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Challenge both your English & minds





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21. Such enormous numbers used to discourage us and cause us to dismiss the possibility of making a machine with human-like ability, but now that we have grown used to moving forward at such a pace we can be less sure.

21. 如此巨大的数目过去常常使我们感到泄气,以至于放弃了制造具有人类大脑功能的机器人的想法,然而由于我们已经习惯于如此迅速的发展,我们不再认为没有可能制造具有人类大脑功能的机器人了。

22. Further ahead, by a combination of the great wealth this new age will bring and the technology it will provide, the construction of a vast, man-created world in space, home to thousands or millions of people, will be within our power.

22. 进一步展望未来,通过这个新时代所产生的巨大财富和新技术的结合,人类可望在太空建立一个浩大的可供千万人居住的世界。

23. It is also possible for a student to move between one university and another during his degree course, though this is not in fact done as a regular practice.

23. 学生也能在攻读学位期间到其他学校修课,不过实际上通常不这么做。

24. A rapid means of long-distance transportation became a necessity for the United States as settlement spread ever farther westward.

24. 随着新拓居地不断向西推进,快速长途运输方式这个问题亟待解决。

25. In such a case, it is usually settled in the consumer’s favor, assuming he or she has a just claim.

25. 在这种情况下,假如消费者提出的要求合理,常常按对其有利的方法解决。



31. Any attempt to trace the development from the noises babies make to their first spoken words leads to considerable difficulties.

31. 试图探索婴儿从发声到开始说话的过程是十分困难的。

32. The problem then arises as to the point at which one can say that these imitations can be considered as speech.

32. 问题是中模仿到了什么程度可以算是讲话了。

33. Remember you may be taken to court for not doing so, and you may be fined if you cannot prove to the court that you have been excused from wearing it.

33. 假如不那么做,你可能被送上法庭,导师如果你不能向法庭证明你有理由可以不系安全带,你将会被罚款。这一点你必须牢记在心。



31. Motorists _____ of speeding may be banned from driving for a year.
   A. convicted    B. arrested    C. charged    D. judged

32. The reason why he adapted to the new situations quickly is that he has a _____ attitude.
   A. changeable    B. alternate    C. movable    D. flexible

33. Will all those _____ the proposal raise their hands?
   A. in relation to    B. in excess of
   C. in contrast to    D. in favor of

34. An early typewriter produced letters quickly and neatly; the typist, _____ couldn't see his work on his machine.
   A. however    B. therefore    C. yet    D. although

 35. We are interested in the weather because it _____ us so directly ------ what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel.
   A. benefits    B. guides    C. affects    D. effects


Beijing sees first dusty weather this year

Source: CCTV.com | 03-02-2008 09:17

BEIJING, March 1 (Xinhua) -- The first dusty weather this year hit Beijing on Saturday, with most part of the capital shrouded with haze, said the Beijing Meteorological Bureau.


Statistics from the city's environmental protection department shows that Yanqing County and Mentougou district were the first to encounter the        [float] dust, and the highest concentration of inhalable particle there reached more than 1400 gamma per stere each hour.


"The floating dust, which came from Shanxi, has covered the southern part of Hebei and the northern part of Shandong this morning. As         leads to south, the dust also affects the southwest of Beijing," said Guo Jinlan, a forecaster with Beijing Meteorological Bureau.


Experts with Beijing environmental protection department said the dusty weather did not influence air quality of the downtown area and the evaluation of today's air quality was still "fine".


"The dust will float out of Beijing tonight,         since the weather condition is unfavorable to the diffuse of air pollutants, air quality will still        [worse]tomorrow," experts said.


According to the forecast of Central Weather Bureau, sandstorms are expected to hit parts of China's Inner Mongolia and northern Shanxi areas in the next two days.


From March 4 to 6, strong winds will sweep north China, the eastern part of the northwest and the southern part of the northeast. Certain areas in these regions would be        sand or dusty.


The first regional sandstorm of the spring hit the northwestern province of Gansu on Friday, with the arid Minqin county experiencing a strong sandstorm.


The Christmas Tree

In pre-Christian Europe, people believed that trees (fruit trees and evergreens in particular) were embodiment of powerful beings. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the designated miracle play for December 25 was the story of Adam and Eve and in this play the chief prop was an apple-hung evergreen called the paradise tree. In the sixteenth century, German families began bringing evergreens into their homes during the Christmas season. By the seventeenth century, they were known as Christbaiime (Christ trees) and were being decorated with fruits, candies, cookies; candles and wafers resembling the eucharistic host.

The first Christmas trees in America were set up by German immigrants in the 1820s and the almost universal adoption of the custom dates from the 1910s. Now at Christmas time decorated trees stand in about two-thirds of American homes. The modern American tree is usually covered with colored balls and strings of colored lights. The star on top represents the Star in the East which guided the three Wise Men to Bethlehem.

1. Christmas is traditionally celebrated on            .

A. December 24             B. December 25

C. December 30             D. December 31

2. In the play about Adam and Eve, the paradise tree should be              .

A.  An apple tree.           B. A pear tree.

B.  A plum tree.              D. Any fruit tree.

3. Christmas trees became widespread in America                   .

A. in the 1920s              B. In the 1910s

C. in the 1820s              D. In the 1810s

4. The top of a Christmas tree is traditionally decorated with                     .

A. colored balls          B. Colored lights.         C. colored paper            D. Star-shaped objects.




31 [答案] A. convicted.
注释]be convicted to 被判有...... () He was convicted of murder. (他被法院判有谋杀罪。)

 32[答案] D. flexible.
注释] flexible 灵活的, 可变通的; We need a foreign policy that is more flexible.

 33 [答案] D. in favor of.
注释] in favor of 赞成。in excess of 超过。in relation to 关系到。in contrast to ......相对照。例如:

1) Everyone in the class voted in favor of the party. (=All of the children voted to have a party.)
2) We got $5000 in excess of the fixed sum. (
3) This appears small in contrast to (with) that. (
4) I have a lot to say in relation to that affair. (
5) We must plan in (with) relation to the future. (

34[答案] A. however. 
注释] however 然而。

本题译文:早期的打字机打起字来又快又整齐, 然而打字员不能看着机器键盘打字。

 35[答案] C. affects.
注释] affect (=have an influence or effect on) 影响:The climate affected his health. (气候影响[损害]了他的健康。
注意]affect vt. 影响。effect n. (=influent) 影响, 作用:Some films have a misleading effect on children. effect vt. (=bring about) 实行, 进行, 产生......后果:1) I will effect my purpose: no-one shall stop me! 2) We hope to effect an improvement. (我们希望能引起改进。
注意两个常用的习语:1) to that effect 那个意思的 () She said she hated spinach, or words to that effect. (她说她不喜欢吃菠菜或那个意思的话。) 2) to the effect that... 意思时说, 表示下述意思:I said a few words the effect that all he had told us was already well known. (我说了几句话, 意思是说他告诉我们的一切都已众所周知。)










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