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Challenge both your English & minds





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Week 9

1 Since the beginning of the year, the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index has shed about 40 percent, partly due to concerns about the profitability of listed companies in a _______[weak] economy  ----1402


2 Brazilian striker Romario announced his_______[ retire]t on Monday at the age of 42, ending a career in which he won the World Cup, was involved in numerous controversies and claimed to have scored more than 1,000 goals.----1407

3  Report from different groups of independent scientists have clearly warned us that we are _______ toward a global catastrophe and are about to pass the point of no return. ---1411

4 Recommendations for fish _______[consume] during pregnancy should take into account the nutritional benefits of fish as well as the potential harms from mercury exposure. ---1316

.5  ---The child didn’t take the medicine yesterday evening, did he?


  A. No, but I wish he did        B. Yes, but I wish he did

  C. No, but I wish he had        D. Yes, but I wish he had


 6. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.       A. take    B. hold    C. make    D. get


 7. Many new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.
   A. opportunities    B. realities    C. necessities      D. probabilities


8. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough _____ for his organizing ability.     A. scope    B. space    C. capacity    D. range


9When Cynthia arrived f0r w0rk the next m0rning, Partircia, the st0re manager asked her to come to her small office and handed her a box. I overheard you        to your son yesterday, she said, and I know that it is        to explain things to kids. This is a baseball glove f0r Jessie. I know you have to pay bills        you can buy gloves.

10 Smoke was coming from the chimney and we knocked hard on the door. However, there was no answer. There was a path that   12  to the farmhouse, so we decided to follow this. We walked along the path for about twenty minutes and       a narrow road. We stopped and wondered.  “Which way now?”     we were thinking, a small van came round the corner. We waved and the       stopped. “Where do you want to go? ”








I would like to express to you my shock at the way you were attacked in Paris on April 7 when you were holding the Olympic flame. You showed outstanding courage, which honors you, and your country,"  1313

This is another internationally renowned high-tech enterprise to be located in Fu Zhou.  1425                                                                                                                             


A crowd of over 100,000 people cheered wildly as Cheng Yonghua - all wet in a downpour - carried the Beijing Olympic Torch to the closing ceremony yesterday. ----1423



   One netizen explained his viewpoint in terms of reporting attitude on the Xinhua News Agency BBS. "Just demand that CNN quickly withdraw all the offices in China. We are fully justified to expel this kind of media which cannot report news justly."  1420



 1. Jack London poured into his writings all the pain of his life,the fierce hatred of the bourgeoisie that it had produced in him,and the conviction it had brought to him that the world could be made a better place to live in if the exploited would rise up and take the management of society out of the hands of the exploiters.

文 杰克?敦在作品中注了他一生中所遭受的一切痛苦,倾诉这种痛苦在他心中生的对资产阶级的刻骨仇恨以及由此生的这样的信念:如果被削者起反抗,从剥削者手中回社管理,那世界就会变成一人人有好日子的地方。


2. Along with them goes social mobility,ambition to rise in the urban world,a main factor in bringing down the births in Europe in the nineteenth century.

文 伴的是社的流性,人强烈地希望在城市里展,19纪欧洲出生率下降的主要因素。


3. For example,they do not compensate for gross social inequality,and thus do not tell how able an underprivileged youngster might have been had he grown up under more favorable circumstances.

文 例如,它们并不弥的社不公;因此,它们说明不了一质条件差的年人,如果在好的境下成有多大的才干。


71. He stopped his ears with his hands to _____ the terrible noise.
   A. show off    B. cut out    C. keep from    D. shut out

72. My house is the only brick one on the street. It _____ and you can't miss it.
   A. stands up    B. looks out    C. sticks out    D. wipes out

73. After the show, the crowd _____ out of the theater.
   A. poured    B. melted    C. drew    D. dismissed


74. Although it is not our normal _____ to give credit, this time I think we should consider the matter more closely.
   A. state    B. intention    C. occasion    D.

75. It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name in _____.
   A. news    B. print    C. publication    D. press


76. The engineers have rejected the employers' proposals to end the strike and the other workers have come out in _____.
   A. opposition    B. return    C. sympathy    D. readiness

77. Her work is often very hard and she gets very tired. The work is _____.
   A. wonderful    B. splendid    C. tedious    D. magnificent

78. With prices _____ so much, it's hard for the company to plan a budget.
   A. fluctuating    B. waving    C. swinging    D. vibrating




A inspirational

 B Failing is what makes us feel human.

C in the throes of a mid-life crisis

 D X Factor

 E from rags to riches

 F a life-threatening illness

Let's give him a hand for failing

How refreshing to find a quitter in an age when, if you're told you have __________, it's almost obligatory to make plans to conquer Qomolangma without supplemental oxygen or cycle across the States on your one remaining leg.2

  You can barely open a newspaper without finding a courageous, __________ tale undertaken by a courageous, inspirational individual, but still, sometimes it might be nice to hear about the people with life-threatening illnesses and one leg who decide to stay at home and sit on the sofa.
  Failure has its own charms. Qomolangma would be an inspiring symbol of nature's majesty rather than a testing ground for men __________. And after the first week of statue-cheering and statue-toppling, George W. Bush would have decided occupation looked like a bit of an uphill struggle and brought the boys back home.2

  These days life resembles a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel, with every one of us expected to go __________.3 Our expectations of what life has to offer have succumbed to the narrative demands of prime-time entertainment, in which, from The __________ to Masterchef, you must be prepared to sacrifice everything – career, self-respect, dignity – in order to pursue success.

  Which is strange. Life's winners generally being life's smug bastards. Whose Christmas parties you never feel like going to; whose
2 million houses you'd rather not hear about. __________ Princess Diana the divorcee with disastrous taste in men was so much more compelling than Shy Di the Virgin Bride, 4and Prince Harry had better wake up from his gap year in Afghanistan and realize what we want is pictures of him falling off his tank and shooting himself in the foot. Lose and the world loses with you, Harry. 5Just ask Mark Boyle.


Barbara Taylor Bradford: An English novelist. Her 1979 debut, A Woman of Substance, ranks as one of the top 10 bestselling novels in history, with more than 30 million copies in print. She is also the first author in publishing history to record 22 consecutive bestselling novels in both the US and the UK. According to the UK's Telegraph newspaper, a typical Bradford plot "involves beautiful, talented women fighting back the tears in the face of adversity, meeting men with white teeth and rugged (
粗糙的) tans (古铜皮肤), and emerging rich and happy."






 It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children to be responsible for housework, but with one of the following suggestions, you really can get your children to help at home.

  If you give your children the impression that they can never do anything quite right, then they will regard themselves as unfit or unable persons. Unless children believe they can succeed, they will never become totally independent.

  My daughter Carla’s fifth - grade teacher made every child in her class feel special. When students received less than a prefect test score, she would point out what they had mastered and declared firmly they could learn what they had missed.

  You can use the same technique when you evaluate your child’s work at home. Don’t always scold and give lots of praise instead. Talk about what he has done right, not about what he hasn’t done. If your child completes a difficult task, promise him a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad.

  Learning is a process of trying and failing and trying and succeeding. If you teach your children not to fear a mistake of failure, they will learn faster and achieve success at last.

  21The whole passage deals with ________.

  A. social education        B. school education

C. family education        D. pre-school education

  22The author thinks that________.

  A. there is no way to get children to help at home

  B. the more encouragement and praise you give, the more responsible and helpful children will become

  C. it is very difficult to make children responsible for housework

D. children can be forced to help with housework

  23The article gives us a good suggestion about how to evaluate(评价)your child’s work at home. That is to ________.

  A. praise his success        B. promise him a trip

C. give him a punishment      D. promise him a ball game

  24The author advises readers to________.

  A. learn from himself, for he has a good way of teaching

  B. take pride in Carla’s fifth - grade teacher

  C. do as what Carla’s teacher did in educating children

D. follow Carla’s example because she never fails in the test

 25Having read the last paragraph, we can conclude that ________.

  A. pride goes before a fall

  B. practice makes perfect

  C. no pains, no gains

D. failure is the mother of success





On the President’s Program







1. reverse              逆转

2. slide                滑坡

3. plague            瘟疫;折磨,困扰

4. tariff               关税

5. decry                谴责,诋毁

6. lever                杠杆;用杠杆撬动

7. crux                 症结

8. ideologue            空想家,思想家

9. intact               原封不动的,完整无损的

10.   investment credit    投资信贷

11.   research grant           研究基金


   President Arling has put his long awaited economic restructuring program before the Congress. It provides a coordinated program of investment credits, research grants, education reforms, and tax changes designed to make American industry more competitive. This is necessary to reverse the economic slide into unemployment, lack of growth, and trade deficits that have plagued the economy for the past six years.

   The most liberal wing of the President’s party has called for stronger and more direct action. They want an incomes policy to check inflation while federal financing helps rebuild industry behind a wall of protective tariffs.

   The Republicans, however, decry even the modest, graduated tax increases in the President’s program. They want tax cuts and more open market. They say if federal money has to be injected into the economy, let it through defence spending.

   Both these alternatives ignore the unique nature of the economic problem before us. It is not simply a matter of markets or financing. The new technology allows vastly increased production for those able to master it. But it also threatens those who fail to adopt it with permanent second-class citizenship in the world economy. If an industry cannot lever itself up to the leading stage of technological advances, then it will not be able to compete effectively. If it cannot do this, no amount of government protectionism or access to foreign markets can keep it profitable for long. Without the profits and experience of technological excellence to reinvest, that industry can only fall still further behind its foreign competitors.

   So the crux is the technology and that is where the President’s program focused. The danger is not that a plan will not be passed, it is that the ideologues of right and left will distort the bill with amendments that will blur its focus on technology. The economic restructuring plan should be passed intact. If we fail to restructure our economy now, we may not get a second chance.


1. The focus of the President’s program is on

[A] investment.

[B] economy.

[C] technology.

[D] tax.

2. What is the requirement of the most liberal wing of the Democratic-party?

[A] They want a more direct action.

[B] They want an incomes policy to check inflation.

[C] They want to rebuild industry.

[D] They want a wall of protective tariffs.

3. What is the editor’s attitude?

[A] support.

[B] distaste.

[C] Disapproval.

[D] Compromise.

4. The danger to the plan lies in

[A] the two parties’ objection.

[B] different idea of the two parties about the plan.

[C] its passage.

[D] distortion.

5. The passage is

[A] a review.

[B] a preface.

[C] a advertisement.

[D] an editorial.





1. This is necessary to reverse the economic slide into unemployment, lack of growth, and trade deficits that have plagued the economy for the past six years.




71[答案] D. shut out.
注释]shut out排除。参看IV.64

show off
炫耀; cut out删掉; keep from; 1) 隐瞒; She kept the truth from me. (她向我隐瞒真相。) 2) 不沾, 避开; He keeps from alcohol. (他滴酒不沾。) 3) 使不做某事:She kept herself from laughing. (她没有笑出来。)

72[答案] C. stick out.
注释]stick out (=protrude, project) 伸出, 突出; 显露, 显眼:1) The doctor asked him to stick his tongue out. 2) Spelling mistakes stick out in this composition. (这篇作文中拼写错误很显眼。) stick out (=endure to the end) 坚持到底; If you can stick out a bit longer ,everything will be all right. (假如你能在坚持一下, 一切都会好起来。
wipe out
擦去, 消灭, 参看III.193.注释.

73[答案] A. poured.
注释]pour 此处意为:涌出, 涌来, 如:People poured out to the rally. (人们踊跃参加群众大会。


74[答案] D. practice.
注释]practice (=way of doing sth. That is common or habitual; sth. done regularly) 做法, 惯例 It is my practice always to rise early. To give credit 让赊欠:No credit is given at this shop. (这家商店概不赊欠。)

75[答案] B. print.
注释]in print是习语, 意指印出来, 发表出来”, 如:She finally saw her novel in print. (她终于看到他的小说出版了。) in print 的另一个意思是在印行, 还在发行”, 如:This book is still in print. (这本书还在发行, 可以买到) 反义词是out of print , 意指不在印行, 买不到了。如:The book you speak of is out of print. (你说到的那本书已不在发行了。)

78[答案] A. fluctuating
注释]本句前一部分是"with+名词+现在分词短语"的独立结构, 做状语。Fluctuate (=move up and down) (指物价, 标准等的) 波动。如:Prices fluctuate from year to year. (物价年年波动) wave飘扬, 挥舞; 招手; (庄稼的) 波动。Swing摆动, 摇摆; vibrate振动。可见, 根据题意, 只能选A. fluctuating.

77[答案] C. tedious .
注释] tedious (=tiresome ;wearying; uninteresting) "沉闷的, 厌烦的, 乏味的

壮丽的, 辉煌的, 极好的。magnificent 壮丽的, 宏伟的:It was a magnificent ceremony. (这是一次盛大隆重的仪式)

76[答案] C. sympathy.
注释] in sympathy 以示同情, come out 此处意为 (=declare oneself) 表明态度, 所以come out in sympathy 意为表示同情In return 作为报答, 如:I wanted nothing in return . (我不要什么报答。) collaboration协作, 如:work in collaboration with sb. (与某人协力合作) Opposition 反对, 如:rise in opposition to (起来反对) readiness 准备 (状态); 待机, 如:having everything in readiness for departure (做好一切准备, 以便出发)








23【解析】A。倒数第二段有这样一句话,“Talk about what he has done right, not about what he hasn't done”.

24【解析】C。本文第三段肯定了Carla的教学方法,第四段第一句告诉你“You can use the same technique when you evaluate your child’s work at home ”.






1. C 工艺技术。最后一段第一句“问题的症结就在于工艺技术,这就是总统计划的要点所在。”第四段:“对掌握新技术的人来说,新技术使他们大大增产,而新技术对不能掌握它的人来说,在世界经济中他们面临沦为永久性的二等公民的危险。如果不能做到这一点,那么任何政府保护主义,进入国际市场都不能有效地竞争。如果不能有技术优势的利润和经验再投资,工业只能进一步落后于国外竞争对手。”这些都说明总统计划的重点再工艺技术。


2. A 更直接行动。第二段“总统的党内几段自由翼要求更强硬、更直接行动。他们要求用收入(税收)政策来制止通货膨胀;联邦财政在关税保护下,帮助重建工业。”


3. A支持。第四、五段集中了评论者的观点,支持的理由和论点。


4. D歪曲。最后一段第二句:“其危险不在于计划将不被通过,而在于左和右的思想理论家们用修正案来歪曲提案,使计划要点蒙尘模糊不清,经济重建计划应原封不动地通过。”这是作者的态度,也是他所担心之处。


5. D 社论。





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