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Challenge both your English & minds





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132. Although modern science and technology have proved that such methods are absurd, there are still millions of people _______[use] such methods in many remote places nowadays.


  133. In the second place, many values of traditional technology are out of date and should ________[replace] by modern science.


  134. Although many people tend to live under the illusion that traditional technology and methods are still playing extremely important role in people's life, an increasing evidences show that it is less useful __________ many people think.




76.(1)It was such a good film ______ I saw it yesterday.


(2)Don’t talk about such things _______ you don’t understand.


A. which B. that C. as to D. as


77.(1)Have you paid for these books?Yes, Ive ________ 20 _______ them.


(2)I’ll ______ you back.


A. pay B. paid for C. pay…for D. paid…for


78.(1)They were made _______ the decision.


(2)The decision has been made ______ to them.


A. know B. to know C. known D. knowing




Efforts to stabilize capital marketBy Wen Xin (China Daily)


"Preparations should be made to deal with any emergency and prevent trading _______ being harmed by rumors or hackers' attack," Shang Fulin, chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), said.


_______[Address] the three-day national conference on securities and futures in Beijing, Shang said maintaining a stable market is a long-term objective.

The conference, which ended yesterday, is held _______[two] a year.


Shang said greater efforts should be made to improve the corporate bond market, for it can help raise capital through different means.


"The stock market is undergoing a big _______[correct], and enterprises should be aware that apart from issuing common shares to raise funds, they can choose to issue bonds[债券], too," Shang said.


Additional steps will be taken in the second half of the year to encourage more companies to issue bonds[债券], he said. ….

Continuous support should be given to the _______[enter] of longer-term investment, including enterprise annuity, insurance firms' premiums and social security funds, into the stock market, he said. This can help improve the investor structure and cut the risks posed by short-term speculations[投机].


On the macro-economic impact on the capital market, Shang said: "The fundamentals of the country's capital market have remained sound." But efforts should be made to deal with any new challenge thrown up [产生]by changing macro-economic conditions at home and abroad.





Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

More than 30,000 drivers and front seat passengers are killed or seriously injured each year. At the speed of only 30 miles per hour it is the same as falling from a third-floor windows. Wearing a seat belt saves lives; it reduces your chance of death or serious injury by more than half.

Therefore drivers or front seat passengers over 14 in most vehicles must wear a seat belt. If you do not, you could be fined up to 50. it will not be up to the drivers to make sure you wear your belt. But it will be the driver’s responsibility to make sure that children under 14 do not ride in the front unless they are wearing a seat belt of some kind.

However, you do not have to wear a seat belt if you reversing your vehicle; or you are making a local delivery or collection using a special vehicle; or if you have a valid medical certificate which excuses you from wearing it. Make sure these circumstances apply to you before you decide not to wear you seat belt. Remember you may be taken to court for not doing so, and you may be fined if you cannot prove to the court that you have been excused from wearing it.

21.   This text is taken from ________.

A) a medical magazine

B) a police report

C) a legal document

D) a government information booklet

22.   Wearing a seat belt in a vehicle ________.

A) reduces road accidents by more than half

B) saves lives while driving at a speed up to 30 miles per hour

C) reduces the death rate in traffic accidents

D) saves more than 15,000 lives each year

23.   It is the driver’s responsibility to ________.

A) make the front seat passenger wear a seat belt

B) make the front seat children under 14 wear a seat belt

C) stop children riding in the front seat

D) wear a seat belt each time he drives

24.   According to the text, which of the following people riding in the front dos not have to wear a seat belt?

A) Someone who is backing into a parking space.

B) Someone who is picking up the children from the local school.

C) Someone who is delivering invitation letters.

D) Someone who is under 14. 25.   For some people, it may be better ________.

A) to wear a seat belt for health reasons

B) not to wear a seat belt for health reasons

C) to get valid medical certificate before wearing a seat belt

D) to pay a fine rather than wear a seat belt  





be replaced



76.BD 77.DA 78.BC








21.  D

22.  C

23.  B

24.  A

25.  B


The cartoon features a man who looks fat, wealthy and greedy for food. He is insatiably devouring a table of delicious food, while we are surprised to find that the waiter is serving him with even more dishes. We cannot help worrying whether this man’s stomach can bear so heavy a load all of a sudden.

   As the caption points out, excessive love for food exerts negative influences on health. Whenever in front of dishes of superb taste, we need to keep in mind that a certain amount of food is enough to sustain us. Equally, the same truth applies to a bunch of our other habits. In other words, it is a must to limit any hobby, or else it may lead to disaster. Another typical example would be many folks’ devotion for computer games. Playing computer games now and then is an interesting entertainment, but an addiction to them would surely detach people from their time commitment to normal work and study.

  As a result, I believe that limitation plays a decisive role in maintaining healthy habits in our everyday life. Moreover, we should learn to control our desires and sometimes greed. Proper limitation always leads to a sound and jovial life.











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