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Challenge both your English & minds





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Youth may be a state of mind, but it seems to be stopped at the age of 28, stirring controversy over plans for a half-day off on Youth Day on May 4. 

Youth Day has been on the national holidays statute since 1949 as one on which people within specified age limits can take half day off, but the policy is not widely promoted by the government till this year.  Chinese Youth Day was established in December 1949 to commemorate the beginning of the May 4th Movement in 1919, a student protest that grew out of dissatisfaction with the Treaty of Versailles settlement. -----1314


 You could be infected with a disease with which you have no resistance.  1316



I would like to express to you my shock at the way you were attacked in Paris on April 7 when you were holding the Olympic flame. You showed outstanding courage, which honors you, and your country,"  1313

This is another internationally renowned high-tech enterprise to be located in Fu Zhou.  1425                                                                                                                             


A crowd of over 100,000 people cheered wildly as Cheng Yonghua - all wet in a downpour - carried the Beijing Olympic Torch to the closing ceremony yesterday. ----1423



   One netizen explained his viewpoint in terms of reporting attitude on the Xinhua News Agency BBS. "Just demand that CNN quickly withdraw all the offices in China. We are fully justified to expel this kind of media which cannot report news justly."  1420



 1. Jack London poured into his writings all the pain of his life,the fierce hatred of the bourgeoisie that it had produced in him,and the conviction it had brought to him that the world could be made a better place to live in if the exploited would rise up and take the management of society out of the hands of the exploiters.

文 杰克•敦在作品中了他一生中所遭受的一切痛苦,倾诉这种痛苦在他心中生的对资产阶级的刻骨仇恨以及由此生的这样的信念:如果被削者起反抗,从剥削者手中回社管理,那世界就会变成一人人有好日子的地方。


2. Along with them goes social mobility,ambition to rise in the urban world,a main factor in bringing down the births in Europe in the nineteenth century.



3. For example,they do not compensate for gross social inequality,and thus do not tell how able an underprivileged youngster might have been had he grown up under more favorable circumstances.

文 例如,它们并不弥的社不公;因此,它们说明不了一质条件差的,如果在好的境下成有多大的才干。



1. 参加集会             attend assembly           

2. 封底            on the back cover 

3. 赢得某人的尊敬       earn respect from sb.             

4. 和某人在一起感到轻松 feel at ease with sb. 

5. 告之某人某事         inform sb. of sth.            

6. 和某人约会           make an appointment with               

7. 捐赠某物给某人      donate sth. to sb.                      

8. 放弃一些学科         drop some subjects                 

9. 在校园里             on campus                 

10. 培养某方面的兴      develop an interest in           





Now he has grown up, he no longer takes any interest in collecting stamps.




attend  vt   (1) 出席, 参加; (, 教堂)

(2) 照料, 看护

(3) 陪伴, 服侍, 随行[

(4) 照料, 办理(to)


attend the meeting出席会议;  

attend church    去教堂

be attended by...陪同; ...照料



The speech was attended by wild applause.


It isn’t enough to just read your textbooks; you have to _______ lecture as well.

  A. attend    B. present at   C. join     D. take part in

A man is being questioned in relation to the ________ murder last night. 2004江苏)

A. advised                 B. attended        

 C. attempted              D. admitted



Former British PM caught riding without a ticket

LONDON -- Former prime minister Tony Blair was caught _______[travell] on a train without a ticket and any cash to pay the fare, his spokesman said on Wednesday.

Blair was confronted by a ticket inspector as he travelled to London's Heathrow airport to _______ a flight to the United States on Monday, spokesman Matthew Doyle said.

"Mr Blair just didn't have any cash on him," Doyle said. "One of the policemen travelling with him offered _______[pay] for the ticket, but the ticket inspector said it wasn't necessary."

A ticket should cost 24.50 pounds (49 dollars, 30 euros).

Blair, 54, is believed _______[earn] around one million dollars on the speaking circuit since standing down in June after a decade in charge.

Soon after leaving office, he took up a post as the Middle East envoy for the international Quartet of the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States.

He also has a lucrative part-time post _______ advisor to Wall Street bank JP Morgan and advises Swiss company Zurich Financial Services on a range of issues including climate change.

Blair's wife Cherie, a judge, _______[fine] after being caught riding a train without a ticket on her way to a court case in Luton, just north of London, in 2000.




String puppets come to Beijing




The Quanzhou string puppet. It is the heart of a time honored art in east China's Fujian province. The puppet is regarded as the most difficult in the world to manipulate. There are over two thousand years of history behind the Quanzhou puppet. Performers of the art ________ a drama for the Beijing audience Tuesday night. 


The puppet show "The Inspector General" is________  from Gogol's satiric novel. There are no performers on stage, only puppets. It's a reform that Quanzhou performers have brought the puppet to the theatre. 


The puppets are able to execute complex moves, like smoking the long stem Chinese pipe. There are more strings around here than in any ordinary puppet show. An ordinary puppet normally is furnished with about 20-strings. Puppets in this show have three dozen. All main ________ can be controlled. The most challenging aspect for show's performers: they handle puppets with strings three meters long.


The strings on other types of puppets normally are less than a meter. ________ the strings of the Quanzhou puppet and keeping them from becoming entangled, requires the hand of a master.












 to pay

to have earned


was fined








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