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Challenge both your English & minds





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NOT many teenagers are able to live their dreams outside the classroom, especially a Senior 3 student. Chen Xiang, 17, says he wants to do something exciting _____[mark] his high school years – holding a Spring Festival Gala specially to entertain those his age.

The teenager from Guangzhou Railway No 1 Middle School is now quickly assembling (
召集) his core team. This year he does not want to fall asleep with boredom, _____[watch] the CCTV’s gala.
….“I hope our voices will _____[hear]  through a nationwide variety show,” he said. “There will be 16 programs, which last about two hours _____ total.”

A couple of teenage stars have been _____ the guest list to perform and share, such as Xu Jiao, the film star in CJ7, and You Haoran of Home With Kids.
…In fact Chen had a test gala last year. The 13-program gala was a hit after it was uploaded to the Internet via ku6.com. However, it had plenty to improve on due to poor management and a lack of resources..
“This year’s gala will be _____ success, with so much_____[learn] from my last experience,” he said.
JULIAN Assange, 40, is famous for his creation of the WikiLeaks, a website full of secret information. But what was the man like as a teenager?
A new biopic (
名人传记片), Underground: The Julian Assange Story on Oct 7, may satisfy your curiosity. Before he was famous as the _____[found]  of the website WikiLeaks and even before the World Wide Web even existed, he was actually a teenage computer hacker (黑客) in Melbourne, Australia.
At present, Assange has been named as one of the world’s most _____[want] men by the US since the website has disclosed (
泄露) plenty of secret files about the country. He has been detained (拘禁) without charge for 670 days, facing rape (强奸罪) and other allegations (起诉) in Sweden. In May, he lost his appeal to British courts against extradition (引渡) to Sweden and in June he went to the Embassy of Ecuador (厄瓜多尔大使馆) in London, _____ granted him asylum (避难所) in August.
Earlier during the UN meeting, WikiLeaks published a document which shows the US Military referring to Julian Assange as the “enemy” with the “victims (
受害者)” being society.

TRAFFIC jams can be _____ big headache for drivers in many big cities. But in the US state of California, they are soon to be a thing of the past.
Last month, the governor Edmund Brown signed a bill, _____[allow] testing of Google’s self-driving cars on the road. It is hoped that the future-thinking vehicles will be able to drive on public streets in five years _____ less.
The cars have radars (
雷达) on the front, video cameras _____[aim]  at the _____[surround]  area and various other sensors (感应器). The tools can also manage traffic flow by maintaining a constant speed and even help reduce the necessary gap _____ vehicles. It also means that the motor can also be used by people who are usually unable to drive, such as those _____ disabilities.
Google has already been testing the cars on the road in Nevada, western American. The state passed a law last year authorizing (
授权) driverless vehicles, but _____ Nevada and California require the cars to have a human behind the wheel.


IN the past the thought of traveling _____ the Arctic seemed a far-off dream. But as the region is melting _____ a frightening speed with its ice cover _____[hit]  a milestone (里程碑) low last month, the Arctic may be possible to pass through in the future.

The Chinese icebreaker, named Xuelong or Snow Dragon, has just finished a round trip between the Pacific and the Atlantic via the Arctic Ocean.

The vessel (
船只), _____ a 119-member team aboard, returned to Shanghai on Sept 27 after it wrapped up (结束) a three-month mission, _____[cover]  34,300km. It was the country’s fifth Arctic expedition and the first Chinese icebreaker to make a high-latitude (高海拔的) voyage across the Arctic Ocean, according to the Polar Research Institute of China.

“It’s the longest Arctic expedition we’ve ever had
in terms of _____ sailing time and distance,” Chen Hongxia, a professor who participated in the voyage, told China Daily.

According to the institute, Xuelong has gained “first-hand information about navigation in Arctic sea lanes (
航线) as well as the oceanic environment, and the trip will be useful for our nation’s future ships that use Arctic passages.”

Xuelong began its journey in Qingdao on July 2 after it _____[complete]  the country’s 28th Antarctic expedition in 163 days.
 The Northwest Passage has been increasingly tested globally as a shipping route. However, it has not yet become a reliable commercial path, but has been limited mainly _____ military (
军事的) explorers and researchers.



IF a person _____[become]  homeless at 15, _____[survive]  by _____[beg] and stealing, can he or she go on to fulfill (完成) their dreams? Liz Murray, the main character in the film Homeless to Harvard (《风雨哈佛路》) which is based on a true story, did just that. She went to the most prestigious (有名望的) university in the world after growing up on the streets.

_____[Bring]  up by loving but drug-addicted parents, Liz Murray lived a miserable (
悲惨的) life of poverty. After her mother died of AIDS and her father went to jail (监狱) she became homeless. The misfortune (不幸) drove her to decide she didn’t want to replay her parents’ tragedy and she went back to school.
Liz studied so hard that she earned her high school diploma (
文凭) in just two years. She got _____ New York Times scholarship and this enabled her to attend Harvard University.
Apart from the_____[fascinate] plot, the music in the film fits so perfectly that it brings tears _____ people’s eyes. The story is told in the first person, which makes viewers feel as if they are the girl themselves, listening to her experiences and sharing her love, fear, sadness and excitement. The performances by Thora Birch who plays Liz Murray and other leading characters are fantastic.
It is one of the most compelling (
引起兴趣的) movies I have ever seen. Liz is truly _____ inspiration to people who have lost their way and feel they have nowhere to go. She never gives up. It is her strong mental power_____  leads her to succeed. Homeless to Harvard shows audiences the power of perseverance (坚持不懈), conveying the message that where there is life, there is hope. It is so touching and inspiring that it is really _____ must see for people of all ages.


DURING the Christmas holidays I usually go to Scotland. My dad loves the mountains, lakes, and nature. So every year we visit the north of Scotland. However, last year we wanted some warm weather, so we went to Morocco_____.
I must stress that
traveling is not as expensive as you may think. There are many budget airlines that offer deals throughout the year, so if you book _____ advance going abroad is sometimes cheaper than traveling within a country.

In the lead up to[
做准备] the Christmas holidays, we had typical British weather. There were weeks of grey, dull skies and not one day of sun. But  _____ our first morning in Morocco, the deep blue sky seemed endless and the sun blazed (照耀) down with a light wind  _____ the air. How refreshing it was to be awake at last.

We stayed in Marrakech, _____ city that excites your senses. Sights, smells, tastes and sounds filled the air. The city was alive from morning till night; there was a never-ending buzz (
喧闹声) from the street vendors (小贩) and snake charmers. The alleyways (小巷) that snaked out from the central square were like mazes made up of lanterns (灯笼) and spices (香料). The night was full of rich, fiery colors.

We traveled to many places around the city. We went to the base of the Atlas Mountains to see the cascades (
瀑布), and we went to the seaside at Essaouira. Morocco is an amazing country with so much  _____[offer] in terms of landscape (风景), culture and food.

On the subject of food, oh it was tasty!
Kebabs (烤肉串), olives, oranges, breads – there are so many things for you to choose  _____. Morocco is famous for its mint tea too. The tea is sweet and strong with a powerful scent (味道). We indulged (沉醉于) in such delights morning, afternoon and night.

It was my first trip to North Africa. It is very much a region of the world that draws you in. The culture is so different _____ that of Europe, but there are many similarities _____ Asia. Morocco is an interesting fusion (
融合) of traditions and values that challenge previous perceptions (认知).


SARAH came running in saying, “Look what I found.” Over the top of the paper I was reading I saw a long object that made me jump. It was a piece of snakeskin that had been shed (脱皮) by one of our garden snakes.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” said my wide-eyed 7-year-old daughter.
I stared at the organic wrapper and thought _____ myself that it really was not that beautiful, but I did not want to disappoint Sarah. Everything children see _____ the first time is elementary to their sense of beauty and creativity. They see only merit (
优点) and excellence in the world.
“Why does it do this?” Sarah asked.
I like to teach my children that there is something else going on besides _____ they see in front of them. “Snakes shed their skin because they need to renew themselves,” I explained.
“Why do they need to renew themselves?” Sarah asked.
“We often need to shed our skins, those
coatings that we cover ourselves with,” I said to my now _____[absorb]  daughter. “We outgrow some things and find other stuff unnecessary. This snake no longer needs this skin. It is probably too old for him, and he probably doesn’t think he looks as smart in it as he once _____. Like buying a new suit.”
Of course, I’m sure this explanation will not sit well with naturalists. But Sarah was getting the point. As we talked, I knew that she began to understand, that
renewal is part of progress; that we need to take a good look at ourselves, and our rooms and schoolwork and creativity, and see what we need to keep and what we need to cast off. I was careful to point out that this is a natural process, not one to _____[force].
“Snakes don’t peel off their skin when they feel like it,” I explained. “It happens as part of their growth.”
“I see, Dad,” said Sarah. She then jumped off my lap, grabbed the snakeskin, and ran off.
I hoped she would remember this. Often,
in order to find our real selves underneath the layers of community and culture we are cloaked (掩饰) in year _____ year, we need to start examining these layers. We need to gently peel some away, as we recognize them to be _____[worth] , unnecessary, or flawed (有缺陷的); or at best, remember the things we discard (丢弃) to teach us how we can improve.





SOCCER is a huge part of the British identity. _____  wouldn’t take long for someone visiting the country to realize just how ingrained (根深蒂固的) into our culture it has become.

It certainly goes beyond the 90 minutes _____[play]  
on the pitch. Many fans are hugely dedicated _____ their teams and refuse to miss a single match, _____ they’re attending the match live, or just watching it on TV.

Soccer is typically a male-oriented sport, but my grandmother has always been a huge fan and could probably outdo most men when it comes to soccer knowledge.

When I was younger, she would take me to many matches on the weekends. She’s a huge supporter of her hometown team of Norwich and used to have season tickets. I remember how enthusiastic she was _____[cheer]  for her favorite team, and even now she refuses to miss a single game on the TV.

My friends often talk about their favorite soccer teams. When I first began my time at high school, many kids asked me which team I supported. Once you support a soccer team, you are expected to know everything about it, and I was often asked who my favorite players were and what my ideal team lineup (
阵容) would be.

This is not unusual, and discussing sports is a very common way for people to make new friends.

However there’s also a lot of rivalry (
对立) _____ supporters and unfortunately the soccer culture in the UK can sometimes be a negative one. Rivalry between teams is huge and some fans can be aggressive and abusive (满嘴恶言的) both during and outside of matches. The rest of the time, however, it’s a sport that is celebrated nationwide, bringing people and generations () together.


THEY say that the US is a country  _____ wheels. Paul Ingrassia, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, declared that automobiles in the US are “like pets with wheels” in his new book Engines of Change.
The US boasts (
拥有) the largest number of cars in the world. He believes automobiles have created “the middle class, the suburbs (郊区), shopping malls, McDonald’s, drive-through banking and other things beloved of the modern-day philistines (平庸之人)”.
“These cars had a definitive (
决定性的) impact on  _____ we live and think as people even today,” he added.
With 94 million, China has the second largest number of cars. So how does this influence our lives?


FEEL like you have too much to do but not enough time to do it? It could be because you are doing things when your body isn’t ready for them.
“When the body’s clock can synchronize (
……同步) in response to light and other natural stimuli (刺激因素), it speeds things up in our daily life,” says Steve Kay, a professor at the University of Southern California, US.

Cognitive (
与认知有关的) work, for example – which involves learning and understanding things – should better _____[do] in the late morning. This is because our body temperature starts rising just before we wake up. _____ it continues to increase, our memory, alertness (机敏) and concentration all improve gradually and reach their peak in the late morning.

But our alertness and ability to focus starts to slide after eating a meal and this is _____ we are more easily distracted from noon to 4 pm.

When it comes to _____[do]  creative work, you may be surprised to know that we do it best when we are tired, because fatigue (
疲劳) allows the mind to wander more freely and explore possible solutions. This is why, for most people, a problem that requires creative thinking is often best tackled in the evening.

As for the best time to exercise, it would be from about 3 pm to 6 pm. That is when our lungs and muscles perform best. Our hand-eye coordination (
协调性) also peaks in the late afternoon, making that a good time for table tennis or frisbee.




to mark


be heard






















had completed




















 to offer



with/ to 皆可






 be forced













be done





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