directed purpose. Just as truly as eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, so is eternal industry the price of noble and enduring success.

















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