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Challenge both your English & minds





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中山一中高二级英语知识挑战小测答案    (2008 – 4-19 )

I 完成(20×1

1.       across

2.       late

3.       for

4.       as

5.       on

6.       on

7.       without

8.       on

9.       of

10.   to

11.   doing

12.   take

13.   effects

14.   to

15.   through

16.   for

17.   faith

18.   tracks

19.   between




1.       prohibit

2.       symptom

3.       adaptation

4.       carrier

5.       prescription

6.       tablets

7.       underlined

8.       thorough

9.       systematic

10.   tissue


III 单句(30×2

1.         out

2.         to obey

3.         pours

4.         Written

5.         Recognizing

6.         read

7.         that

8.         of

9.         including

10.     available

11.     sitting

12.     living

13.     changing

14.     that

15.     that

16.     matter

17.     their

18.     had not rained

19.     up

20.     on

21.     had asked

22.     would have been admitted

23.     what

24.     from, to

25.     for

26.     has taken

27.     who

28.     it

29.     to,

30.     with

IV 课外(10×1 

1.         to win

2.         became

3.         record

4.         but

5.         wonderfully

6.         an

7.         for

8.         else

9.         However

10.     what

The sluggish stock market also forced consumers to _____tight their purse strings because of the depreciated financial investment."

Since the beginning of the year, the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index has shed about 40 percent, partly due to concerns about the profitability of listed companies in a _____weak economy  ----1402

"I burst into tears when I saw you protect the torch_____ all your effort. You defend the Olympic spirit," wrote one fan on sohu.com.

She held onto the torch tightly and guarded it with her body. During the struggle her chin and shoulder _____scratch.--------14 04

Habits, important _____ they are, genes alone are never absolutely responsible for any trait. What we can do is set by the genes, but what we actually do largely determined by the environment. ----1405 Daniel

Despite cutting his season short due to a knee injury, Yi said his first NBA journey, _____ which he averaged 8.6 points and 5.2 rebounds in 25 minutes per game, was a _____fruit experience. ----- 1406

Brazilian striker Romario announced his retirement on Monday at the age of 42, _____end a career in which he won the World Cup, was involved in numerous controversies and claimed to have scored more than 1,000 goals.----1407

  Actions speak louder than _____, however the words of Olympic torch hero Jin Jing trumpeted louder than her brave deeds. "I would die to protect the torch," she said. ------1408

The report, released by MasterCard Worldwide on Tuesday, said that brands are important to affluent consumers, with those in Shanghai and Guangzhou _____ greater emphasis on brand names compared to their Beijing counterparts----1409

Report from different groups of independent scientists have clearly warned us that we are _____ toward a global catastrophe and are about to pass the point of no return. ---1411


CNN's ulterior motive in targeting the Chinese government, continuing to mislead public opinion as well as deceiving the Chinese people will never succeed.---1415

Recommendations for fish consumption during pregnancy should take into account the _____nutrition benefits of fish as well as the potential harms from mercury exposure. ---1316

The other bad news comes from the home turf【区域;地区】: a blizzard at a scale not seen since 1951 pummeled the southern economic powerhouse of China, paralyzing transportation, crippling【损坏:丧失】 power supply and _____make millions of people suffer in extreme cold. 

Some in China and elsewhere anticipate that the blizzards may drag down China's GDP in January _____ one percent. Consequentially, it seems improper for Beijing to stick to a "tight" monetary policy, by announcing more interest rate rises, _____ contrast to US Federal Reserve's incessant rate cuts during the past two months. ---1305   




66. I just managed to _____ a quick breath before I was sucked under the water by the passing boat.
   A. snatch    B. scratch    C. scrape    D. scan

67. My brother likes eating very much but he isn't very _____ about the food he eats.
   A. special    B. peculiar    C. particular    D. unusual

68. I don't think the charge for overhauling (大修)the equipment is excessive in _____ to its size.
   A. correspondence    B. equation
   C. proportion        D. dimension


69. Voices were _____ as the argument between the two motorists became more bad-tempered.
   A. swollen    B. raised    C. developed    D. increased


70. Having lived in the town for quite a few years, Mr. Johnson no longer felt _____ among the local people.
   A. out of order      B. out of place
   C. out of control    D. out of the question


On a cold December morning, my mother and I were walking home from a pizza store. We were dressed warmly and equipped  36  the video we had been dying to watch. I was feeling a little  37  , as I was carrying our shopping bags of snacks and the video.
    They were so heavy that I decided to  38   some things. So I started to walk towards the garbage can when I  39  a poor man walking his bike out of the restaurant in front of us. He held a paper bag with his dirty hand. He  40  over to another nearby garbage can and started  41  it.
    I suddenly felt very  42  . I knew this man would take all he could get,   43  I walked up to him and  44   the drink and some snacks over to him. The man, with lines on his face and wrinkles on his forehead, looked up in  45  and took what I gave him.
    A huge smile  46  across his face and this caused me to feel indescribable  47  . I felt like I couldn’t be  48   with myself, but then he said: “Wow, first someone gives me this sandwich, then this drink, and now some  49  food; this is my daughter’s  50  day!”
    He thanked me  51   and started off on his bike. I even heard him whistling a song as he rode away.
    I now  52  what is meant by the saying “giving is getting”. Everyone in the world needs help, everyone can  53  help and everyone will be helped by showing  54 .
The image of that man’s happiness caused by my small gift appears in my mind every time I have the  55  to do something nice.



36  A. for              B. of               C. with             D. about

37  A. excited         B. puzzled      C. tired           D. satisfied

38  A. pick out       B. eat up      C. put down        D. throw away

39  A. heard           B. noticed       C. felt               D. watched

40  A. headed         B. rode           C. ran                D. fled

41  A. breaking into                  B. looking through     

C. staring at                       D. searching for

42  A. cold             B. afraid          C. guilty           D. content

43  A. but              B. because        C. so              D. if

44  A. turned          B. thought        C. took           D. handed

45  A. surprise        B. detail           C. case            D. return

46  A. disappeared      B. paused          C. existed       D. spread

47  A. disappointment                     B. shame            

C. satisfaction                         D. victory

48  A. sadder         B. angrier           C. happier        D. crazier

49  A. cheap           B. tasty              C. clean             D. useful

50  A. lucky            B. busy            C. interesting       D. quiet

51  A. carefully       B. happily        C. calmly       D. fortunately

52  A. remember                          B. understand         

C. appreciate                         D. recognize

53  A efuse             B. receive           C. offer             D. find

54  Akindness     B. eagerness   C. willingness     D. braveness

55 .Achance        B. desire          C. purpose        D. feeling







Imagining being asked to spend twelve or so years of your life in a society which consisted only of members of own sex. How would you react? Unless there was something definitely wrong with you, you wouldn’t be too happy about it, to say the least. It is all the more surprising therefore that so many parents in the world choose to impose such abnormal conditions on their children – conditions which they themselves wouldn’t put up with for one minute!

       Any discussion of this topic is bound to question the aims of education. Stuffing children’s heads full of knowledge is far from being foremost among them. One of the chief aims of educations is to equip future citizens with all they require to take their place in adult society. Now adult society is made up of men and women, so how can a segregated school possibly offer the right sort of preparation for it? Anyone entering adult society after years of segregation can only be in for a shock.

       A co-educational school offers children nothing less than a true version of society in miniature. Boys and girls are given the opportunity to get to know each other, to learn to live together from their earliest years. They are put in a position where they can compare themselves with each other in terms of academic ability, athletic achievement and many of the extra-curricular activities which are part of school life. What a practical advantage it is ( to give just a small example ) to be able to put on a school play in which the male parts will be taken by boys and the female parts by girls! What nonsense co-education makes of the argument that boys are cleverer than girl or vice-versa. When segregated, boys and girls are made to feel that they are a race apart. Rivalry between the sexes is fostered. In a coeducational school, everything falls into its proper place.

       But perhaps the greatest contribution of co-education is the healthy attitude to life it encourages. Boys don’t grow up believing that women are mysterious creatures – airy goddesses, more like book-illustrations to a fairy-tale, than human beings. Girls don’t grow up imagining that men are romantic heroes. Years of living together at school dispel illusions of this kind. There are no goddesses with freckles, pigtails, piercing voices and inky fingers. There are no romantic heroes with knobbly knees, dirty fingernails and unkempt hair. The awkward stage of adolescence brings into sharp focus some of the physical and emotional problems involved in growing up. These can better be overcome in a co-educational environment. Segregated schools sometimes provide the right conditions for sexual deviation. This is hardly possible under a co-educational system. When the time comes for the pupils to leave school, they are fully prepared to enter society as well-adjusted adults. They have already had years of experience in coping with many of the problems that face men and women.


1.       What is the best title for this passage?
[A] only co-education can be in harmony with society.
[B] people are in great need of co-education.
[C] any form of education other than co-education is simply unthinkable.
[D] co-education has many features.

2.       what does co-education offer to children?
[A] A society.
[B] A true small model of society.
[C] A real life.
[D] True version of social condition.

3.       According to the passage, what is one of the chief aims of education?
[A] It is for students to acquire knowledge.
[B] It is to equip future citizens with scientific technology.
[C] It is to equip future citizens with what is required in getting a position in society.
[D] It is for students to get academic achievements.

4.       Why do boys and girls in co-education have no illusion about each other?
[A] They live together and know each other too well.
[B] Years of living together at school dismiss such illusion.
[C] co-education encourage them to have an healthy attitude toward life.
[D] They are familiar with each other’s problems.



1.       to be in for = receive                           接受
       He is in for punishment. 

2.       miniature                                            缩样,雏形,微型画

3.       freckle                                               雀斑

4.       pigtail                                                 鞭子

5.       knobbly = knobby                               多节的                                             

6.       unkempt                                             乱七八糟,蓬乱的

7.       sharp focus = clear view                     
      bring into focus         
      bring into sharp focus    

8.       deviation                                             越轨,偏离,入歧途



1.       all the more

2.       a co-educational school offers children nothing less than a true version of society in miniature.

3.       The awkward stage of adolescence brings into sharp focus some of the physical and emotional problems involved in growing up.



66[答案] A. snatch.
注释] snatch的原义是攫取; 抓住; 夺得。本题中snatch意指匆忙间设法得到”, 如:He snatched an hour of sleep. (他匆匆睡了一小时觉。) snatch a quick breath (匆忙猛吸了一口气)

67[答案] C. particular.
注释]be particular about......讲究, 挑剔; She is very particular about what she wears. (她对她得穿着很讲究。) Mr. Smith was quite particular about my work. (史密斯先生对工作十分挑剔。)

68[答案] C. proportion.
注释]in proportion to是固定搭配, 意为......成比例, .......相称。反义语:out of proportion不成比例,不相称。本题称。
本题译文:我认为该设备的大修费并不过分, 是与它的大小相称的。

69[答案] B. raised.
注释]raise (=lift up) one's voice提高嗓门, 高声叫喊。Raise one's voice against sth. 意为为抗议某事而大声疾呼”, 如:As no one raised his voice against the plan, it was agreed on. (因为没有人发表反对意见, 该计划就一致通过了。) voice的常用习语有:the public voice (舆论) , under one's voice (小声地) , with one voice (异口同声地,一致地) ,lose one's voice (嗓子哑了, 说不出话来) , have no voice with (对某事无发言权)

70[答案] B. out of place.
注释]out of place (=in the wrong place or at the wrong time; not suitable; improper) (作表语用) 不适宜, 不得体:1) Joan was the only girl who wore a formal at the party, and she felt out of place. (=She felt embarrassed because her dress was not suitable for the party.) 2) It was out of place for Russell to laugh at the old lady. (=It was not proper; she should not have done it.) 此外,out of place (=not in the right usual place or position) (作状语用) 不在原来通常的地方:Helen fell and knocked one of her teeth out of place. Out of order 发生故障; 失调。Out of control 失去控制。Out of the question 不可能的。



36.     【解析】Cbe equipped with表示带有;配备有

37.     【解析】C。根据后半句及第二段第一句可知作者拿着那么多东西感到有点

38.     【解析】D。根据下一句作者走向垃圾箱及本句前半句可知作者想扔掉一些物品。

39.     【解析】B。作者注意到一位可怜的人推着自行车走出饭店。如选择D项,意味着作者一直在注视着这个人,显然与文意不符。

40.     【解析】Ahead此处是动词,意思是……方向走。根据本段前面walking一词可知他没有骑车,所以B项错误。

41.     【解析】B。他仔细往垃圾箱里看,希望能发现自己所需要的东西。C项指因惊奇、愤怒或恐惧等而凝视,因此不恰当。如选择D项,应去掉for

42.     【解析】C。拾荒者的悲惨境况让作者感到内疚

43.     【解析】C。作者知道他因生活所迫会拿走任何可以带走的东西,所以就走了过去。

44.     【解析】D。作者非常同情他,把食物递给了他

45.     【解析】A。一位素不相识的陌生人竟然给了自己这么多好吃的食物,所以他感到很吃惊

46.     【解析】D。他的脸上荡起了笑容。

47.     【解析】C。作者没有想到自己的举手之劳给了对方这么多快乐,因此非常满足

48.     【解析】C。作者从来没有这么高兴过。

49.     【解析】B。根据前sandwich半句可知是美味的食物。

50.     【解析】A。能吃到如此可口的食品,女儿很幸运

51.     【解析】B。他高兴地谢过我就骑车离开了。

52.     【解析】B。作者现在才理解”giving is getting的含义。

53.     【解析】C。每个人都可以提供帮助。

54.     【解析】A友爱可以使每个人都得到帮助。

55.     【解析】A。作者每次遇到做好事的机会,脑海中总会浮现出那个拾荒者。



1.       C 除了男女合校,其他形式的教育简直难以想象。答案见第一段“设想请你在一个只有你一样性别的人存在的社会生活12年光景,你会如何反应呢?除非你本人确实有毛病,否则,你至少不会太高兴。因此,世界上有那么多的父母愿意把这种不正常的环境(他们自己一分钟都受不了的环境)强加给他们的孩子们,这太令人惊讶!”第二段讲“教育的目的之一就是为未来的公民在成人社会中找一席之地,准备好需要的一切。而社会由男女组成,那分校又怎能准备?”后两段讲合校之优点,分校之缺点,具体对比突出主题。这都说明C 最合适。
只有合校才能和社会相协调。D. 合校有许多特点。这两项文章内容涉及到,但作为最佳标题则不确切。B. 人们非常需要合校。文内没有直接谈到。

2.       B 一个真实社会的缩影。这在第三段第一句“男女合校确实能给孩子们提供一个社会真实的缩影。”下面的内容都是围绕这个主题而写的具体情况。如:生活在一起,彼此了解,对比等。
社会。C. 一种真实的生活。D. 真实的社会情况。都没有B项那样确切。

3.       C 为未来公民在社会上拥有一席之地,准备好所需要的一切。这在第二段“这个话题的讨论必然会引出教育目的的问题。把各种知识塞进孩子头脑远不是教育主要的目的,教育的主要目的之一是为未来公民在成人社会求得一席之地,准备好所需一切。”
学生学到只是。B. 以科技武装未来公民。C.为学生缺德学术成就。都只是知识学习的一个部分。

4.       B 几年学校共同生活打消了幻想。答案在第四段中,“在学校中,几年生活在一起消除这一类的幻想。没有什么脸上有雀斑,梳着鞭子,涂着指甲,尖的噪音的女神,也没有膝部有疙瘩,指甲脏兮兮,头发乱蓬蓬的浪漫英雄。棘手的青春期明显呈现出来的成长过程中身体上和感情上的问题,在男女合校环境中得到很好的解决。”
他们生活在一起,彼此太了解。此答案太过,不是太了解而不产生幻想,而是了解情况;真人就在眼前,人就实际了,消除了幻想。C. 合校鼓励他们对生活有一种健康积极的态度。这是合校的大方向,不是消除幻想的根本原因。D. 他们熟悉彼此的问题。不全是消除幻想之因,而是处理问题的前奏。这在最后一段最后两句话有说明“当学生离校的时刻来到时,他们已是很有适应性的成人,为进入社会做好了充分准备。他们已有几年处理面临男女的许多问题的经验。”








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