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The sluggish stock market also forced consumers to tighten their purse strings because of the depreciated financial investment."

Since the beginning of the year, the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index has shed about 40 percent, partly due to concerns about the profitability of listed companies in a weakened economy  ----1402


"I burst into tears when I saw you protect the torch with all your effort. You defend the Olympic spirit," wrote one fan on sohu.com.

She held onto the torch tightly and guarded it with her body. During the struggle her chin and shoulder were scratched.--------14 04


Habits, important as they are, genes alone are never absolutely responsible for any trait. What we can do is set by the genes, but what we actually do largely determined by the environment. ----1405 Daniel


Despite cutting his season short due to a knee injury, Yi said his first NBA journey, in which he averaged 8.6 points and 5.2 rebounds in 25 minutes per game, was a fruitful experience. ----- 1406


Brazilian striker Romario announced his retirement on Monday at the age of 42, ending a career in which he won the World Cup, was involved in numerous controversies and claimed to have scored more than 1,000 goals.----1407


  Actions speak louder than words, however the words of Olympic torch hero Jin Jing trumpeted louder than her brave deeds. "I would die to protect the torch," she said. ------1408


The report, released by MasterCard Worldwide on Tuesday, said that brands are important to affluent consumers, with those in Shanghai and Guangzhou placing greater emphasis on brand names compared to their Beijing counterparts----1409


Recommendations for fish consumption during pregnancy should take into account the nutritional benefits of fish as well as the potential harms

from mercury exposure. ---1316


The other bad news comes from the home turf【区域;地区】: a blizzard at a scale not seen since 1951 pummeled the southern economic powerhouse of China, paralyzing transportation, crippling【损坏:丧失】 power supply and making millions of people suffer in extreme cold. 

Some in China and elsewhere anticipate that the blizzards may drag down China's GDP in January by one percent.

Consequentially, it seems improper for Beijing to stick to a "tight" monetary policy, by announcing more interest rate rises, in contrast to US Federal Reserve's incessant rate cuts during the past two months. ---1305   



56. Kate's ambition to become a nurse _____ from a desire to help others.
   A. prompted    B. promoted    C. programmed    D. proceeded

57. The island where these rare birds nest has been declared a _____.
   A. observation     B. reservation
   C. preservation    D. conservation

57[答案] D. conservation.
注释] conservation 保存(自然资源等)

the conservation of soil and water 水土保持;

the law of conservation of energy 能量守恒定律。


 reservation (旅馆房间、戏院座位等的) 预定; 保留 (意见) ; []保留地:

1) Have you make your reservations? (你预定了没有?)

2) I will accept the suggestion without reservation. (我将毫无保留地接受这项建议。)

 3) The government has set apart Indian reservations. (政府已经划出印地安人保留地。)


We must strive for the preservation of our natural resources. (我们必须努力保护自然资源)

preservation of food


the preservation of world peace

    conservation, preservation, reservation
从汉语概念出发时很容易混淆。Conservation是动词conserve派生的名词, 与原来动词的意义相同, 表示"保持、保存, 强调珍惜、节用 Preservation是动词preserve派生的名词, 强调收藏、保存使之完好无损或质量不变; 常与食品、博物馆收藏的展品等词搭配

Reservation主要指意见、看法等的保留”; 保留地解时, 尤指美国印地安人保留地或澳大利亚土著民族保留地。

本题指自然生态的保持, conservation最切题。


 58. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.
   A. take    B. hold    C. make    D. get

59. The child enjoyed _____ up the wooden bricks then knocking them down.
   A. adding    B. pushing    C. piling    D. forming

60. John was very upset because he was _____ by the police with breaking the law.
   A. accused    B. arrested    C. sentenced    D. charged

61. It isn't quite _____ that he will be present at the meeting.
   A. sure    B. right    C. exact    D. certain

 62. Many new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education.
   A. opportunities    B. realities
   C. necessities      D. probabilities

63. The members of the club wouldn't run a _____ in entrusting(委托) the organization to an unreliable person.
   A. danger    B. risk    C. hazard    D. chance

64. The meeting was _____ when the chairman fell ill.
   A. put down    B. shut out    C. cut short    D. taken off

65. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough _____ for his organizing ability.
   A. scope    B. space    C. capacity    D. range






Chinese Ambassador to UK: If the West could listen attentively to China


(By Fu Ying, China's ambassador to London)

A previous B struggled C ensure D nourished E cheered F watery G continuous H saw I grab

On the morning of April 6, looking at the snowflakes falling outside the window, I could not but wonder what the torch relay would be like.

About 8 hours later, when the torch finally _____ through the route, Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes ran up to light the Olympic cauldron at the O2 dome, and 4,000 spectators _____, obviously with a sense of relief.

This day will be remembered, as Beijing met London with splashes and sparkles. It was an encounter between China, the first developing country to host the Olympics, and Britain, the first western country to greet the 2008 torch.

On the bus to the airport, I was with some young girls from the Beijing team, including an Olympic gold medalist, Miss Qiao.

They were convinced that the people here were against them. One girl remarked she couldn't believe this land _____ Shakespeare and Dickens.

Another asked: where is the "gentlemenship"? I used all my knowledge to argue for London, and looking into their _____ eyes, I knew I was not succeeding. I can't blame them.

They were running between vehicles for the whole day, noses red and hands cold, trying to service the torch bearers.

They had only about three hours of sleep the _____ night and some were having lunch sandwiches just now.

Worse still, they had to endure repeated violent attacks on the torch throughout the relay. I was fortunate to sit at the rear of the bus and saw smiling faces of Londoners who came out in the tens of thousands, old people waving and young performers dancing, braving the cold weather.

In the darkness of a London night, waving the chartered plane goodbye, I had a feeling the plane was heavier than when it landed. The torch will carry on, and the journey will educate the more than a billion Chinese people about the world, and the world about China.

A young friend in China wrote to me after watching the event on the BBC: "I felt so many things all at once – sadness, anger and confusion." It must have dawned on many like him that simply a sincere heart was not enough to _____ China's smooth integration[融合] with the world.

The wall that stands in China's way to the world is thick. In China, what's hot at this moment on the internet, which has 200 million users there, is not only the attempts to snatch the torch but also some moving images of Jin Jing, a slim young girl, a Paralympic athlete in a wheelchair, helped by a blind athlete. She held the torch with both arms to her chest as violent "protesters" tried repeatedly to _____ it from her during the Paris relay.

There is especially infuriated criticism of some of the misreporting of China in recent weeks, such as crafting photos or even using photos from other countries to prove a crackdown. On the other side of the wall, the story is different.

Standing in the middle, I am concerned that mutual perceptions between the people of China and the West are quickly drifting in opposite directions. I cannot help asking why, when it comes to China, the generalised accusations can easily be accepted without people questioning what exactly and specifically they mean; why any story or figures can stay on the news for days without factual support.

Even my own participation in the torch relay had been the subject of _____ speculation. I remember a local friend said, "We all like to read media stories. Only when it comes to ourselves do we know they can't all be true."

Of those who protested loudly, many probably have not seen Tibet. For the Chinese people, Tibet is a loved land and information about it is ample. Four million tourists visit Tibet every year. The past five years _____ the income of farmers and herdsmen increasing by 83.3 per cent. In 2006 there were more than 1,000 schools, with 500,000 students.





UN chief calls for efforts on food crisis



The UN chief says a rapidly escalating global food crisis has reached emergency proportions.


He called for emergency efforts to deal with the _____ at a high-level meeting of international trade and finance officials.


The World Bank has estimated that the _____ of food prices over the last three years could push 100 million people in low income countries _____ into poverty.


The UN _____ said the impact of growing global food crisis is real, and it's now the time to act.


Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General said "The international community will also need to take urgent and concerted action in order to avoid the larger political and security implications of this growing crisis."


Ban Ki-moon also called for short-term emergency measures in many regions to meet urgent food needs and avoid _____, and longer-term efforts to increase production of food grains.


The secretary general echoed World Bank President Robert Zoellick's appeal to governments to provide emergency aid to the world's largest humanitarian agency, the UN World Food Program.


The World Food Program has _____ an emergency appeal to donor countries for 500 million US dollars, saying the money is needed by May 1st to avoid cutting rations to some of the world's most impoverished regions.





61[答案] D. certain.
注释]I am sure that +从句。He is sure to come. = He is certain to come.但在it作形式主语, that引导主语从句时, 主句中表语只能用certain, 不能用sure.

62[答案] A. opportunities.
注释]opportunity常指“ (难得的应抓住的) 机会”, 既可作可数名词, 也可以作不可数名词用, 如:I had few opportunities of meeting interesting people there. They had not much opportunity for hearing good music in the remote area.

63[答案] B. risk.
注释]run a risk (in) 冒险:
You are running a big risk in trusting him.

64[答案] C. cut short.
注释]cut short (=interrupt) 打断, 中断:1) He made a suggestion, but I cut him short. (他提了个建议, 但我打断了他。) 2) He cut short his tour and returned home. (他中断旅行, 回家了。) shut off (=cut off, interrupt) 切断, 中断; 由指切断供应等, 如:The water was shut off for several hours while the plumber repaired the pipes. Shut out (=keep out; exclude; prevent form entering) ......关在外面, 排除, 不让入内:1) He shut the cat out. (他把猫关在外面。) 2) The law was designed to shut out immigrants. (这项法律旨在拒绝移民入竟。) 3) They shut out the dust by having double windows. (他们用双层窗户防尘。) 4) They begin to speak French, shutting out the boy from their conversation. (他们讲起法语来, 使这个男孩无法参加他们的谈话。)

65[答案] A. scope.
注释]本题中scope (=opportunity; outlet) 施展机会, 发展余地, 是不可数名词, 如:Give someone scope to show his ability. Range意指变动范围; 视听范围; 理解范围”, 如:the range of prices (价格变动范围).











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