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Challenge both your English & minds





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Tales of the supernatural are common in all ______[places/ parts] of Britain. In particular, there was (and perhaps still is) a belief in fairies(仙女). Not all of these fairies are the friendly, people-loving characters that appear in Disney films, and in some folktales they are cruel  and cause much human ______[suffer]. This is true in the tales about the Changeling. These tell the story of a mother ______ baby grows sick  and pale and has changed so much that it is almost ______[recognize ] to the parents. It was then feared  that the fairies had come and stolen the baby away and ______[ covered /changed /replaced / terrified]] the human baby with a fairy Changeling. There were many ways to prevent this _______ happening: hanging a knife over the babys head while he slept or covering him _____ some of his fathers clothes were just two of the _______[recommend] methods. However, hope was not lost even if the baby _______[steal]. In those cases there was often a way to get the real baby back. You could ______ [seize / burn / place / hold]the Changeling on the fire--then it would rise up the chimney, and you would hear the _______ of fairies laughter and soon after you would find your own child safe and sound nearby.




After the birth of my second child, I got a job at a restaurant. _______[work] with an experienced   ______[wait ] for a few days. I was   allowed _______[wait] tables on my own. All went well that first week. When Saturday night came, I was luckily given the tables not far from the kitchen.   However , I still felt it a little hard ______[carry] the heavy trays(托盘).
 Before I knew it, the ______[ kitchen / street /restaurant  /table] was full of people. I moved slowly, ______[mind]every step. I remember how   happy I was when I saw the tray stand near the tables; it looked different from the one I was
[ fixed /trained/ loaded /waited]on. It had nice handles, which ______ it  easier to move around. I was pleased with everything and began to  believe I was a natural at this job.


 At first his   message did not get across. What was he talking about! Then, I got it. I had set my trays on his wifes orthopedic walker(助步器). I stood _____[freeze] as ice, but my face was  on fire . I wanted to get into a hole and______.





In the ______[deep]depths of my memory many things I did with my father still live. These things come to represent in fact what I call joy and love.
I don’t remember my father ever getting into a swimming tool. But he did love the water. Any kind of boat ride seemed to give him pleasure. But he loved to fish; sometimes he took me along.
But I never really liked being on the water the way my father did. I liked being in the water moving through it _______ it all around me. I was not a strong swimmer or ______ who learned to swim early for I had my fears. But I loved being in the swimming pool close to my father’s office and spending those summer days with my father who would come by
on a break. I needed him to see what I could do. My father would stand there ______ his suit the only person not in swimsuit.
After swimming I would go inside his office and sit on the wooden chair in front of his big desk _______ he let me play with anything I found in his top desk drawer. Sometimes if I was left alone at his desk while he worked in the lab an assistant or a student might come in and tell me perhaps I shouldn’t be
playing with his office things. _______ my father always showed up and said easily “Oh no it’s fine.” Sometimes he handed me coins and told me to get myself an ice cream…
A poet once said “We look at life once in childhood; the ______ is memory.” And I think it is not only what we “look at once in childhood” that determines our memories but whose in that childhood look at us.



When I entered Berkeley I hoped to earn a scholarship. Having been a Straight-A student I believed I could _____tough subjects and really learn something. One such course was World Literature given by Professor Jayne. I was extremely interested in the ideas he presented in class.

When I took the first exam I was shocked to find ______ 77 C-plus ______ my test paper 4 English was my best subject. I went to Professor Jayne who listened to my arguments but remained_______[unchanged/ unpleasant/ unfriendly/unmoved].


One more test before the final exam. One more chance to improve my grade. So I redoubled my efforts and for the first time learned the meaning of the word “thorough”. But my effort did no good and everything _______[stayed/ went/ worked/ changed] as before.


I stopped working hard. I felt I knew the course material as well as I ever would. The night before the final I even______myself to a movie. The next day I decided for once I’d have______[fun /luck/ problems/tricks]with a test.

A week later I was surprised to find I got an A. I hurried into Professor Jayne’s office. He 17 to be expecting me. “If I gave you the As you 18 you wouldn’t continue to work as hard.”

I stared at him realizing that his analysis and strategy (策略) were correct. I had worked my head _______ as I had never done before.

I was speechless when my course grade arrived: A-plus. It was the only A-plus given. The next year I received my scholarship. I’ve always remembered Professor Jayne’s lesson: you alone must set your own standard of excellence.





“This Friday we’ll have the yearly Egg Drop Challenge,” said our science teacher, Mr. Baker.

“You can work alone or with a partner.”

My friend, Cassie, and I smiled ______ each other. We always worked on projects together.


“I have a brilliant design for our egg container!” I said when Cassie arrived. “We can protect the egg with some butter cream.

“Why not put the egg in a basket with a parachute(降落伞) ______ [followed / covered/ attached/ supported ]?” Cassie rolled her eyes.” The parachute is better than that stupid idea.”

I couldn’t believe it. Of course we’d had our little ______ [ideas / fights / worries /challenges] in the past, but she’d never called any of my ideas “stupid” before.

“Then I’ll build mine and you build ______!”

______ words had been out, our friendship was challenged.

When Friday finally arrived, I had to admit Cassie’s Egg Force One looked pretty good.

______[Therefore / Anyway / Otherwise/ Besides], my Egg-cellent Egg Cream didn’t look quite scientific. We kids carried our containers up three stadium steps and dropped them over the side wall. Those ______ eggs broke were out.


After four rounds, only Cassie and I were ______[remained /kept /left/chosen]. I let go of my box. I heard someone say “ew” after seconds. Had my egg broken? I raced down the ______[steps/ way/ wall/ sidewalk ]. The sidewalk was ______[dot] with egg shell(蛋壳) from those ______[fail] drops. Finally I found my little Egg-cellent Egg Cream.

“That looks like egg drop soup, Laura,” Cassie said. She was holding her Egg Force One. My ______[eyes/ hands /feet/ heart]  raced. Had she won? I looked at her basket. ___Empty___.

“My egg bounced ___out___,” she explained, pointing to a broken shell.

“A tie(平局),” Mr Baker said.

Cassie looked at me, and her glare _______[returned / remained/ increased/ softened]. I laughed. She smiled…



What do say to ______[join] us for dinner?

I make _____ a rule to go out for a walk towards evening.

He gets very angry, and _____ good reason.

If as usual, he must have come already ,but the weather _____[be]so bad, he may be well late.

He owes his success ______ your efforts.



Traditional wisdom has it that slow and careful work yields perfect results. But nowadays many companies force workers to finish their tasks as fast as they can, even by lengthening the working hours. As is shown in the picture, workers in a construction site have to keep on working until midnight.

       Such a practice is very harmful. First, it cannot ensure the quality of the project. Overworking makes workers feel exhausted, some of whom might be absent-minded and fail to fulfill their tasks with adequate energy. Second, workers are not provided with satisfying working conditions. In the picture we find no lights or other facilities for lighting, and the workers work by the moonlight and thus are very likely to have accident. Thirdly, it goes against China’s Labor Code which prohibits employers from forcing workers to work more than eight hours per day without overtime pay.

       Therefore, we have every reason to take immediate measures against this negative practice. The government should strictly enforce the Labor Code, as well as take workers’ rights into serious consideration. Working conditions should also be improved so as to prevent workers’ getting physical injuries or harm. Only by these means can we avoid producing poor-quality products and maintain worker health.












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