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Challenge both your English & minds





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TWO teams have long ruled the world of soccer. They are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Fans watched ______ excitement as the two Spanish sides’ top players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, competed for La Liga’s top goal scorer trophy (奖杯).
He proved his doubters wrong and became an instant hit. Atletico won the Europa cup ______ the help of Falcao, who scored an astonishing 29 goals in the competition.
 His appetite ______ goals has already made Atletico one man’s team. Falcao has scored 47 goals since his arrival.
 Falcao was born ______ a soccer family. His father, Radamel Garcia played in Columbia as a defender. Garcia named his son ______ famous Colombian soccer player – Paulo Roberto Falcao.

BY 2025, the current developing world will be home______ 29 megacities, according to the latest UN estimates.
For example, it may cause serious drainage (
下水道) problems, which could ______[danger]  drinking water supplies.

MANY supermarket items have words like “green” and “eco-friendly” ______[print]  on them, but what does this mean? Customers often have no clue______  these products are better for the environment.
A new rule in the US aims to change all this. ______[Start]  from Oct 1, companies cannot just use broad terms such as “eco-friendly” to market their goods. They need to give details and proof (
证据) as well, according to new Green Guides issued by the Federal Trade Commission, a US consumer protection agency. Uncivilized behavior is becoming a real embarrassment for China______ overseas tourism continues to increase. According to the latest 2012 LivingSocial survey, Chinese tourists were ranked second behind US citizens in a global poll of the worst travelers.
“Indeed, we are not considerate enough,” said Yao Xuwen, 17, an exchange student at Har-Ber High School in the US. During her flight to the US, a Chinese man ______[sit]  in front of Yao tilted (
倾斜) back his chair. No room was left for her but despite her requests, the man refused to move.
To act as a more sensible (
文明的) traveler abroad, Yao suggested______[research]  local customs in advance. For example, she was told that US citizens care a lot about table manners. Yao has been trying to eat quietly in the US so she doesn’t disturb others at her school.
Xie Shiyi: I’m an only child and I don’t want any siblings (
兄弟姐妹). To be honest, I want my parents to think of me ______ their only treasure. This way I can get their full love and attention. As a result I will get the best education and grow up in a good environment. Fan Xiaoying: I think my parents made a wise decision to have only one child. Children ______ siblings sometimes struggle to find their own identity. As an only child, I have to face difficulties and make choices alone. I’m also eager to get in touch with others. I have learned to be more confident and independent.
Gao Jiacheng: I’m dying to have a sister! When I feel blue, she could comfort me. We would share our happiness and sorrow. This is something I cannot do with my parents. Furthermore, if your parents show you too much love and attention you get ______[spoil]  and become lazy and selfish.
Zhou Jie: I’m an only child but I always dream of having an elder brother. He would be able to help and protect me, and this would put my parents’ minds at ease. Just imagine how hard it must be to have a child. You would worry about them a great deal. Having another child can be ______ great comfort.
I teach English at all levels from beginners to ______[advance] . My classes usually start with a fun activity to get everyone thinking.
 Finally, at the end of the day, we talk about how to live and work in Australia. We discuss the problems, such as how to understand different accents, new words and how to find jobs and make new friends. ______ there are any issues we help each other, offering advice and support.
General English also offers ______[special]  pronunciation classes to improve your accent. We also offer special grammar and conversation classes, as well as a movie club! Do you enjoy watching American movies? You can also come on excursions (
游览) with us – to the Opera House, the beach, the zoo or even to a museum. Where do you want to go in Sydney?

 THE clock reads 11:30 pm. While many students are tucked up (
蜷曲) in bed, Xiao Xiaorong, 17, from Fujian, is still ______ doing her homework. She yawns (打呵欠) and stretches but is determined to continue until the stroke (钟声) of midnight. Since Senior 3, late night study has become a bit of a habit for Xiao.
She is not alone. Every night, thousands of Senior 3 students across China do the same. They are all preparing for the national college entrance examinations.
“It’s quite normal,” Xiao said. She believes that most students will put a lot of time into their work this year. “If I don’t do so, I will fall ______,” Xiao said.

“I also find I study more efficiently (
高效地) at night,” she continued. “The ______[quiet]  calms me down and helps me think.”

This study method does not suit everyone. Zhang Jingfu, 18, from Fujian, thinks it is not a good way to work______ the long term. Zhang once stayed up until 1 am reciting English words. When he came to school______  next day, he had forgotten most of what he had learned. “What’s more, I really wanted to sleep that day and couldn’t concentrate in class,” Zhang said. “From then on, I never tried ______[study]  overnight again.”
Tian Jianliang, an ______[experience]  teacher from Wuhan No 23 High School said he understands some students want to catch up by studying overnight, but it can have the opposite effect. He explained that as the college entrance examinations are all held in the daytime, students who are used to studying overnight might not be in a good state. “The loss outweighs (
超过) the gain,” he concluded.





WITH a single glance, he knows everything about you. From looking at your haircut and shoe size, he can tell your life story. Seemingly small ______[detail]  allow him to *crack codes, solve mysteries and make sense out of the impossible. “Smart is the new sexy,” said a ______[wit]  female character in the BBC series. We are drawn to Holmes because he’s just so clever. But this alone cannot explain his appeal, according to John Gray, a UK political scholar, writing for the BBC.
Holmes uses the power of his intellect (
才智) to solve mysteries. He uses reason and the science of deduction (推理) to explain ______[case] .
But it is not just these methods ______ make Holmes so successful in his investigations; rather, it is his intuition (
Holmes notices things other people don’t, and using his imagination, he comes up ______ theories that he then tests one by one.
His detective methods are as interesting as his personality. Holmes has a little bit of gloom (
忧郁) that makes him ______[strange]  attractive.
However, Holmes is more than a detective. He is also a hero who wants justice (
正义) to win ______ the end. On more than one occasion he ignores laws ______ they seem unfair. He is ready to go against authority if he feels the need to uphold (坚持) his sense of ______ is right.
 NOT washing your hands after using a public restroom is disgusting, especially when you eat ______ touch your face afterward. But the chart ______ the right shows that in the US only 70 percent of people wash their hands after using the bathroom. Some people never even wash their hands.
Hand washing is the ______[easy]  way to keep germs (
病菌) away. Scientists say you should always rinse with soap and water after using the restroom, coughing or sneezing, handling ill people, touching animals or cooking with raw meat.

MY father ______[play]  the violin lights up any room. To him, it is an instrument of faith, hope and charity. My mother used to joke: “Your papa would play his violin if the world was about to blow up.”
Once Dad came about as close______  that as could ever be possible.
In the early ______[year]  of the 20th century, the boll weevil (
棉籽象鼻虫) began destroying cotton farms in Southern USA.
In May 1910, folks all over the nation were talking about Halley’s Comet (
哈雷彗星). There were all sorts of frightening stories about it, the main one ______[be]  that the world would pass through its tail, ______[say]  to be millions of miles long.
Between threats of the comet and weevils, the farmers were running low on optimism. One night, they gathered at our farm to discuss what to do. Will Bowen, a local man, suggested: “Charley, how about giving us a little music?”
“I don’t think anybody’d want to hear me tonight,” Dad replied.
“Come on, Mr Nordyke,” one of the younger women urged. “Play for us!”
Dad had a knack (
诀窍) for getting people in the mood for his music. He played church songs, and then shifted ______ war songs. By the time he ______[finish]  performing, people were stamping their feet, ______[clap]  their hands and yelling (大叫).
All of our neighbors went home______[whistle] . Very few remembered to look to see whether the comet was still around.
Another evening, Will Bowen called Dad on the telephone and said: “Charley, I’m downhearted and blue. Could you play a tune ______ two for me down the phone?”
Dad handed the receiver to me and then set off playing the songs he had performed that night. I could hear Mr Bowen whistling and yelling.
By the time the tune was finished there were half a dozen  They talked about how wonderful the music sounded over
wneighbors on the line. the telephone. They made numerous requests; I relayed them ______ Dad and he played.
Our broadcasts became regular features of community life. When the weather was bad in winter and farmers were forced to remain in the house, someone would ring us and ask Dad to play. Usually it developed into a network affair. Our phone kept ringing with ______[request]  for music until radio came into fashion.



















a   / of可以吗?





















when/ if










to /into

had finished







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