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Challenge both your English & minds





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121. On the one hand, it is indisputable that boarding schools are exerting a growing important effect, especially in last few years.


  122. Students attend a boarding school would cultivate their independence as apart from their parents.


  123. What's more, living in school can save them a great deal of time on the way between home and school everyday, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work.


  124. On the other hand, the contribution of day schools can't be ignored.


  125. Due to high tuition fee, most of ordinary families cannot afford to send their children to boarding schools.




67.(1)She often goes to school _______ bike.


(2)She often goes to school _______ my bike.


A. in B. at C. on D. by


68.(1)You’ve just bought a new dictionary. Could you lend ______ to me?


(2)I’m looking for a house. I’d like ______ with a garden.


A. that B. it C. what D. one


69.(1)—Did you see any one in the room? —______.


(2)—How many people did you see in the room? —_______.


A. No one B. None C. Anyone D. Any one


Unit 20 Lesson 1   L1 Hannah Jones looks  1___________the future.

I love talking about the future-----and I am not the only one 2_________ the centuries, people have always 3__________(疑惑) about the future. some like to read 4__________(科幻) stories and imagine what the world will be like in 10,50 or even 1,000  5_________( year) time .others write about the future themselves ,in the 18th and 19th centuries ,especially the 6_________ (late), the most common theme in science fiction novels was the future. Some authors even  7___________(预测) things that have since happened, for example, 8_______(land) on the moon! but for some people, thinking about the future is not just for fun .they plan the future of the world for a living. These people are called  9_____________(未来学家).

This weekend, hundreds of futurologists are meeting at Newcastle university .the 10__________(研讨会) starts on Friday and the experts will ____________(discuss) the 11____________(无穷的)12_______________(possible) of the future. The future is now big business and many people will 13___________ the seminar with dreams of 14___________(开创) new enterprises 15________(base) on the predictions they will hear this weekend. I  16_________ into the websites of a few futurologists and here’s what they’re predicting:

·In the next few years, computers will become 17________(handy). 18_________(不久之后) all of us are going to use our voices to give 19____________(instruction) to computers. We will be  able to 20_____________(下载) any file or  21__________(更新)our computers just by saying a few words.

·By the year 2015, the clothing industry will_____________(produce) new types of material that will remain  22____________(无锈的) no matter what you 23________(泼出) on them. Red wine stains will no longer ruin clothes. Garments will also be so strong that they will never get old and worn.

·By the year 2025, no one will die of  24_____________(饿死) because there will be food for everyone. No one will have to live on 25________(福利) as everyone will have jobs and discrimination will be a part of the past. There will therefore no longer be any conflict and people will be able to live together in peace and 26_____________ (equal).

·By the year 2030, development in biochemistry and medical science will have made it 27______________(theory) possible for us to live for at least 150 years. Tiny, insect-like robots may be sent around the cells of our bodies to 28________(评估) our health and carry out repairs to keep us 29_____________(health).

·By the middle of the century, computers that are millions of times smarter than us will have been developed. We will be 30_________(link) our brains to these computers and a huge database. A new type of electronic human might have developed!

·By the end of the century, we will have discovered other places in our 31______(太阳)  system 32___________(适合) for living and we will have discovered ways to go 33_______ (far)  into space.

I’ll be there in Newcastle this weekend. At nine o’clock on Saturday morning, I’ll be sitting in the front row and listening to the great professor Willard talking about the future of my brain. If you can’t  34_________(拒绝) the future,  join it –it’s the 35________(黎明) of a new world.

Unit 20  lesson 3 Scientific Breakthroughs

If you had to choose the single most important 1___________(discover) of the 20th century, you would have a real 2_________ on your hands. In just 100 years, the world changed completely. Amazing discoveries were made in medicine, communications and transport, not to 3____________ our knowledge of the world and space. Medical advances  4________  from discovering the causes of diseases under microscopes to surgical procedures 5____________(replace) 6__________(disease) organs with 7________ (donate) ones. Communications changed 8______ the introduction of mobile phones and the way we 9__________(通信) went 10________ writing letters to emailing. We started flying around the world and 11____________(同时), scientists figured 12________ how to 13______(劈开) the atom,  14________(过去) thought to be the smallest particle of matter in the universe.

Although it is impossible to choose the most important discovery, it is possible to 15_________ out a few pioneers of the 20th century. Here are five of them.

One of the 20th century’s premier 16__________ (science) was Albert Einstein. In the summer of 1905, this 17__________(直言的) young man was 18_______(rock) his one-year-old baby when he was suddenly 19_________ (inspiration). “E=mc2” was born. E=mc2 showed how a small piece of 20_______(物质) could produce an 21_________ (believable) amount of energy. Einstein then showed in his “theory of relativity” that not even time, mass or length are 22__________(不变的) – they change according to our experience of them.

Einstein had already become world-famous when a young ex-lawyer, returning from the First World War, started work in California. Using the most high-powered telescope of the time, he began the long, slow process of exploring our galaxy. Edwin Hubble 23_____ about to make astronomy’s greatest breakthrough of the century. He discovered small areas of mist which were in fact galaxies 24_______ our own, millions of light years away from us, 25__________ proved that the universe was vastly larger than had previously been thought.

In 1929, another far-reaching finding was made by the son of a Scottish shepherd. Before he went 26_____ holiday,27 ________ (biology)Alexander Fleming left a dish with bacteria in it in his laboratory. When he came back, he noticed something strange. He double-28________(check) and saw a blue 29________ in the dish around which the bacteria had been destroyed. This blue mould was in fact the natural form of penicillin, which Fleming realised could be used to kill bacteria.

A few years later, penicillin was 30__________ mass-produced and helping to save the lives of millions. Fleming remained 31_______ about the amazing outcome of his discovery. “Nature made penicillin,” he said, “I just found it.”

During the Second World War, when Fleming’s discovery was first helping to cure people, the US Navy was looking for ways of 32__________ (improve) the accuracy of their missiles. The navy turned ___ Eckert, an engineer, and Mauchly, a 33_______ (physics), to wrestle 34______ the problem and produce a machine to do the job. Although they only finished after the war in 1946, it did not matter. This huge machine was the world’s first computer, but it was nothing like our computers today. It 35_________ (measure) 100 feet long by over 10 feet high and weighed over 30 tones. With 18,000 tubes, thousands of circuits and 6,000 switches, it used so much energy that when it was turned on, the lights in the local town went 36_______ !

These pioneers of the 20th century were all 37____________ to 38_______ (improve) the quality of human life on earth, but sometimes breakthrough discoveries that have affected our lives today happened by 39_______! For example, we are all 40________(感激的) for the handy microwave oven that allows us to prepare meals in minutes and we have Percy Spencer to thank. This inventor, with 120 patents 41____ his name, discovered microwaves when he was experimenting 42______ radars and noticed a chocolate 43________ (melt) in his pocket.

There is no 44_______ about it. 45_________ the breakthroughs of these pioneers in science and technology, whether lucky or planned, the world as we know it today would have been a 46__________ (complete) different place.



The cartoon features a man who looks fat, wealthy and greedy for food. He is insatiably devouring a table of delicious food, _________ we are surprised to find that the waiter is serving him with even more dishes. We cannot help worrying whether this man’s stomach can bear so heavy a load all of a sudden.

   As the caption points out, excessive love for food exerts negative influences on health. Whenever in front of dishes of superb taste, we need to keep in mind that a certain amount of food is enough to sustain us. _________[Equal] , the same truth applies to a bunch of our other habits. In other words, it is _________must to limit any hobby, or else it may lead to disaster. Another typical example would be many folks’ devotion for computer games. Playing computer games now and then is an interesting entertainment, but an addiction to them would surely detach people from their time commitment to normal work and study.

  As a result, I believe that _________[limit]  plays a decisive role in maintaining healthy habits in our everyday life. Moreover, we should learn to control our desires and sometimes greed. Proper limitation always leads to a sound and jovial life.









Reports on Bird Flu (有关禽流感的报道)

BEIJING, Nov. 25, 2005Reuters)— China’s home-grown human bird flu vaccine is at least a year away from hitting the market but tests on humans have been approved by the government, head of the research drug company said on Friday.

       Development of the vaccine started last year after bird flu outbreaks in Thailand and Vietnam and animal trials have already been completed, said Yin Wei-dong, managing director of Sinovac Biotech.

       “It is not a virus that is spreading from human to humanso we are very optimistic,” Yin told Reuters in an interview.

       The deadly H5N1 made its first known jump to humans in Hong Kong in 1997, killing six people. The virus appeared again in late 2003 and is known to have infected 130 people in several parts of Asia, killing 68 of them.

       “It is not decided yet when the human trials will begin. We just got approval on November 22 by the State Food and Drug Administration,” Yin said.

Oregon, Nov. 26, 2005AP)— The deadly strain of bird flu that appeared in Asia and has already spread to other parts of the world has not affected the Oregon poultry industry or consumers, according to Oregon State University researchers.

       There are many strains of bird flu that do not usually infect humans. But one strain, called H5N1, has jumped from chickens to humans and is blamed for more than 60 deaths in Asia.

       International disease control experts are worried about a worldwide outbreak of bird flu, raising concerns such as whether it is safe to eat poultry.

       But Oregon State University researchers say there is no proof that the virus can jump to humans by eating cooked poultry products.

       “Consumers needn’t be overly concerned about bird flu,” said Jim Hermes, OSU Extension Service poultry specialist. But he urged consumers to follow standard food safety practices in preparing poultry including washing hands while preparing food, and proper cooking of poultry meat and eggs.

       He noted that a 2003 outbreak of bird virus caused much damage to commercial poultry operations in California but did not get into Oregon because of industry safeguards.

Notes:   vaccine  n. 疫苗  optimistic  adj. 乐观的  poultry  n. 家禽

 (   ) 1. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the first news report?

A. Human trials have already started but not yet successful.

B. Bird flu killed 68 Asian people in its second outbreak.

C. The bird flu virus is not one that spreads from human to human.

D. The government has agreed to have the vaccine tried on humans.

(   ) 2. What does the first news report mainly talk about?

A. The new outbreak of the bird flu. B. How the development of the bird flu vaccine is going on.

C. How many people died of bird flu.

D. What measures the government has taken to stop the spreading of bird flu.

(   ) 3. What does the underlined word “strains” probably mean?

A. signs.            B. symbols.          C. kinds.               D. diseases.

(   ) 4. What can we know from the second news report?

A. Because of the safety guards, Oregon poultry industry didn’t suffer any loss in the 2003 outbreak of bird flu.            

B. People in Oregon are not concerned about bird flu.

C. People will develop bird flu even if they eat well-cooked poultry products.

D. H5N1 has caused more than 60 deaths worldwide.



67.DC 68.BD 69.AB










1. A  细节理解题。从第一段可知,这种疫苗刚刚被批准在人体上做实验,但还没有开始具体实施。

2. B  主旨大意题。第一则新闻主要就是介绍禽流感疫苗开发研制工作的发展近况,其他选项太片面。

3. C  词义猜测题。从第二则新闻的第二段不难判断,该词意为“类型”。

4. A  细节理解题。从第二则报道新闻的最后一段,我们了解到由于安全防护措施得当,该地区的家禽业没有遭受经济损失。



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