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Challenge both your English & minds





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A poses B particularly C significantly D Accordingly E devotion F eventually


No formula can be used to calculate your ___1____no poems and songs to express our heartfelt gratitude to youIt is you that cultivate our minds with your extensive knowledge and your noble spiritsOn this special occasionplease accept our best wishes—1429

However, other experts believe that overly rapid appreciation ___2____ a risk to China's double-digit economic growth – a large portion of which had been driven by exports. As export growth has slowed and import growth has picked up, the trade picture has begun to shift. 

Spending as little as $US5 a day on someone else could ___3____ boost happiness, the team at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School found. ------1302

 A short walk from the Astor, one finds the remnants of the foreign concessions [租界]that once covered the city: banks, buildings, parks and residences, all in turn-of-the-century colonial style. …. The air is as dirty as Beijing's, but a cool dampness from the ocean seems to soften everything. ___4____ Tianjiners are more laid back than their neighbors, though they are known to be ___5____ eloquent and sharp-tongued.

Nowadays, it seems many youngsters have developed the habit of calling a woman beautiful, instead of using the title Miss or Madame. 

People started to call girls "Miss" (xiao jie) in public under the influence of Western culture following China's opening-up in the late 1970s. But the fashion also faded as time passed, mostly because more and more women didn't like to be addressed in the same way. It's like having nice food - it tastes good but will ___6____ taste bland if you eat too much of it. All this fabricated "beauty" in our lives has blinded us to what is genuinely beautiful.     ---1434    



4"Being visually impaired, I couldn't get the buttons because I was using my left hand," he said. "It took me about 20  _____[try]."Police arrived within minutes and arrested Alvaro Castro, 25, on an initial charge _____ residential  _____[enter],


5. I feel it is your husband who______for the spoiled child.(2002年上海高考)

A. is to blame B. is going to blameC. is to be blamed D. should blame

6  She made me promise that I would think seriously about all the things she________[say] , and then she told me I could leave. I walked out of the room wondering  ________ she had chosen to talk to me about all those things.


7 While China's cancer rate was close to ______ of the US, Britain and France, it was much higher than other Asian countries like Japan, India and Thailand.

Childhood obesity in the United States, where an estimated 16 percent of children aged 6 to 19 years old ______[be] overweight, ______[have] a 45 percent increase in one decade, according to federal researchers.

8 Is this museum _______ you visited the other day?

9 There are many students watching the volleyball match on _______ side of the playground.

9 Don’t trust him, ______ he says.

11 They usually have a Party meeting on Saturday afternoon, _______?

12 He would do anything for you but ______ you money.






  A person may have an idea about himself that will prevent him from doing good work . He may have the belief that he is not capable of it . A child may think he is  21  because he does not understand how to make the  22  of his mental faculties. Older people may be  23  that they are incapable of learning anything new because of their age .

  A person who believes that he is incapable will not make a real  24  , because he feels that it would be useless. He won’t go at a job with the confidence necessary for  25  , and he won’t work his hardest, even though he may think he is doing so. He is  26  likely to fail , and the failure will strengthen his belief  27  his incompetence (无能).

  Alfred Adler , a famous doctor, had  28  like this . When he was a small boy, he had a poor  29  in maths . His teacher told his parents he had no ability in maths in order that they would not  30  too much of him . In this way , they two developed the idea. He accepted their mistaken thinking of his ability, felt that it was useless to try and was very poor at maths, just as they expected . 

21. A. clever   B. useless      C. shy    D. stupid

22. A. biggest        B. most      C. highest       D. deepest

23. A. wrong B. right     C. understood    D. mistaken

24. A. decision   B. success      C. effort          D. trouble

25. A. success       B. study C. improvement            D. work

26. A . truly    B. really C. however D. therefore

27. A. at        B. in       C. on      D. of

28. A. an experience   B. an example  C. a thought D. a story

29. A. state    B. mind C. start          D. ending

30. A. blame   B. expect       C. get     D. win 




Recently, a website has carried (31)________ a survey about the common view on graduates (32)________ Beijing University.

28% of the interviewed companies think (33)__________ they are quite satisfied (34)_______ the graduates from Beijing University. The graduates (35)_______ their companies have a wide range of knowledge (36)______ they learn things very quickly and easily.

However, most of the companies don’t think much (37)__________ graduates from Beijing University. In their eyes, the graduates always stick to their own opinions and lack the teamwork spirit (38)_______ working. Besides, they may not be satisfied with their jobs even with big companies, and they usually ask too much. As a result, 34% of the (39)____________ insist that they will not employ graduates from Beijing University.

In brief, society and even the students (40)________ (they) expect too much from graduates from Beijing University. That’s why a graduate claims that he is rubbish.












22.B. make the most/best of充分利用……

23.D. be mistaken that...误认为……。

24.C. make ...effort作出努力。

25.A . 为成功而需要的自信心。  


27.B. a/one's belief in sth在……某人的信仰。

28.A. 承接上段,以Alfred Adler为例:他也有如此经历。an experience“经历”,为可数名词。

29.C. 句意:在数学方面开头并不好。

30.B.  expect too much of sb对……寄予期望太高。



31.out. carry out实施,固定短语。

32. from. 毕业于graduate后用from.

33. that. 动词think后跟的是以that引导的宾语从句。

34. with. be satisfied with对……满意。

35. in. 句意:在他们公司毕业的毕业生……。

36. and . 前后句之间为并列关系。

37. of . don't think much of sb.对某人评价不高。

38. while . 句意:在工作期间。while后常用动词的进行时态。原句为:while they are working.

  39. companies . 结合上文,前面谈的都是公司与毕业生之间的关系。

40. themselves. 句意:简言之,社会甚至于学生本人……。



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