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Challenge both your English & minds





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126. Since it is unnecessary to consider student's routine life, day school can lay stress on teaching instead of other aspects, such as management of dormitory and cafeteria.


  127. Furthermore, students living in their own home would have access to a comfortable life and have more opportunities to communicate with their parents, which have beneficial impact on development of their personal character.


  128. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that both of day schools and boarding schools are important to train young students for our society.



70.(1)The top of cave was ________ twenty feet high.


(2)There is _____ nothing interesting in his speech.


A. nearly B. most C. mostly D. almost


71.(1)Who is the greatest poet _______ today?


(2)Is his grandfather still _______?


A. living B. alive C. to live D. lived


72.(1)Your composition is well written _______ some spelling mistakes.


(2)She goes to school every day _______ Sunday.


A. besides B. except C. beside D. except for



An open letter from Vladkhleb to the residents of Vladivostok.

When bread prices rose, Valkhleb, a bakery, asked the krai and city for help in holding down prices. Here is a letter it wrote, published in the Vladivostok Times Sept. 9.

Dear residents of Vladivostok:

The staff and Board of Directors of Vladkhleb can't keep silent in the current wild situation when prices for all existing products are skyrocketing unbelievably. And while we somewhat indifferently watch enormous figures on price tags for delicacy products, every kopeck of extra charge for the staples … causes a real panic. We perfectly realize that, and that's why we have kept bread prices _______[afford] for all this time.

Even after the fall of prices we have tried to keep the past prices for as long as possible.

At the moment all our reserves are exhausted. Stocks of bread-baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter and the like are running out. To buy what we need at _______[readon] prices is virtually impossible today.

However, we cannot temporize. We all need bread every day, which means we will be forced to buy everything we need at much higher prices. What this means perhaps doesn't need to be explained.

The cost of bread closely depends on ingredients. Another financial crisis has led to a 50-300-percent increase of prices for butter, vegetable oil, all types of margarine, yeast and other as of September 1. All these prices continue to grow every hour.

Because of this, Vladkhleb came to the critical point _______ it is necessary to raise prices of its products. Otherwise, we will just destroy a most powerful bread enterprise. Should Vladkhleb shut down, the bread price will get out of hand.

Our economists projected the situation for the near future considering the growing flour cost. With the cost of flour at 2.18 rubles per kilogram at the start of September, the retail bread price was to be 4.36 rubles. With an increase of flour cost_______ 4 rubles per kilogram, bread price will grow to 6.17 rubles. Further growth will be possible.

So it turns out that bread may rank with delicacy products. Is there another way out? Yes. It is already put into practice by leaders of other cities and regions. For example, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov used the press in _______ very first days of the crisis to tell the residents that he had decided to subsidize the bread industry so that not to allow prices for this type of food to rise. There were no _______[object]. So did Khabarovsk -- there they pay subsidies for bread-baking ingredients.

Incidentally, the city and krai administrations already have the experience of supporting our plants. Rather than artificially holding back prices, they employed loans and waivers and the like. At this point all the city and krai offices of authority as well as deputies at all levels could consider our propositions such as:

· Granting waivers on taxes to krai and city budgets;

· Establishing lower prices for electric and thermal energy for a program of bread production;

· Facilitating in reception of customs duty and tax waivers from the federal government for _______[import] grain;

· Recovery of Pacific Fleet's debts in the amount of 6 million rubles (calculated as of August 1998) for supplied products;

· Lowering rent for premises and plots.

Any of these possible measures will help Vladkhleb contain the growth of prices for its products.

Despite of our SOS signal, no measures have been taken as yet. We have found _______[our] in the same situation as any of you. We see the situation changing steadily for the _______[bad]. We will not cope with that alone.

We see one recourse: Raise the bread price minimally and cancel our free plastic bag service. But what is next? This is the concern of all the 700 employees and the board of Vladkhleb.

Every extra kopeck in the cost of bread upsets you and us very much. Making our sincere apologies for a _______[force] increase of the bread price, we hope for your understanding and support. Today and tomorrow we are with you, as usual.

The staff and board of Vladkhleb.

At the first day of the new term I got new                             76.         

textbooks. I was full of joy, I determined to study                       77.         

twice as hard and do better in my studies. But                          78.         

the teacher told us many children in poor area                          79.         

couldn’t go to the school because of poverty                               80.         

and that the Hope Project had set up to help them.                               81.         

Hearing of this, I decided to offer my share of love                       82.         

for them. After school, I took out of the bank all of my                   83.         

pocket money I saved for two years and sent                             84.         

them to the office of the Hope Project of our city.                       85.         





71.BA 72.DB















76. AtOn  在某一天用on

77. 去掉第二个I  I之前是逗号,句子未完,故去掉I,用过去分词短语determined to do…作伴随状语。


79. areaareas  贫穷地区不只一个。

80. 去掉the  go to school意为“上学”。

81. set前加been  这里为被动语态。

82. 去掉this前的of  hear sth意为“听到……”,hear of意为“听说……”。此处应为“听到这消息”。

83. forto  offer sth to sb为固定搭配。

84. I后加had  用过去完成时,意为“(在这之前)我积攒了两年的(零用钱)”。

85. themit  代替上文的money



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