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Challenge both your English & minds





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Additional steps will be taken in the second half of the year ______[ encourage ]more companies to issue bonds[债券], he said.

More than 30,000 drivers and front seat passengers are killed _______seriously injured each year. At the speed of only 30 miles per hour it is the same as falling from a third-floor windows. Wearing a seat belt saves lives; it reduces your chance of death or serious injury _______ more than half.

The day we looked forward to _______[ come] at last. 

It is a case of the grass not _____[be]any greener on the other side.

I ______[ hope/ insist/ wish/ expect] that he work out the problem himself.  

—Excuse me for coming in without _______[ask].  That’s all right .

A room made of stone is ______[ comfortable] to live in than _______ made of wood.

The police had the pictures _____[large] in an attempt to identify the thief.

We recalled old days _____we studied and played together _____ the supper.

The new President is not ______[compete] to carry out economic reform.

He was at the bottom of South America _____ things went wrong.

Listening to music ______[able] us to feel relaxed.  听音乐能使我们放松。

His life takes an unexpected _____[beginning, move, end, turn]when he buys a universal remote to control his TV and stereo. The remote turns out to be much more universal than he _____[imagined/expected].*

We will do all we can _____[assist]you in pulling through.

Did you tell Julia about the result?----- Oh , no , I forgot . I _____[call]her now.

All plants need space to grow. So I don’t think _____space _____these young trees is sufficient.

A man calling _____Robert called you when you were out.

He seems to be foolish, but in fact he is _____[anything/something/everything]but a fool.

The old tower in the center of the newly-built shops _____[measure] more than four hundred meters _____height.

She was always treating him _____ ice cream.

He called me about 10 times a day, five of _____ were to talk about the actress.

I _____[was about to/was going to/was to / will]leave the house when it began to rain cats and dogs.


151. On no account can we ignore the value of knowledge.


  152. It is time the authorities concerned took proper steps to solve the traffic problems.


  153. Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished.


154. Since the examination is around the corner, I am compelled to give up doing sports.



92.(1)I wrote him a letter and suggested ______ the meeting _______.


A. to put / away B. to put / off C. putting / off D. putting / away


(2)The suggesting that John ______ at once is very good.


A. should start B. must start C. started D. starts


93.(1)It is suggested that students at school ______.


A. would not smoke B. don’t smoke C. not smoke D. smoking


(2)They gave us a suggestion that we _______ English harder than before.


A. studied B. should study C. would study D. studies


94.(1)The headmaster ______, there have been sixty people on the ground.


(2)Fifteen persons were present, _____ the chairman.


A. being including B. included C. includes D. including


Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

Normally a student must attend a certain number of courses in order to graduate, and each course which he ______[attend] gives him a credit which he may count towards a degree. In many American universities the total work for a degree consists of thirty-six courses each  ______[last] for one semester. A typical course consists of three classes per week for fifteen weeks; while attending a university a student will probably attend four or five courses during each semester. Normally a student would expect to take four years attending two semesters each year. It is possible to spread the period of work for the degree over a longer period. It is also possible for a student to move between  ______ university and another during his degree course, ______ this is not in fact done as a regular practice.

For every course that he follows a student is given a grade, which is recorded, and the record is available for the student to show to prospective employers. All this imposes a constant pressure and strain of work, but in spite of this some students still find time for great activity in student affairs. Elections to positions in student organizations arouse much enthusiasm. The effective word of maintaining discipline is usually performed by students who advise the academic authorities. Any student who is thought to have broken the rules, for example, by cheating ______[have] to appear before a student court. With the enormous numbers of students, the operation of the system does involve a certain amount of activity. A student who has held one of these positions of authority is much respected and it will be  ______ benefit to him later in his career.

26.   Normally a student would at least attend ________ classes each week.

A) 36

B) 20

C) 12

D) 15

27.   According to the first paragraph an American student is allowed ________.

A) to live in a different university

B) to take a particular course in a different university

C) to live at home and drive to classes

D) to get two degrees from two different universities

28.   American university students are usually under pressure of work because ________.

A) their academic performance will affect their future careers

B) they are heavily involved in student affairs

C) they have to observe university discipline

D) they want to run for positions of authority

29.   Some students are enthusiastic for positions in student organizations probably because ________.

A) they hate the constant pressure strain of their study

B) they will then be able to stay longer in the university

C) such positions help them get better jobs

D) such positions are usually well paid

30.   The student organizations seem, to be effective in ________.

A) dealing with the academic affairs of the university

B) ensuring that the students observe university regulations

C) evaluating students’ performance by bringing them before a court

D) keeping up the students’ enthusiasm for social activities


The cartoon presents a hen singing proudly about her promise of producing good-quality eggs. However, a quick glance at her words reveals ironically that the so-called “promise”—round eggs composed of the three necessary parts of shell, white and yolk—is, as a matter of fact, what a hen is supposed to produce.

  The hen mirrors a phenomenon that permeates our society, that is, businesses utilize the basic features of their products and services as the selling points for their advertisement campaigns. These “beautiful promises” tend to shape a false impression in the consumers’ mind that the products and services are _______ extraordinary characteristics. In this sense, the promise of one’s own responsibility is like a method of cheating, and is quite _______ professional morals, although there is no evidence of dishonesty if the words are examined literally.

  In my point of view, other than promising _______ one should do, the secret for business success is to have the consumers understand what extra advantages they would _______[provide] with. Such an initiative can push businesses to conduct profound research, dedicate themselves to innovation, and concentrate on quality improvement and perfection, thus leading to healthy industry development and positive social effects. Consequently, businesses themselves are surely to benefit more _______ a wholesome market environment.









Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

Do you find getting up in the morning so difficult that it’s painful? This might be called laziness, but Dr. Kleitman has a new explanation. He has proved that everyone has a daily energy cycle.

During the hours when you labor through your work you may say that you’re “hot”. That’s true. The time of day when you feel most energetic is when your cycle of body temperature is at its peak. For some people the peak comes during the afternoon. For others it comes in the afternoon or evening. No one has discovered why this is so, but it leads to such familiar monologues (自言自语) as: “Get up, John! You’ll be late for work again!” The possible explanation to the trouble is that John is at his temperature-and-energy peak in the evening. Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives realize what these energy cycles mean, and which cycle each member of the family has. You can’t change your energy cycle, but you can learn to make your life fit it better. Habit can help, Dr. Kleitman believes. Maybe you’re sleepy in the evening but feel you must stay up late anyway. Counteract (对抗) your cycle to some extent by habitually staying up later than you want to. If our energy is low in the morning but you have an important job to do early in the day, rise before your usual hour. This won’t change your cycle, but you’ll get up steam (鼓起干劲) and work better at your low point.

Get off to a slow start which saves your energy. Get up with a leisurely yawn and stretch. Sit on the edge of the bed a minute before putting your feet on the floor. Avoid the troublesome search for clean clothes by laying them out the night before. Whenever possible, do routine work in the afternoon and save tasks requiring more energy or concentration for your sharper hours.

31.   If a person finds getting up early a problem, most probably ________.

A) he is a lazy person

B) he refuses to follow his own energy cycle

C) he is not sure when his energy is low

D) he is at his peak in the afternoon or eveningD

32.   Which of the following may lead to family quarrels according to the passage?

A) Unawareness of energy cycles.

B) Familiar monologues.

C) A change in a family member’s energy cycle.

D) Attempts to control the energy cycle of other family members.A

33.   If one wants to work more efficiently at his low point in the morning, he should ________.

A) change his energy cycle

B) overcome his laziness

C) get up earlier than usual

D) go to bed earlierC

34.   You are advised to rise with a yawn and stretch because it will ________.

A) help to keep your energy for the day’s work

B) help you to control your temper early in the day

C) enable you to concentrate on your routine work

D) keep your energy cycle under control all dayA

35.   Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

A) Getting off to work wit a minimum effort helps save one’s energy.

B) Dr. Kleitman explains why people reach their peaks at different hours of day.

C) Habit helps a person adapt to his own energy cycle.

D) Children have energy cycles, too.B



92.CA 93.CB 94.BD











26.  C

27.  B

28.  A

29.  C

30.  B





be provided



31.  D

32.  A

33.  C

34.  A

35.  B


A man calling _____Robert called you when you were out.

Catherine bought a postcard of the place she was visiting, addressed _____ to_____[her] and then posted it at the nearby _____office.

The climate of Beijing is not so damp as _____of Shanghai.

He seems to be foolish, but in fact he is _____[anything/something/everything]but a fool.

He can’t even support himself though he is working hard ,not to mention _____[help others.

The old tower in the center of the newly-built shops _____[measure] more than four hundred meters _____height.

I am sure he can _____[cure/treat]you of you disease.

She was always treating him _____ ice cream.

Is there a certain cure _____ cancer yet?

She treats me _____ one of the family.

She saw what _____ good time Eric was having.

He called me about 10 times a day, five of _____ were to talk about the actress.

If you _____[warn]me of the danger before doing the experiment, I wouldn’t have made the mistake. Now it is no use _____[cry] over the spilt milk.

I _____[was about to/was going to/was to / will]leave the house when it began to rain cats and dogs.

I assure you my actions will correspond _____my words.




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