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Challenge both your English & minds





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call sth out

call sth off

bring sth on

bring sth over

be up to sth

bring sth back

be let off

be into sth

be dying for sth

be after sth

b e down


Bedtime stories are one of the delights of early childhood. But according to Dr. Julie Spreadbury from Queensland University, parents should not give up reading to their children 31 they enter primary school. She says  32  (listen) to, reading and discussing the stories help children’s development. “ My research 33 (indicate) that once children can read themselves, most parents  34  reading to them,” Dr. Spreadbury says.
    “That may be at the end of Year 1, which is far too 35 .”
    Dr. Spreadbury says  36  reading not only gives children a good start at school, 37 brings parents and their children closer.
    “This makes it 38  for them to open up and talk to parents about things 39 are worrying them, or things they are celebrating in 40  everyday life.”



Bob Dylan’s new album, “Modern Times,” was released at the end of last month.  Critics loved the collection of songs.  _______ soon became the top selling album in the United States.  This is Dylan’s first Number One album in thirty years.  Mario Ritter has more.

Bob Dylan is one of the world’s _______[ influential] songwriters.  Over the past forty years, Dylan has sold almost one hundred million records.  He has performed in thousands of shows around the world. 

His new album, “Modern Times,”shows that Dylan, now sixty-five years old, still has a lot to say.  “Modern Times”starts off with this song, called “Thunder on the Mountain.”

 Bob Dylan started_______ a folk singer in the nineteen sixties.  He wrote several famous protest songs about very serious issues.  The songs in “Modern Times” are not as serious.  There is a feeling of playfulness in the words of the songs.



In the early years, connecting to the Internet was __(54)__ and discouraging. Critics regularly predicted(预告) AOL’s failure. There were several times when Case had to reduce the expenses. Yet, __(55)__ serious problems, the company survived. “__(56)__ when we hit a wall, we just stayed with it,” says Case, 42. “We stayed focused __(57)__ what consumers, not technologists, want.”













according to


by means of


in spite of


owing to





















Bullying(欺负) from other students is another concern. Still other parents choose this type of __48__ for religious reasons. Whatever the __49__ may be, it is evident that more and more children are being taken out of normal schools every year. __50__, many questions have emerged, encouraging the debate over home schooling against public schooling.

What then is the future of education? Will this new model of schooling replace normal schools? Will computers and the Internet __51__ our classrooms and teachers? As the debate continues, so do the questions about what home schoolers are studying at home. How can parents ensure that their children are prepared __52__ for college? How are home schoolers assessed to make sure they are getting the same educational standards that school students must have?



48. A. activity               B. education                  C. behavior                   D. belief

49. A. effects                B. suggestions               C. reasons                    D. pressures

50. A. As a result          B. On the whole            C. After all                    D. On the contrary

51. A. replace               B. reserve                     C. represent                  D. release

52. A. gracefully           B. emotionally               C. academically             D. financially




Experiments have proved that children can be instructed in swimming at a very early age. At a special swimming pool in Los Angeles, children become expert______ holding their breath under water even before they can walk. Babies ______ two months old do not appear to be reluctant to enter the water. It is not long before they are so accustomed to swimming______ they can pick up weights from the floor of the pool. A game that is very popular ______ these young swimmers is the underwater tricycle race. Tricycles are lined up on the floor of the pool seven feet under water. The children compete against each other to reach the other end of the pool. Many pedal their tricycles, but most of them prefer to push or drag them. Some children can ______ the whole length of the pool without coming up for breath even once. Whether they will ever become future Olympic champions, only time will ______. Meanwhile, they should encourage those among us who cannot swim five yards before they are gasping for air.





1354   Experts have looked into the matter carefully. It may be worth your while to look over the following tips they have for us. 

If the ground begins shaking while you are driving, pull over and stay in your car. If you are in a building, try to get near a strong wall.As soon as the quake is over, check the gas pipe in the building. Gas fires often result from earthquakes. These tips may prove to be lifesavers. We should, therefore, keep them in mind. Remember to always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. ----1354


The 2-year-old pandas were living comfortably in their new pens and appeared to be physically and emotionally healthy, allowing them to go on display, said Wu Daifu, keeper of the endangered animals.



 One should be the first to bear hardship, and the last to enjoy comfort


    1. When combined with whole grains such as brown rice, black beans provide a virtually fat-free high quality protein. You may already be familiar with beans’ fiber and protein.

   2.Canned, bottled and frozen-concentrate orange juices have a greatly decreased vitamin C content.                                                                                       -----1435

 All you journalists have done their utmost in carrying out timely and full-scale reports on the quake relief work. 1416


1410 广东 中山 Foreign spectators cannot take Olympic tickets as a license to getting visas. Instead, they have "to apply for visas in accordance with the rules of the Chinese embassies" in their countries.

 Foreigners suspected of having the potential to carry out terrorist or violent attacks, or indulge in subversive activities will be denied entry into China during the Olympic Games.       1410


1420 广东 中山 Health authorities vowed Monday to push ahead with measures to ensure the health of victims and prevent any outbreak of disease following last month’s deadly earthquake in Sichuan Province. 




  81. Parents are firmly convinced that, to send their child to kindergartens or nursery schools will have an unfavorable influence on the growth of children.


  82. However, this idea is now being questioned by more and more experts, who point out that it is unhealthy for children who always stay with their parents at home.


  83. Although parent would be able to devote much more time and energy to their children, it must be admitted that, parent has less experience and knowledge about how to educate and supervise children, when compared with professional teachers working in kindergartens or nursery schools


  84. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion that, although the parents' desire to look after children by themselves is understandable, its disadvantages far outweigh the advantages


  85. Parents should be encouraged to send their children to nursery schools, which will bring about profound impacts on children and families, and even the society as a whole.




43.(1)—I haven’t heard from him for a long time.—What do you think _______?


A. was happening B. to happen C. having happened D. has happened


(2)_______ did you talk with just now?


A. Which B. What C. whom D. Whose


44.(1)We can’t have you ______ so fast.


A. drove B. driven C. drive D. to drive


(2)The two cheats had the light _______ all night long.


A. to burn B. burn C. burnt D. burning


45.(1)Last year they had the schoolroom _______.


A. to rebuilt B. rebuild C. rebuilding D. rebuilt


(2)He said he had a lot of work _______.


A. to do B. do C. did D. done




42.CB 43.DC 44.CD 45.DA



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