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Challenge both your English & minds





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1217 - e-pie - 英语练功房

Doctor Dolphin

1217 - e-pie - 英语练功房


Dolphin-assisted therapy for children with mental disabilities has made a splash in the West, and China is now riding the experimental tide. Shi Yingying and Erik Nilsson examine the impact these marine mammals have on the children they come into contact with. 


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 Messi, nicknamed “The Flea (跳蚤)” for his amazing ability to dribble (带球) through defenders, actually went through ______ tough time to hone (培养) his skills.
Being shorter than the average
______[high]  for a teenage boy, he was miserable (痛苦的) and not very confident.
 “You’ve two options,” Pep Guardiola, Messi’s coach at the time, recalled saying at Goal.com. “Either you keep on partying, and you’ll be out of here in days.
______ you start eating properly, quit the alcohol, go to bed early and come to practice on time. Only then might you become the best in the world.”
 Messi is still one of the tiniest
______[play] in the league. But he has become lightning quick and has learned to play ______ patience.
 JEREMY Lin, Amy Chua – author of Tiger Mother – and Gary Locke (
骆家辉)… What links these people? It is not their profession as Lin is a basketball player, Chua a writer and Locke a ______[politics] . However, they ______ have something in common: they are all successful Asian Americans.
Asian Americans, defined
______ Americans of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese descent (后裔), are taking the US by storm.
 How are people reacting to this new social group and how do they fit into American society? The Wall Street Journal compared Asian Americans with Jews.
______[Refer]  to some top American schools, reporter Lee Siegel wrote: “Today, some of these schools stand accused of discrimination (歧视) against Asian-American students who, according to recent studies, must score higher than ______[white]  on standardized (标准化的) tests to vwin a ______[gold]  ticket of admission.”
 However, one thing is for sure: this successful social group is growing in importance. “They (Asian Americans) are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country,” said the Pew report. They are becoming more
______[influence]  because of their determination. Jeremy Lin put it well in a video of congratulations for the large number of Asian American graduates of New York City’s famed Stuyvesant High School: “Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do.”


HURRICANE Sandy landed on the US east coast on Oct 29. It is one of the biggest storms ever______[hit]  the country. By the afternoon of Nov1 (Beijing time), it has claimed over 70 lives, bringing damaging winds, flooding and heavy snowfall.

The monster storm
______[strength] not only by warm and wet air from the ocean, but also by cold and dry air ______[come]  from the northwest. It swept through several big cities, such as New York, Washington and Philadelphia. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have cancelled their presidential campaign events for the time being.

The storm will end up
______[cause]  about $30 billion (187 billion yuan) to $50 billion worth of damage, making it one of the costliest (损失最惨重的) natural disasters ______ record in the US, according to IHS Global Insight, a forecasting firm.

Sandy is now
______[refer] to as Frankenstorm (怪物风暴) due to its huge power and the severe damage it has caused. It killed 69 people in the Caribbean before making its way up the Eastern Seaboard.


TO apply for universities in the US, a decent SAT score is the first requirement. But a new report shows that Chinese students are not doing well in SAT tests.
 A lack of critical thinking among Chinese students is blamed for the poor performance, said some critics. But according to Li He,
______ researcher at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the report tells us that the US examination system doesn’t fit Chinese students. Students in the two countries have different ways of thinking due to different cultural backgrounds and education systems, Beijing Morning News reported.

SAT is the US college entrance test. It includes three sections – math, critical reading and writing –
______ a total score of 2,400.

Chinese students going overseas are getting younger. The US, UK, Canada and Australia are the most popular
______[destination]  for Chinese high school students, China Daily reported.

EUROPEANS prefer to kiss each other ______ the cheek, buddies like to fist bump, and teenagers go in for the hug. But nothing beats a good solid handshake when it comes to ______[greet]  someone. According to The Atlantic, people who are friendly and ______[invite] are regarded “more competent (有能力的), interesting, and trustworthy”.

No one knows
______ the handshake originated (起源) but shaking someone’s right hand used to be a sign ______ you were not carrying a weapon.

It’s probably the simplest gesture, but never overlook the importance of a firm handshake. Researcher Florin Dolcos told The Huffington Post: “Not a very long time ago you could get a loan based on a handshake. So it conveys something very important.”

And psychologist Sanda Dolcos believed the simple gesture could do more than display
______[friendly]  and trust.

“Many of our social interactions may go wrong for one reason or another, and a simple handshake preceding (
先于) them can give us a boost (帮助) and reduce the negative impact of possible misunderstandings,” he told the Daily Mail.

Handshaking has become a globally
______[recognize] greeting. Next time you meet someone from another culture, you don’t have to hesitate. “When in doubt, go for a handshake,” suggested The Atlantic.


YOU may not pay much attention to your daily elevator ride. Many of us use a lift several times during the day without really thinking about it. But Lee Gray, PhD, of the University of North Carolina, US, has made it his business to examine this overlooked form of public transport. He is known_____  the “Elevator Guy”.

“The lift becomes this interesting social space
_____ etiquette (礼仪) is sort of odd (奇怪的),” Gray told the BBC. “They [elevators] are socially very interesting but often very awkward places.”

We walk in and usually turn around to face the door. If someone else comes in, we may have to move. And here, according to Gray, lift users unthinkingly go through a set pattern of movements. He told the BBC what he had observed.

He explained that when you are the only one inside a lift, you can do whatever you want – it’s your own little box.

If there are two of you, you go into different corners, standing diagonally (
对角线地) across from each other _____[creat] distance.

_____  third person enters, you will unconsciously form a triangle. And when there is a fourth person it becomes a square, _____ someone in every corner. A fifth person is probably going to have to stand in the middle.
 “You don’t have enough space,” Professor Babette Renneberg, a clinical psychologist at the Free University of Berlin, told the BBC. “Usually when we meet other people we have about an arm’s
_____[long] of distance _____ us. And that’s not possible in most elevators.”
This is the desperate situation
_____[face]  by Pi, a 16-year-old Indian teenager, who is the main character in Ang Lee’s new movie Life of Pi (《少年派的奇幻漂流》). The film, based on a book, will come out in cinemas in China on Nov 22.
 Pi’s story is an adventurous one. He lives in a town in southern India. When Pi was younger, his father ran a zoo, and having grown up with animals, Pi knows how to keep them
_____ control. However, after the financial crisis (危机), Pi’s comfortable life comes_____ an end. His father closes the zoo and moves the family to Canada. The family and many of the animals board a ship for their trip. Unfortunately, the ship is hit by a fierce storm and sinks (沉没). When the air clears, the only survivors sharing space on a small lifeboat are Pi, a zebra, a hyena (鬣狗), a gorilla, and the most dangerous of all – a huge tiger. The first week in the boat is horrific (恐怖的), because the animals are battling for survival. Pi trembles (颤抖) with fear and manages to avoid being part of the food chain. Eventually, just the tiger and he are left.

The rest of the movie focuses on his 227-day experience at sea. He realizes that his only hope for survival is to keep the tiger happy. Although he lives
_____ constant terror, Pi manages to provide the tiger _____ fish, turtles and fresh water. Pi spends most of his time in despair (绝望), yet he refuses to give up and die. Instead, he *lives by his wits (智慧) and determination.

YOU’VE probably grown accustomed to _____[text]  in the glow (光亮) of a mobile phone screen. Well, there’s some good and bad news coming for those of you who spend hours _____[speed] tapping messages to one another.

The good news is that the hours you spend face-to-phone are paying
_____. You may have become fluent in a second language.
 “Techspeak”, as Sundar and his research partner Drew P. Cingel call it, has become so prevalent (
普遍的) among young users_____ it’s changing their foundation of basic grammar.

“Routine use of textual (
原文的) adaptations by current and future generations of 13-to-17-year-olds may serve to create the impression that this is normal and accepted use of the language,” they said in their published_____[find] .

_____ seems teenagers are unable to “code (代码) switch” – shift _____ standard grammar and the abbreviations (缩写) used in text messages, Sundar said. These abbreviations have become the real words for them now.

OUR school turned 110 years old in October! All of the students were thrilled to be celebrating the birthday of a place that has given us so many amazing memories.

On Oct 5, the day my school was opened, a grand (
盛大的) ceremony and lots of other activities were held_____  campus. My classmates and I were lucky enough to take part in the fun.

We welcomed successful alumni (
校友) back and got to know the glorious (辉煌的) history of our school. We felt so proud to be part of the celebrations and were confident that in the future, our school would be proud of us too!
 Sang Rong (hostess of the celebration gala (
晚会)): I am glad I got to host the gala. I rehearsed (预演) _____ the mirror over and over again in preparation, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. My heart was beating fast before I went_____  stage. Seeing the guests and alumni_____[seat] quietly below the stage, I decided to show them “the good voice of our school”. The audience appreciated my performance, which made me feel very happy.

Ji Junchen (student journalist): My task was to write special reports for our school newspaper. I interviewed many outstanding alumni, who impressed me with their love for the school and devotion
_____ their work. But what impressed me the most was a senior schoolmate, who is widely known as a successful businessman. He is disabled but doesn’t let this slow him down. Instead he has started a company, hiring many other _____[disable] people. He deserves to get a special mention.

SIX years ago, aged 35, I was struck by a romantic impulse (冲动) like a scene from the movie Romeo and Juliet. I fell in love _____ a cello (大提琴).
Riding home on the bus one snowy night, studying Mozart’s C-Major Quintet (
莫扎特的《C大调五重奏》), I felt the page burst into music in my hands and suddenly all five parts blossomed in harmony in my head. The fellow across the aisle stared. I met his glance _____ tears. Could he hear it too? No. He got off at the next stop.
_____ the years went by my daughter learned the piano. My goal was that she and I would one day perform together. I wanted to play in public _____ and for my peers, and to be secretly envied. I still play and perform, but it is not the same now. When I heard the cello before it seemed beautiful and easy to me. Now, as the TV camera pushes in close to a famous cellist’s face, I recognize that smile as a cover for serious determination. I pick up my cello, screw (调节) tight the hairs of the bow and begin drawing. As good as I wanted to be, I am as good as I’m going to get and that is good enough.
















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