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Challenge both your English & minds





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Drummer hits the road

  Yang Ming, drummer for the rock band “storm”, ________(pack) his bags. H’s bid his furnished apartment___________ after complaints from his neighbours ________ loss of sleep. ________(Be) a bachelor, Ming held parties every night ______ the biggest problem was his late-night drumming.

Seldom ______ drumming caused such conflict. Yang Ming’s neighbours say they were _______________(drive) mad being exposed to such noise. _______ they known their neighbour was a drummer, they ____________________(not move) into the building. No sooner had they moved in ________ the noise began and rarely _______ they get a full night’s sleep. _______ could they relax or read a book without plugging their ears. One neighbour also claims that Yang Ming is an alcoholic and was a bad __________ on his adolescent son.

In the end, the local council ________action. _______ was only after careful consideration that we gve Yang Ming a warning,” a council member said. “ Getting enough sleep is important for people’s health and after such a chorus of complaints, we had to take action.”Yang Ming’s ____________(depart) has pleased his neighbours. “Life will go back to normal now,” they say.

For Yang Ming’s version of the story, we found him in the lounge of his suite at Shanghai’s Holiday Inn Hotel. Yang Ming feels that his rights have been ignored. __________ being called an alcoholic, it is the fact ____  people have classified his music as “noise” that upsets him. ________ he doesn’t really mind________( have) to leave his apartment. “Living in a hotel means a maid _______ my bed every day and I don’t have to do my own laundry!” But how long will the hotel tolerate him? We wonder.

            Grandpa jailed after one shower too many

Eighty-year-old _______( retire) tailor, James Mckay spent Saturday night in jail after hitting thirty-year-old kith smith ______ the head with his ________(walk) stick. Mckay’s wife told us that while Mckay is usually a ________(peace) person, he had been driven to this act of violence _____ getting wet just once too often.

Smith lives above the Mckays and it appears that not only _____ he a keen gardener, he is also a fish collector. Unfortunately for him, the water he sent over his balcony every day ended _____ on the McKay’s, or too often, on the Mckays themselves.

“For the last fortnight. Since Smith moved into the flat above us, we have _______(hard) dared go onto our balcony,” said Laurene. She added that that it wasn’t so much the water _______(fall) onto their balcony from Smith watering his plants that bothered them, it was more the ______ he cleaned his fish tanks. “We’d be sitting there happily reading our newspapers _______ suddenly so much water would come from above that we’d be a wet as if we’d showered with our clothes on. Neither could we get rid of the smell of fish.

And on Saturday evening it was just too much. “It was James’ birthday,”explained laurne, “and I’d made him a birthday cake. The candles were a great sight as you can imagine, but James didn’t get to blow them ______.” _________, Smith emptied one of his larger tanks over his balcony and both the McKays and the cake were wet ______. Rarely _____ Laurene seen Mckay move so fast. “ I couldn’t stop him. He was up there in a flash. It was the fastest I’d seen him move since 1964.”   







一.    Ⅰ单词拼写 (每小题一分,共5分)

1consensus  2. coincidence  3. sacrifice  4. catastrophe

5. mountainous



 6. leaving  7. by  8. if  9. hitting 10. aged 

11. reduction    12. on    13. at   14. that  15. working



21-25 ACBDA   26-30BCADA


31. who  32. was being taken  33. recently  34. from 35. a

36. back 37. nothing  38. where  39. off   40. have made


二.    阅读理解

41-45 CDCBD    46-50.ABCDD   51-55. CAACD


56-60 DBCEF


Read Selectively or extensively

The passage gives us good advice that since it is impossible for one to read all kinds of books, we must learn to pick and choose the materials we read.

In fact, people have different opinions about reading. Some people think we should read electively while others think that we should read extensively. Those who hold the first opinion think that one's time and energy are limited and one can never read as many books as he wishes. In contrast, those who hold the second view think that to know the world from all perspectives one should absorb a variety of knowledge by reading extensively.

As to me, I agree with the former opinion. Admittedly, one can absorb knowledge by reading extensively, but it doesn't follow that one should read without discrimination. As one's time and one's energy are limited, one should devote his limited time and energy to reading relevant and beneficial books. It’s a waste of time to read irrelevant books. Furthermore, some books are harmful to one's mind. If we don't read books selectively, we will be misled by harmful books.






indeed的确, surely无疑, obviously显然, frankly坦率地说,naturally自然,luckily for sb.算某人幸运,strangely奇怪,honestly真的,briefly简单地说,certainly(当然)surely(无疑)however(然而)fortunately(幸运的是)probably(大概)personally(就个人来讲)等。


1. Surely, she wont go to China Telecom with you.


2. Strangely, he has not been to China Unicom. Still more strangely, he has not called me. 奇怪,他未来过中国联通。更奇怪,他没给我打电话。

3. Fortunately, I found the book that I had lost.





true真的,funny真可笑,strange to say说也奇怪, needless to say不用说, most important of all最为重要,worse still更糟糕的等。

1. Strange to say (True), he should have done such a thing.


2. Most important of all, you each over fulfilled your own task.





as a matter of fact事实上,in fact(事实上)as to me,as for me(对我来说),above all /first of all (首先)by the way (顺便),for instance(example)例如,in a few words(in sumin short)简而言之,in other words换句话说,in a sense在某种意义上in general一般说来,in my view在我看来,in his opinion(judgment)按照他的意见(判断)in conclusion总之,in summary概括地说,in fact事实上,in the first place首先, in addition此外of course当然,to our knowledge据我们所知,to my joy(delightsatisfaction)使我欣慰(高兴、满意)to their surprise(astonishmentamazement)使他们惊奇的,to her regret (disappointment)使她遗憾(失望)..



1. She knows much more about computer science than the other students dofor in stance.


2. Above all, you must follow your teachers advice.

3.As a result, we must water the crop fields.

4.In my opinion, he is an honest boy.




strictly speaking严格地说generally speaking一般地说,judging from…根据……判断,generally considering(一般认为),等。


Judging from his lettera campaign againstwhite pollutionhas been undertaken in his hometown.







to be sure无疑地,to sum up概括地说,to be frank(坦率地说)to tell(you )the truth(老实说等。


1. To be surecommunity service can aid reemployment.


2. To start with, China is ready strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with many countries.




常作插入语的分句有:I think(我认为)I hope (我希望)Im aftaid(恐怕)Whats more(而且)Whats worse(更糟的是)You see (你清楚)等。

如:You see, they didnt trust me .

He will come on time, I think. (注意:这个句子如把插入语I think放在句首,它就成为主句,而后面的句子成为宾语从句成份,即:I think (that )he will come on time.






I am sure我可以肯定地说, I believe我相信,I wonder我不知道you know你知道, you see你明白, that is也就是说 it seems看来是, as I see it照我看来, what is important (serious)重要(严重)的是,Im afraid恐怕,it is said据说等。


1. It will result in success, I suppose.


2. One day, it is said, Newton saw an apple fall from a tree.


3. What is more important, information superhighways can carry great amounts of information around the country quickly and cheaply.




as is often the case







  [原文]My parents praised Ah Fu warmly. It had saved my little sister bravely.

  [修正]My parents praised Ah Fu warmly. It was our brave Ah Fu who had saved my little sister bravely.


  [原文]We had to stand there to catch the offender.

  [修正]What we had to do was (to) stand there trying to catch the offender.

  What China has achieved in recent years is known through the world.

  China is no longer what it used to be.


  He sat in a chair with a newspaper in the hand.


  Satisfied with the result He decided to go on with a new experiment.


  Only in this way can we achieve our goal.

  Never before have I seen such a wonderful film.


  If so victory will be ours.

  You can make some changes wherever necessary.


  Failure is not a crime but failure to learn from failure is.

  When I play I feel excited and after it I feel relaxed.





    1. 表示时间和顺序关系   这类过渡词常用来表示时间先后顺序和一系列论据的前后次序。

    after, before, first, second, then, next, finally, earlier, later, in the past, at the present, while, when, since, meanwhile, soon soon after, temporarily, to begin with, to end with...


    2. 表示空间关系   这类过渡词经常用在说明文和描写文中,表示空间方位和顺序。

    before behind below beneath between here,  there, where, beyond, nearby, under, above, over, below, on the right (left), in the front of, in front of, at the back of, in the middle of, at the bottom of, opposite to, next to...


    3. 表示强调   这类过渡词主要是用来强调某一个论点或论据,或事物的某个方面,在各类文体中都可以经常见到。

    again,  indeed,  actually, and, besides, perhaps, really, truly, especially, specially, to be honest, to be frank,  in particular, in addition, furthermore, naturally, of course, to repeat, what is more.... 如:

    We were tired if living in the noisy crowded city,  so we moved to the countryside. We rent a small house. In addition, we bought some old furniture. We felt quiet at home in the country. What is more,  we could enjoy fresh air and long walks every day.


    4. 表示异同关系    常用比较来指出不同事物间的相似之处, 用对比来指出不同事物的不同之处。这类过渡词经常在议论文和说明文中使用, 表示不同事物或事物不同方面的比较或对比。

    unlike, like, likewise, but, despite, conversely相反, nevertheless, instead, however, in contrast, in the same manner, not only...but also, on the contrary, on the one hand, on the other hand, compared with, different from, in spite of, even though, similarly, whereas...如:

    To my surprise,  my father did not criticize me. He praised me instead. Usually, my father doesn't need an assistant on his business tour. However,  he offered to take me with him this time. I guess, my father gave me this opportunity as a treat for my courageous conduct.

Conversely, work in applied science and technology frequently acts as a direct stimulus to the development of pure science.

    5. 表示因果关系   这类过渡词经常用在推理的文章中, 表示逻辑上的因果关系。

    accordingly, so, then, thus, hence, since,  therefore,  consequently, as a result, because of, for the reason, due to, in this way.... 如:

    The people of the two countries were once on friendly terms with each other at a period of time. But for some historical reasons, the relations between the two nations were broken off. As a result, the people had been out of touch for a very long time. As time went by, the two countries decided to restore their diplomatic relationship. Accordingly,  both parties agreed to negotiations.


    6. 表示举例或例证   这类过渡词主要用来举例和例证, 在各种文章中都会经常用到。

    for example, for instance, a case in point, that is,  incidentally, as an illustration,  such as, in fact, in general,  in particular, to illustrate,  namely, in other words, that is to say, that is...如:

    Xiao Wang is a very versatile student. Besides his excellent performance in his studies, he is good at ball games, and basketball in particular. He is a good swimmer, too, and he can do in different styles, such as backstroke style and free style. He can also play two kinds of musical instruments, namely, violin and piano.


    7. 表示概要和结论   这类过渡词通常用在议论文或说明文的结尾, 表示对前面所阐述内容的概括或总结。

    in a word, in short, in brief, to sum up, on the whole, by and large, all in all, so far, therefore, thus, in summary, in conclusion, to conclude, to summarize...如:

    White-haired folks read the paper on their farmhouse porches at sunset. Worn-out wind mills stood alone in pasture... All in all,  we did not see much evidence that small-town America was vanishing.



8. 表示条件的连词:if, suppose (that), supposing (that), unless, in case, so (as) long as, so far as, on condition (that), provided (that), providing




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