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Challenge both your English & minds





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Review quiz for Week 9


1.Report from different groups of independent scientists have clearly warned us that we are _____ toward a global catastrophe and are about to pass the point of no return. ---1411

2.Despite cutting his season short due to a knee injury, Yi said his first NBA journey, in which he averaged 8.6 points and 5.2 rebounds in 25 minutes per game, was a _____[fruit] experience. ----- 1406

3.The sluggish stock market also forced consumers to _____[tight] their purse strings because of the depreciated financial investment."

4.Since the beginning of the year, the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index has shed about 40 percent, partly due to concerns about the profitability of listed companies in a _____[weak] economy  ----1402

5.The report, released by MasterCard Worldwide on Tuesday, said that brands are important to affluent consumers, with those in Shanghai and Guangzhou _____[place] greater emphasis on brand names compared to their Beijing counterparts----1409

6.Some in China and elsewhere anticipate that the blizzards may drag down China's GDP in January _____ one percent. Consequentially, it seems improper for Beijing to stick to a "tight" monetary policy, by announcing more interest rate rises, in contrast to US Federal Reserve's incessant rate cuts during the past two months. ---1305


7.Habits, important _____ they are, genes alone are never absolutely responsible for any trait. What we can do is set by the genes, but what we actually do largely determined by the environment. ----1405 Daniel



A guarded B power C burst D numerous

"I _____ into tears when I saw you protect the torch with all your effort. You defend the Olympic spirit," wrote one fan on sohu.com.

She held onto the torch tightly and _____ it with her body. During the struggle her chin and shoulder were scratched.--------14 04

Brazilian striker Romario announced his retirement on Monday at the age of 42, ending a career in which he won the World Cup, was involved in _____ controversies and claimed to have scored more than 1,000 goals.----1407

   The other bad news comes from the home turf【区域;地区】: a blizzard at a scale not seen since 1951 pummeled the southern economic powerhouse of China, paralyzing transportation, crippling【损坏:丧失】_____ supply and making millions of people suffer in extreme cold. 


 9. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.      

 A. take    B. hold    C. make    D. get

10. It isn't quite _____ that he will be present at the meeting.
   A. sure    B. right    C. exact    D. certain

 11. The members of the club wouldn't run a _____ in entrusting(委托) the organization to an unreliable person.  

 A. danger    B. risk    C. hazard    D. chance

12. I know you have to pay bills        you can buy gloves. You know we cant        good people like you as        as we would like to; but we do        and I want you to know how        you are to us .


13.We went on climbing down the hill and finally came to a small river which       through a wood. It was easy now to follow the river through the trees. We walked on, probably for about half an hour.        we came to a small farmhouse. Smoke was coming from the chimney and we knocked hard on the door. However, there was no answer.


    14     The       was wonderful! It was a baker’s van, and was full of hot bread with the most delicious     . “Hungry?” said the driver. We nodded, and she pulled out a long thin loaf and handed it to us. We were on our way home.






Quiz for Week 10

1.Voices were _____ as the argument between the two motorists became more bad-tempered.

   A. swollen    B. raised    C. developed    D. increased 

2.Alice received an invitation from her boss, _____ came as a surprise.

A. it             B. that    C. which                    D. he

3. With prices _____ so much, it's hard for the company to plan a budget.
   A. fluctuating    B. waving    C. swinging    D. vibrating

4. He stopped his ears with his hands to _____ the terrible noise.
   A. show off    B. cut out    C. keep from    D. shut out


5. After the show, the crowd _____ out of the theater.
   A. poured    B. melted    C. drew    D. dismissed


6. Although it is not our normal _____ to give credit, this time I think we should consider the matter more closely.
   A. state    B. intention    C. occasion    D.


7.The man, with lines on his face and wrinkles on his forehead, looked up in         and took what I gave him.
    A huge smile       across his face and this caused me to feel indescribable          . I felt like I couldn’t be          with myself, but then he said: “Wow, first someone gives me this sandwich, then this drink, and now some       food; this is my daughter’s         day!”

8.I will miss his concern and gentle caring ways, and I will always cherish (珍惜) the moments we had together. I am ___   _ for the good parts that Harry ____ on me and at times I try to pass these ____ on to others. God must have known that I needed an Angel to guide me and he ____ Harry.



9. I would like to express to you my shock           the way you were attacked in Paris on April 7 when you were holding the Olympic flame. You showed outstanding courage,                  honors you, and your country,"  1313





A compensate for B wildly C ambition D poured into E withdraw



A crowd of over 100,000 people cheered           as Cheng Yonghua - all wet in a downpour - carried the Beijing Olympic Torch to the closing ceremony yesterday. ----1423


   One netizen explained his viewpoint in terms of reporting attitude on the Xinhua News Agency BBS. "Just demand that CNN quickly           all the offices in China. We are fully justified to expel this kind of media which cannot report news justly."  1420


Jack London           his writings all the pain of his life,the fierce hatred of the bourgeoisie that it had produced in him,and the conviction it had brought to him that the world could be made a better place to live in if the exploited would rise up and take the management of society out of the hands of the exploiters.

文 杰克•敦在作品中注了他一生中所遭受的一切痛苦,倾诉这种痛苦在他心中生的对资产阶级的刻骨仇恨以及由此生的这样的信念:如果被削者起反抗,从剥削者手中回社管理,那世界就会变成一人人有好日子的地方。


Along with them goes social mobility,          to rise in the urban world,a main factor in bringing down the births in Europe in the nineteenth century.

文 伴的是社的流性,人强烈地希望在城市里展,19纪欧洲出生率下降的主要因素。


For example,they do not           gross social inequality,and thus do not tell how able an underprivileged youngster might have been had he grown up under more favorable circumstances.

文 例如,它们并不弥的社不公;因此,它们说明不了一质条件差的年人,如果在好的境下成有多大的才干。





11. Bleriot had been making planes since 1905 and this was his _______ model.


12. Latham made another _______ a week later and got within half a mile of Dover, but he was unlucky again.



21  丹尼尔.门多萨



13. He offered _______[ train ]Mendoza and his young pupil was quick to learn.


14. The public bet a great deal of money_______ Mendoza, but he was defeated.



15. _______ this, he was so extravagant that he was always_______.







1. According to a recent survey, four million people die each year from diseases ________ smoking.


  2. The latest surveys show that ________ children ________ homework.


  3. No invention has received ________ praise and abuse than Internet.


  4. People seem to ________________ the fact that education does not end with graduation.


  5. ________________ are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.






 Philip may might have been hurt seriously in the car accident. 可能偏小
 Philip can could have been hurt seriously in the car accident.  可能较大

  Philip must have been hurt seriously in the car accident.   可能很大,常译作“肯定


You ought to /should have been more careful in this experiment. 你当时在做试验时应该更仔细点,但你没有

You ought to /should be more careful in this experiment.  你在做试验时应该更仔细.





1.He could _____[ pass] the exam, but he was too careless.

 2.   ---Linda has gone to work, but her bicycle is still here.  

  ---She must _____ [go] by bus.
3.I dressed very warmly for the trip, but I needn't _____[do] so. The weather was hot.


4.I would like to _______[read]the article, but I was very busy then. 我想读这篇文章,但太忙了一直没读。




1. adopt  v. 收养;采取;采纳.

【派生词】adopted adj. 收养的;过继的;

 adaptation  n. 采用;采纳;采取


 The play is an adaptation of a short novel.



【经典例题变型】It occurred to her that she _____(收养)a homeless orphan. (2007莱阳一中模拟)



2. condemn vt.谴责;使……注定;宣告有罪;判刑


condemn sb to sth / to do sth


condemn sb.'s behaviour


condemn sb. to death



He was judged guilty and condemned _______shoot.

【答案】to be shot be condemned to do sth 被宣判……,又因He shoot之间是被动关系,所以用to be shot


1) His attitude toward life condemns him to live a failing life.(注定使他过一种失败的生活).


3. means n. 方法,手段


by means of 用某办法,借助于某事物

by all means 当然可以;尽一切办法

by any means 无论如何(用于否定句和疑问句)

by no means 绝不,一点也不


--May I have a word with you?

-- _______. I’m not busy, anyway.

  A. By no means      B. By all means

C. By means of      D. By any means




4. seize夺取; ; 占有

【派生词】seized  adj.(of) 占有的;拥有的;seizure  n. 捕获;(疾病)发作;中风

be seized with 突然生了(某种疾病),突然感到


【经典例题变型】Hearing the news, he was seized _________ despair. (2007济阳摸底)

【答案】with .   




1. (1)Tom got the first place, ______ made his parents happy.
(2)Tom got first place, and _______ made his parents happy.
A. as B. which C. that D. this

2.(1)_______ is well known to all, the earth is round.
(2)_______ is well known to all that the earth is round.
A. That B. with C. It D. As

Bedtime stories are one of the delights of early childhood. But according to Dr. Julie Spreadbury from Queensland University, parents should not __11__ up reading to their children__12__they enter primary school. She says listening to, reading and discussing the stories help children's__13__.

“My__14__ indicates that once children can read themselves, most parent stop reading__15__them,” Dr. Spreadbury says.

“__16__may be at the end of year 1,which is far too_1_7__.”

Dr. Spreadbury says __18_reading not only gives children a good start at school. But brings parents and children closer.

“This makes it __19__for them to open up and talk to parents about things that worrying them, or things they are __20__ in their everyday life.”

11. A. speed                        B. keep                                 

C. give                            D. hold

12. A. after                          B. until                                

C. if                            D. unless

13. A. thinking               B. comprehension        

C. relaxation              D. development

14. A. theory                  B. research            

       C. story                       D. decision

15. A. about                    B. from                                    

C. to                          D. through

16. A. Some                        B. Most                               

C. They              D. That

17. A. difficult            B. early                                

C. much                     D. informal

18. A. daily                B. healthy                    

C. fast                      D. bedtime

19. A. easier                        B. funnier                   

C. rarer                  D. clearer

20. A. reading                     B. promising                      

C. celebrating                   D. receiving




I found out one time that doing a favor for someone could get you into a lot of trouble. I was in the eighth grade at the time, and we were having a final test. During the test, the girl sitting next to me whispered something, but I didn’t understand. So I leaned over her way and found out that she was trying to ask me if I had an extra pen. She showed me that hers was out of ink and would not write. I happened to have an extra one, so I took it out of my pocket and put it on her desk.

    Later, after the test papers had been turned in, the teacher asked me to stay in the room when all the other students were dismissed. As soon as we were alone she began to talk to me about what it meant to grow up; she talked about how important it was to stand on your own two feet and be responsible for your own acts. For a long time, she talked about honesty and emphasized the fact that when people do something dishonest, they are really cheating themselves. She made me promise that I would think seriously about all the things she had said, and then she told me I could leave. I walked out of the room wondering why she had chosen to talk to me about all those things.

    Later on, I found out that she thought I had cheated on the test. When she saw me lean over to talk to the girl next to me, it looked as if I was copying answers from the girl’s test paper. I tried to explain about the pen, but all she could say was it seemed very very strange to her that I hadn’t talked of anything about the pen the day she talked to me right after the test. Even if I tried to explain that I was just doing the girl a favor by letting her use my pen, I am sure she continued to believe that I had cheated on the test.

1. The story took place exactly ____ .

A. in the teacher’s office       B. in an exam room

C. in the school           D. in the language lab

2. The girl wanted to borrow a pen, because ____ .

A. she had not brought a pen with her     

B. she had lost her own on her way to school

C. there was something wrong with her own  

D. her own had been taken away by someone

3. The teacher saw all this, so she asked the boy ____ .

A. to go on writing his paper         B. to stop whispering

C. to leave the room immediately 

D. to stay behind after the exam

4. The thing(s) emphasized in her talk was(were) ____ .

A. honesty         B. sense of duty  C. seriousness     D. all of the above

5. The boy knew everything ____ .

A. the moment he was asked to stay behind   

B. when the teacher started talking about honesty

C. only some time later D. when he was walking out of the room





linked to

quite a few

have unpleasant associations with


fail to take into account

An increasing number of people



have passed

have gone

have done

have read



1.BD 2.DC


内容概要:本文讲述睡觉前给小孩阅读故事 (bedtime stories) 对于孩子的好处。Spreadbury博士认为:孩子即使上了小学,也不应该停止这种睡觉前的阅读。

11.     C。既然有好处,当然不能放弃

12.     A。根据文章主题句Bedtime stories are one of the delights of early





15.C。根据上文第一空中的to sb 短语。

16.Dthat 代指上文提到的内容,即most parents stop reading to them

17.B。根据文章意思,小孩一岁就停止阅读太早了too early )。

18.D。根据第一句中的bedtime stories 可以确定答案。

19.A。根据上文中提到的睡前阅读使父母和儿童更加接近,因而选easier (容易)

20. Ccelebrating 表示庆祝,与上文中的……….about things that are worrying them相对比


1. B 故事发生在考试进行期间,故选B

2.C“She showed me that hers was out of ink and would not write.”可知她的笔坏了。

3.D “Later, after the test papers had been turned in, the teacher asked me to stay in the room…”可知考完试后,老师让他留下(stay behind)。

4.A “For a long time, she talked about honesty and emphasized(强调)…”可知老师反复强调的就是cheat的反面诚实(honesty)。

5.C 由最一段“Later on…”可知



中山一中高二级英语知识挑战小测答案    (2008 – 4-26 )


I完成下列短语搭配:(每个空格填一词;每个1, 10分)

1up  2. costs  3. on   4. around; about   5. vain   6. liar   7. up   8. down   9.to 

10. bathed


II单词拼写:(每个空格填一词; 每个2, 10分)


III 单句填空:(每个空格2分;30个空格, 60分;注意: 有些空格不止一词)

1. must   2. should   3. did it     4. should     5. likely

6. Had     7.as      8.Faced     9 .by          10. makes; embarrassed

11. do    12. can’t   13. would tell  14. up; when   15. packed

16. priced  17. lighten; becoming; replaced    18. or   19. into; of; causing

20. treatment   21. in    22. as; which

IV 课外文段填空:(每个空格2分;共20 分) 

1. more   2. what    3. a    4. it     5. There     6. in     7. healthier

8. failure  9. be seen  10. in


附加题:1. presented    2. at     3. which     4. for      5. as

        6. in           7. from    8. What     9. were   10. when






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