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Challenge both your English & minds





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21. Such enormous numbers used to discourage us and cause us to dismiss the possibility of making a machine with human-like ability, but now that we have grown used to moving forward at such a pace we can be less sure.

22. Further ahead, by a combination of the great wealth this new age will bring and the technology it will provide, the construction of a vast, man-created world in space, home to thousands or millions of people, will be within our power.

23. It is also possible for a student to move between one university and another during his degree course, though this is not in fact done as a regular practice.

24. A rapid means of long-distance transportation became a necessity for the United States as settlement spread ever farther westward.

25. In such a case, it is usually settled in the consumer’s favor, assuming he or she has a just claim.

21. 如此巨大的数目过去常常使我们感到泄气,以至于放弃了制造具有人类大脑功能的机器人的想法,然而由于我们已经习惯于如此迅速的发展,我们不再认为没有可能制造具有人类大脑功能的机器人了。

22. 进一步展望未来,通过这个新时代所产生的巨大财富和新技术的结合,人类可望在太空建立一个浩大的可供千万人居住的世界。

23. 学生也能在攻读学位期间到其他学校修课,不过实际上通常不这么做。

24. 随着新拓居地不断向西推进,快速长途运输方式这个问题亟待解决。

25. 在这种情况下,假如消费者提出的要求合理,常常按对其有利的方法解决。

26. People will be alert and receptive if they are faced with information that gets them to think about things they are interested in.

27. But he said that with a modest increase in the present sums, devoted by the EEC to this work it was possible that the breakthrough could be achieved by the end of the next decade.

28. And he believes that with the possibility of utilizing more advanced technology in this field it might be possible to satisfy a much bigger share of the Community’s future energy needs.

26. 假如人们面对的信息使他们思考自己感兴趣的事物,他们就会警觉起来,而且表现出较强的接受能力。

27. 但是他指出欧洲经济共同体在这方面的研究经费只要在现有水平上略微增加,到下个十年的末期就有可能取得突破。

28. 他认为如果能在这方面采用更先进的技术,满足欧共体未来能源需求的比例可能更大。

29. But with the renewed concern about pesticides on produce, and refinements in infrared scanning, Paley hopes to get back into operation.

30. The sight of Barney Clark- alive and conscious after trading his diseased heart for a metal and plastic pump- convinced the press, the public and many doctors that the future had arrived.

31. Any attempt to trace the development from the noises babies make to their first spoken words leads to considerable difficulties.

29. 但是随着人们重新关注杀虫剂对农产品的影响,以及红外线扫描技术的改进,Paley希望能重操旧业。

30. 新闻界,公众和许多医生看到巴尼克拉克以一个金属和塑料制成的人造心脏换下自己患病的心脏后仍然或者,并且头脑清醒,于是他们相信患者们的光明未来已经到来。

31. 试图探索婴儿从发声到开始说话的过程是十分困难的。


16. The firemen managed to _____ the fire in time.
A. extinguish    B. prevent    C. suppress    D. ruin

17. What is most obvious in this book are all those details of daily living which make Mrs. Richard _____ common.
A. nothing but   B. anything but   C. above all   D. rather than

18. The car was completely _____ and the driver seriously injured.
A. broken off   B. taken off   C. written off   D. picked up


19. On this happy occasion, I'd like to say that we are _____ much obliged to you for your kind cooperation.
A. even so   B. ever so   C. as yet   D. so far

20. His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.
A. place    B. effect   C. post    D. office

21. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _____ him of speeding.
   A. charged    B. accused    C. blamed    D. deprived


22. Mr. Smith gradually _____ a knowledge of the subject.
   A. attained    B. achieved    C. required    D. acquired

 23. This is the _____ piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works.
   A. actual    B. genuine    C. real    D. original


24. My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.
   A. treated    B. adopted    C. adjusted    D. remedied

25. According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, wisdom comes from the _____ of maturity.
   A. fulfillment      B. achievement 
   C. establishment    D. accomplishment

26. The number of tickets _____ will be determined by the size of the stadium.
   A. adaptable    B. acceptable    C. advisable    D. available

 27. Too many hotels have been built and this has _____ prices, making holidays cheaper.
   A. cut short    B. cut out    C. cut off    D. cut down

28. He is a very honest official and never _____ any gifts from the people who sought his help.
   A. accepted    B. received    C. took up    D. excepted

29. He was not _____ to the club because he wasn't a member.
   A. allowed    B. admitted    C. permitted    D. approved

 30. Although he doesn't like that law, he will _____ with it.
   A. confine    B. conform    C. comply    D. contend



At the beginning of this century, medical scientists made an interesting discovery; we are built not just of flesh and blood but also of time. They were   1   to show that we all have “a body clock”   2    us, which controls the   3   and fall of our body energies,   4   us different from one day one to the next.

The   5   of “a body clock” should not be too   6   since the lives of most living things are controlled   7   the 24 hour night-and-day cycle. We feel   8   and fall asleep at night and become   9   and energetic during the day. If the 24 hour-cycle is   10   , most people experience unpleasant   11   . F0r example, people who are not   12   to w0rking at night can find that   13   of sleep causes them to   14   badly at w0rk.

  15   the daily cycle of sleeping and   16  , we also have other cycles which   17   longer than one day. Most of us would   18   that we feel good on some days and not so good on    19   ; sometimes our ideas seem to flow and at other times, they   20   do not exist.


1Aanxious      Bable    Ccareful      Dproud

2Ainside       Baround    Cbetween      Don

3Amovement     Bsupply    Cuse          Drise

4Ashowing      Btreating    Cmaking       Dchanging

5Ainvention    Bopinion    Cst0ry        Didea

6Adifficult    Bexciting    Csurprising   Dinteresting

7Afrom         Bby    Cover         Dduring

8Adull         Btired     Cdreamy       Dpeaceful

9Aregular      Bexcited    Clively       Dclear

10Adisturbed   Bsh0rtened    Creset        Dtroubled

11Amoments     Bfeelings    Csenses       Deffects

12Aprevented   Ballowed    Cexpected     Dused

13Amiss        Bnone    Clack         Dneed

14Aperf0rm     Bshow    Cmanage       Dcontrol

15AWith        BAs well as    CExcept       DRather than

16Aw0rking     Bmoving    Cliving       Dwaking

17Arepeat      Bremain    Clast         Dhappen

18Aagree       Bbelieve    Crealize      Dallow

19Aother       Bthe other    Call other    Dothers

20Ajust        Bonly    Cstill        Dyet






Antarctica and Environment





1.       distant-early-warning sensor          远距离早期报警传感器

2.       plateau                                        高原,高地

3.       slash                                           挥砍

4.       blast                                            一阵疾风/狂风

5.       vicious                                        邪恶的,凶魔般的

6.       gorge                                                 峡谷

7.       ripple                                          起伏,使起微波

8.       sand dune                                    沙丘

9.       verdant                                        绿色

10.   extraterrestrial                              地球之外的

11.   aura                                            气氛


       Antarctica has actually become a kind of space station – a unique observation post for detecting important changes in the world’s environment. Remote from major sources of pollution and the complex geological and ecological systems that prevail elsewhere, Antarctica makes possible scientific measurements that are often sharper and easier to interpret than those made in other parts of the world.

       Growing numbers of scientists therefore see Antarctica as a distant-early-warning sensor, where potentially dangerous global trends may be spotted before they show up to the north. One promising field of investigation is glaciology. Scholars from the United States, Switzerland, and France are pursuing seven separate but related projects that reflect their concern for the health of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet – a concern they believe the world at large should share.

       The Transantarctic Mountain, some of them more than 14,000 feet high, divide the continent into two very different regions. The part of the continent to the “east” of the mountains is a high plateau covered by an ice sheet nearly two miles thick. “West” of the mountain, the half of the continent south of the Americas is also covered by an ice sheet, but there the ice rests on rock that is mostly well below sea level. If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet disappeared, the western part of the continent would be reduced to a sparse cluster of island.

       While ice and snow are obviously central to many environmental experiments, others focus on the mysterious “dry valley” of Antarctica, valleys that contain little ice or snow even in the depths of winter. Slashed through the mountains of southern Victoria Land, these valleys once held enormous glaciers that descended 9,000 feet from the polar plateau to the Ross Sea. Now the glaciers are gone, perhaps a casualty of the global warming trend during the 10,000 years since the ice age. Even the snow that falls in the dry valleys is blasted out by vicious winds that roars down from the polar plateau to the sea. Left bare are spectacular gorges, rippled fields of sand dunes, clusters of boulders sculptured into fantastic shapes by 100-mile-an-hour winds, and an aura of extraterrestrial desolation.

       Despite the unearthly aspect of the dry valleys, some scientists believe they may carry a message of hope of the verdant parts of the earth. Some scientists believe that in some cases the dry valleys may soak up pollutants faster than pollutants enter them.


1.       What is the best title for this passage?
[A] Antarctica and environmental Problems.
[B] Antarctica: Earth’s Early-Warning station.
[C] Antarctica: a Unique Observation Post.
[D] Antarctica: a Mysterious Place.

2.       What would the result be if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet disappeared?
[A] The western part of the continent would be disappeared.
[B] The western part of the continent would be reduced.
[C] The western part of the continent would become scattered Islands.
[D] The western part of the continent would be reduced to a cluster of Islands.

3.       Why are the Dry Valleys left bare?
[A] Vicious wind blasts the snow away.
[B] It rarely snows.
[C] Because of the global warming trend and fierce wind.
[D] Sand dunes.

4.       Which of the following is true?
[A] The “Dry Valleys” have nothing left inside.
[B] The “Dry Valleys” never held glaciers.
[C] The “Dry Valleys” may carry a message of hope for the verdant.
[D] The “Dry Valleys” are useless to scientists.



1.       Growing numbers of scientists therefore see Antarctica as a distant-early waning sensor, where potentially dangerous global trends may be spotted before they show up to the north.
【结构简析】see as 把……看作。Where定从修饰Antarctic

2.       The part of the continent to the “east” of the mountain

3.       an aura of extraterrestrial desolation




1.       A 南极洲和环境问题。
南极洲:地球最早的报警战。C.南极洲:独一无二的观察哨。D. 南极洲:神秘的地方。三项都是总内容众的组成部分。

2.       D 大陆西部成为一群岛屿。第三段“横断南极的山脉,有的高达一万四千多英尺,把这大陆分成情况各异的两个地区。山脉以东的大陆部分是由差不多两英里厚的冰层覆盖的高原;山脉以西,即美洲以南的半个大陆也为冰层所覆盖。可是,这里冰层覆盖在大大低于海平面的岩石。如果西南极洲冰层消失,那这大陆西部将成为稀疏的岛群。”
大陆西部将小时。B. 大陆西部缩小。 D. 大陆西部将成为分散的岛屿。

3.       C 因为地球变暖和狂风劲吹。在第四段:“……这些干谷甚至在寒冬季节也很少有冰雪。它们插在南维多利亚陆地的山脉中,一度曾有从极地高原到罗斯海的深度为9000英尺的冰河。现在冰河已不存在,很可能是冰期之后一万年间地球变暖的结果。即使落入干谷的雪也被从极地高原咆哮入海的邪恶狂风吹散了。留下来的是裸露的壮观的峡谷,沙丘起伏的原野,被时速一百英里的大风雕刻成奇形怪状的大砾石,形成与世隔绝的荒凉景象。”
邪恶的狂风吹走了雪。B. 它很少下雪。D.沙丘。这三项只是干谷现象的一部分。

4.       C 他们可能为地球上绿色地区带来了希望的信息。答案是第五段第一句“尽管干谷具有神秘的一面,科学家却相信他们可能为地球上葱绿的地方带来了希望的信息。”
干谷内什么都没有留下。B. 干谷内从没有冰河。D. 按照科学家的看法,干谷毫无用处。




[答案] D. available.
注释] available. (=capable of being used; that may be obtained) 可用的, 有效的, 可得到的。例如:1) There are no doctors available in the remote areas. (在边远地区没有大夫。) 2) There tickets are available for on month. (这些票有效期一个月。
可以接受的:None of the suggestions was acceptable. advisable 明智的, 可取的, 适当的:I think it advisable that he be assigned to the job. (我认为指派他干这项工作是可取的。) adaptable 能适应的:He is an adaptable man and will soon learn the new work.

 [答案] D. cut down.
注释] cut down 参阅III,38注释。

 [答案] A. accepted
注释] receive 收到, 接到, , 这一动作; accept 是经过考虑接受下来, 表示当事人的态度, 如:I received the present, but I did not accept it. (我收到了这件礼物, 但我没有接受。)

[答案] B. admitted.
注释] admit sb. to (=allow sb. or sth. to enter; let in) 允许某人某物进入; ......进入:1) Children are not admitted. (儿童免进。) Only one hundred boys are admitted to the school the school every year. (这所学校每年只收100名男生。) admit (=acknowledge; confess) 承认, 供认:1) We have to admit that he is a highly competent man. (我们不得不承认他是一位能力很强的人。) 2) The thief admitted his crime. 3) She admitted having read the letter, 4) I admit breaking the window. 注意admit后可接动名词的一般式或完成式。5) We must admit the task to be difficult。注意admit也可以接复合结构。allowpermit后均可接sb. to do sth., 故不合本题题意。approve sth. 批准; approve of doing sth. (=think well of) 赞成, 赞许:1) I am afraid they won't approve of your going there. (恐怕他们不会赞成你去那里的。) 2) I don't approve of your way of looking at things. (我不赞同你看待事情的方法。)

[答案] C. comply    [注释] comply with 遵守。


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