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Challenge both your English & minds





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1. Such enormous numbers used to discourage us and cause us to dismiss the possibility of making a machine with human-like ability, but now that we have grown used to moving forward at such a ______ we can be less sure.

. 如此巨大的数目过去常常使我们感到泄气,以至于放弃了制造具有人类大脑功能的机器人的想法,然而由于我们已经习惯于如此迅速的发展,我们不再认为没有可能制造具有人类大脑功能的机器人了。

2. In such a ______, it is usually settled in the consumer’s favor, assuming he or she has a just claim.

. 在这种情况下,假如消费者提出的要求合理,常常按对其有利的方法解决。

3. The sight of Barney Clark- alive and conscious after ______ his diseased heart for a metal and plastic pump- convinced the press, the public and many doctors that the future had arrived.

. 新闻界,公众和许多医生看到巴尼克拉克以一个金属和塑料制成的人造心脏换下自己患病的心脏后仍然或者,并且头脑清醒,于是他们相信患者们的光明未来已经到来。

4. Any attempt to ______ the development from the noises babies make to their first spoken words leads to considerable difficulties.

. 试图探索婴儿从发声到开始说话的过程是十分困难的。



5. On this happy occasion, I'd like to say that we are _____ much obliged to you for your kind cooperation.

A. even so   B. ever so   C. as yet   D. so far

6. His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.

A. place    B. effect   C. post    D. office

7. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _____ him of speeding.

   A. charged    B. accused    C. blamed    D. deprived

  8. He is a very honest official and never _____ any gifts from the people who sought his help.

   A. accepted    B. received    C. took up    D. excepted

9. He was not _____ to the club because he wasn't a member.

   A. allowed    B. admitted    C. permitted    D. approved


10. The number of tickets _____ will be determined by the size of the stadium.

   A. adaptable    B. acceptable    C. advisable    D. available



 If the 24 hour-cycle is …… , most people experience unpleasant   11   . F0r example, people who are not   12   to w0rking at night can find that   13   of sleep causes them to   14   badly at w0rk.


15 inform sb _____ sth告知某人某件事

 16 catch ______ to sth学会,理解

 17. congratulate sb ______ sth 祝贺某人

18. be aware ______ 知道


19. Success can come if people _______ (true) believe in themselves and the goal of their desire.

20. You’ve got to believe in yourself and work for _______ you want in life.

21 However, ________ (learn) a foreign language is very difficult in the absence of a native language environment.


22. Body language is used ____________ (communicate) both attitudes and feelings from affection to_______ (angry) just like any other language.

23. Somebody jumping for joy is easy to see, while a ________ (raise) eyebrow _________ (convey) doubt is easier to miss.

24. Smiling has a high ________ (succeed) rate so never be afraid to use it.


25. He made a promise _______ he would help me with my English.


II单词拼写:(每个空格填一词; 每个2, 10分)

1. It was predicted as early as the 1700s that English would one day be the global language and that has proved to be the case in the last few d________.

2. They recommend setting achievable t________.

3. They recommend watching a favourite DVD, but _________ (调整,调换) the language to English in parts you know well.

4. However, body language can be __________ (不知不觉的,无意的) as well.

5. For example, in a job interview, you’ll probably be feeling nervous but you don’t want to appear to be in a state of _________ (不安)



36. I can meet you at eight o'clock; _____ you can call for me.
   A. incidentally     B. actually
   C. alternatively    D. accordingly

37. He has the _____ of an athlete: he really goes all out to win.
   A. instants    B. instances    C. instincts    D. intelligences

38. A university is an educational institution which _____ degrees and carries out research.
   A. rewards    B. awards    C. grants    D. presents

39. The old lady can't hope to _____ her cold in a few days.
   A. get over    B. get off    C. hold back    D. hold up

40. Jim's plans to go to college _____ at the last moment.
   A. fell out    B. gave away    C. gave off    D. fell through

Specialists say it is not easy to get used to life in a new culture‘Culture shock is the term these specialists  1  when talking about the feelings that people have in a new environment There are  2   stages of culture shocksay the specialistsIn the first stagethe newcomers like their new environment Thenwhen the fresh feeling  3  they begin to  4  the citythe  countrythe people

 thereand  5  elseIn the last stagethe newcomers begin to get used to their surroundings andas

 a result 6 their life

    There are some obvious factors in culture shockThe weather may be unpleasantThe customs

 may be differentThe public 7 system--the telephonepost officeor transportation—may be hard to work outThe most simple things seem to be big  8  The language may be difficult

Who feels culture shock?  Everyone does in  this way or thatBut culture shock still  9  most peopleVery often the people having the worst culture shock are those who   10 had any  difficulties in their home countries and were successful in their  communityComing to a new countrythose people find they do not have    11   established positionsThey find themselves without a role 12 without an identityThey have to build a new self-image 

    Culture shock 13  rose to a feeling of disorientation(无方向)·This feeling may, be home-sicknesswhen homesickpeople like staying  14 all the time. They  wantto protect themselves from the  15    environmentand create an escape anywhere for a sense of  16   . This escape does solve the problem  of culture shock for a  17  termbut it does nothing to make the person 18  with the cultureGetting to know the new environment and  19  experience—those are the long—term solution  20 the problem of culture shock



1.Adiscover    Bspend         Cknow      D. employ

    2Atwo        Bthree          Cfour      D. five

    3Acomes      Bdies           Cappears   D. misses

    4A10ve       Bappreciate     C1eave     D. dislike

    5Aeverything Bsomething      Canywhere  D. somewhere

    6Asatisfy    Brealize        Cenjoy     D. find

    7Aservice    Bsociety       Ccommunication D. relation

    8Athings       Bones           Cproblems   D. questions

    9Atires        Bsurprises      Cruins      D. meets

    10Aseldom     Bever           Conce       D. likely

    11Aproper      Bthe same       Cf0rmer     D· the newly

    12Aalmost      Bnearly         Chardly     D· mostly

    13Atells        Bshows         C gives        D· means

    14Aoutside      Binside         Calone      Dsleeping

    15Afar—away   Bnoisy          Cknown     D. strange

    16Asafety       Bsilence        C10nehness   D· regret

    17Aspecial      Bsh0rt          C10ng       D· possible

    18Amatch       Bcatch         C familiar    D· turn

    19Againing      Boffering       Cmaking     D· providing

20Aabout        Bof            Cf0r        D. to



36 [答案] C. alternatively
注释]alternatively (=as an alternative) 作为一个替代办法:If however is used, but is not needed; or alternatively omit however. (如果使用however,就不需要but;或者作为一个替代办法省去however
注意]alternately alternatively的区别:alternately (交替地) At a Chinese dinner, the guests and the hosts sit alternately at a round table.

37 [答案] C. instincts.
注释] instinct 天生的本领。instant n. 瞬间, 时刻; adj. 立即的, 直接的。如:instant coffee 速溶咖啡; instant food (s) 方便食品。例如:Spaceships are stocked with a variety of instant foods. (宇宙飞船上备有各种个样的方便食品。)

 40[答案] D. fell through,未能实现     

 39[答案] A. get over    

38 [答案] B. awards.
注释]awards sb. sth. 授于某人某物。如:They awarded John the first prize. (他们授于约翰一等奖。
对比:reward sb with sth. 以某物酬谢某人, 须加介词with; They rewarded the boy with $5 for bringing back the lost dog. (他们给这男孩5美元酬谢他把丢失的狗找回来。) grant (=consent to give or allow what is asked for) 同意 (给予) , 答应 (请求) The firm granted him a pension. (公司同意给予他退休金。) present sb. with sth. 赠送:Our class presented the school with a picture. (我们班给学校送了一幅画。) present 颁发, 呈递:1) The principal will present the diplomas. (校长将颁发文凭。) 2) We shall present a complete report to the Annual Conference. (我们将向年会递交一份全面的报告。
本题句意是:大学是授予学位和进行研究的教育机构。可见, 本题应选award.


17KEY15DBBDA   610CACBA      1115BACCD     1620ABCAD




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