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Challenge both your English & minds





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  106. At the same time, young people should be encouraged to communicate with their peers and develop their interpersonal skills, which may help them greatly to reduce dependence on their parents and are essential in the maintenance of healthy mental condition.


  107. In conclusion, we must lay emphasis on this problem and make our maximum contribution to help them spend their first day on campus smoothly.


  108. There is a general discussion over fashion in recent years. One of the questions under debate is whether a person should choose comfortable clothes, which he or she likes, regardless of fashion.



        109. This issue is becoming a matter of concern for more and more people, especially for parents and experts in education.



        110. Many young people always go into raptures at the merely mention of buying fashion clothes. And they seem to be attracted by colorful material, various styles of fashion clothes. There is nothing, they maintain, that can be compared with fashion clothes. In fact, fashion clothes had become indispensable part of youngster's life.






1.Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

2.God helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者。

3.Easier said than done. 说起来容易做起来难。

4.Where there is a will,there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

5.One false step will make a great difference. 失之毫厘,谬之千里。

6.Slow and steady wins the race. 稳扎稳打无往而不胜。

7.A fall into the pit,a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

8.Experience is the mother of wisdom. 实践出真知。

9.All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. 只工作不休息,聪明孩子也变傻。

10.beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance. 无德之美犹如没有香味的玫瑰,徒有其表。



58.(1)_________, she knows a lot of things.


A. So young the girl is B. Young as the girl is C. Young so the girl is D. As young the girl is


(2)_______, she isn’t fit for the job.


A. As the girl is too youngB. Too young as the girl isC. As a young girl D. So young the girl is


59.(1)Do you know ________ John is getting on well with his studies?


(2)Do you know _________ John is getting on with his studies?


A. how B. with C. what D. that


60.(1)Two other boys were on duty ________ John.


(2)There is no one in the room ______ me.


A. except B. besides C. beside D. A and B



       Do you feel __(1)__ difficult to be happy all the time?  Now I’ll give you some tips __(2)__ how to make yourself happy.  One way is being __(3)__ (self) because unselfishness is the key factor __(4)__ (require) if you want to get along well with others.  By __(5)__ (say) being unselfish we mean we __(6)__ not want everything our own way or demand the best share of everything.  Another way is to look for good points in __(7)__ people.  You’ll find most people pleasant to go with and it will surely make you happy.  Third, you can not expect to be too perfect, __(8)__ don’t be too unhappy when you make a mistake.  Everything will be OK if you try to make things right.  Finally, it is important to remember that while you are no __(9)__ (bad) than others, chances you have may not be much better.  In this case, __(10)__ surest way to be happy is to think yourself above other people.





  Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 120 words.

  Your essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

  Your essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:

    1. Interpret the following pictures.

    2. Predict the tendency of tobacco consumption and give your reasons.






Tobacco is one of the commodities that are consumed in an immense amount worldwide. From the pictures, we can learn that the global smoking population amounts to 1.1 billion, approximately 20% of all the worlds’ residents. 200 billion dollars are spent annually in order to purchase tobacco and relevant products, ______ further stimulate the business’ flourishing development. Meanwhile, the harm caused by tobacco consumption is experiencing a similar upward trendstatistics indicates that 3,000,000 people die of smoking and related diseases every year.

    Nevertheless, ______[give] the pessimistic statistics at the present, we can still predict optimistically that tobacco consumption will decline based on several new tendencies that are emerging. In the first place, there is an extensive public awareness of the negative impact of smoking, and as a result, more people resist the tempetation of cigarettes. In the second place, governments are setting more regulations to limit tobacco production. The effectiveness of such a policy was testified by the prompt drop of the tobacco production from 14.364 billion in 1994 pounds to 14.2 billion pounds in 1995 as seen in the picture.

  In short, I firmly believe that, ______ the efforts of the whole society, we can launch more movements to realize a cleaner world with ______ smoking.








in an immense amount: 以极大的数量

amount to: 达到,总计

approximately: adv. 大约,近似

annually: adv. 年度地,每年一次

purchase: v./ n. 采购,购买

flourishing: adj. 繁荣的,欣欣向荣的

decline: 下降、衰落

emerge: v. 出现,浮出

temptation: n. 诱惑

testify: v. 测试

launch: v. 发行,发起,投入



From the pictures, we can learn that…

Nevertheless, given the pessimistic statistics at the present, we can still predict optimistically that

In the first place … In the second place …

In short, I firmly believe that




Lesson 3 A changing world

Every year thousands of tourists flock to China _______ the latest edition of China’s “Lonely Planet” guidebook in _______ hands. They come to see the grand sights of the great wall and the Forbidden City _______ often it is the hutongs that _______ the strongest impression, as they offer travelers _______ rare view into China’s past. Hutongs – the many little alleys that connect the rectangular courtyards of traditional houses – are a feature of ancient Chinese architecture and are still found in the old quarters of a few Chinese cities. Beijing’s hutongs are particularly famous, _______, as there are thousands of them. Nowadays, the word “hutong” has come to mean more than just the alleys that connect the courtyards. It _______ refers to the courtyards _______[them]and even to the communities that live there.

_______ majority of Beijing’s hutongs were built _______ the 13th and 19th centuries during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. To help them keep control _______ the city, the Emperors during these periods arranged different areas of Beijing in neat blocks of houses _______ (build) around courtyards. They were then able to place guards at the entrances of the various hutongs, which made _______ easier to keep _______ eye on people’s movements. The Emperor’s home, the Forbidden City, was in the center of Beijing and the homes of the nobles and wealthy citizens were in the hutongs _______ (close) to the royal palace. Ordinary citizens lived in the hutongs _______ (far) away from the palace.

_______ connecting people’s homes, the hutongs in fact connected people’s lives, _______ the lives of the rich or the lives of the ordinary citizens. Because the houses were built _______ (face) each other around courtyards, the families _______ lived there were an important part of each other’s lives. They supported each other _______ help was needed and shared the joy and sadness of everyday _______, no doubt sharing recipes, borrowing mops, and burning fragrant incense together. The children played in the courtyards and because of the hutong, courtyards were joined together for miles around _______ (create) a network of people working, playing and living together – a real community.

Towards the end of the Qing Dynasty, the conditions in Beijing’s hutongs went _______ as the political situation cast a dark cloud on _______ (China) economy. Many new hutongs were quickly built to house the increasing population but these were poorly _______ (make). The turning point came when the People’s Republic of China was set _______. Conditions improved a great deal and the government undertook the preservation of many of the oldest hutongs.

Hutongs are still an important _______ of Beijing life and _______ is not surprising that tourists love the hutongs. They can walk up Sanmiao Street, _______ dates back 900 years, wander down Rongxian – the longest hutong at 2 km or squeeze _______ Qianshi – the narrowest at only 40 cm wide! They can also stop under a stone arck and watch the hutong world go by while _______ (enjoy) a plate of Beijing’s best “Peking Duck” or satisfying their thirst _______ a cold Tsingtao beer. The hutongs not _______ link Beijing’s streets and communities after all, but also its _______ and present, showing that Beijing is truly an ancient _______ modern city.




58.BA 59.DA 60.BD



 1. it     2. on   3. unselfish 4. required 5. saying

 6. should 7. other 8. so      9. worse   10. the









 (2008 6.14 )

I .完成下列短语搭配:(每个1, 10分)

  1. into      2.  developed          3. in  

4. being      5.on  6. wind   7.  well  

 8.  over   9. seriously   10. personal 

II单词拼写:(每个2, 10分)

 1. hydrogen  2.accumulate  3.voluntary 

4. resign  5. deposit  6. vacant  7. signature

8. merciful  9.  choke  10. pregnant

III 单句填空:(每个空格2分共60分;)

  1. because, harder  2. As, took  

3. (should) be given

 4. increased, but, ourselves, with

5. strangely, less      6. ought     7 .  rather

8. to use, apart   9.  were, who 10. until

11. held, making   12. having worked 

13. had, gone   14. handful , of     15. strengthen

16.put , on 17. tell  18. Hardly

IV 课外文段填空:(每个空格2分;共20 分) 

1.came     2. be attacked    3. a    4. quickly  

 5. strength    6. catch   7. through    8. away  

 9. although   10. determined



1-5.  A DADB      6-10 CDACB 

 11-15 BDADC


16-20 CABDC

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