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Challenge both your English & minds





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11. At Beth Israel each patient is assigned to a primary nurse who visits at length with the patient and constructs a full-scale health account that covers everything from his medical history to his emotional state.

11. 贝斯以色列医院为每一位病人指派一名责任护士,责任护士要与指派给他的病人做深入交谈,并对病人的身体状况作全面纪录,内容包括从病史到病人情绪的一切事情。

12. Papousek’s light display was placed directly in front of the babies and he made the interesting observation that sometimes they would not turn back to watch the lights closely although they would “smile and bubble” when the display came on.

12. 巴普塞克的灯直接放在婴儿面前,她观察到如下有趣的现象:有时婴儿并不回头仔细看灯,但是灯亮的时候就会发出“哥哥的笑声”。

13. Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but firmly, and especially when the consumer can demonstrate what is wrong with the item in question.

13. 通常,投诉如果既有礼貌,又很坚决又极有效,尤其是当消费者能说明有问题的商品的毛病所在时。

14. So we sleep well when we are in a familiar, safe place, but we sleep lightly, if at all, when we fear that bears will nose into the tent.

14. 因此,我们身处熟悉,安全的环境时就睡得好,而担心熊会闯入帐篷时就睡不好

15. When children understand that the light of the lighting flashing reaches their eyes almost at the same moment, but the sound of the thunder takes about 5 seconds to travel just one mile, they can begin to time the interval between the flash and the crash to learn how close they were to the actual spark.

15. 假如孩子们明白闪电发出的光几乎同时到达他们的眼睛,而雷声约5秒钟才传播1英里,那他们就可以开始给闪电和雷声二者的间隔计时,以了解自己离实际火花的远近。

16. Most people would agree that, although our age exceeds all previous ages in knowledge, there has been no corresponding increase in wisdom.

16. 大多数人都会同意这一看法:尽管当代在知识方面超越了过去所有的时代,但智慧方面并无相应的增加。

17. When they get sick, we transfer them to a hospital, where children are forbidden to visit terminally ill patients- even when those patients are their parents.

17. 他们生病时,我们把他们到医院,而孩子们不许探望患有不治之症的病人,即使病人就是他们的父母也不行。

18. When we talk about someone’s personality, we mean the ways in which he or she acts, speaks, thinks and feels that make that individual different form others.

18. 我们所说的个性是指示个人与他人不同的行为,言谈,思维和感觉等方式。

19. Behaviorists, who study the relation between actions and their consequences, argue that rewards can improve performance at work and school.

19. 研究行为与结果之间的关系的行为主义者认为:奖励能提高工作和学习表现

20. Cognitive researchers, who study various aspects of mental life, maintain that rewards often destroy creativity by encouraging dependence on approval and gifts from others.

20. 研究精神生活各个方面的认知学派研究人员则认为:奖励促使学生对别人给予的肯定和礼物有依赖心理,常常会破环他们的创造性。


11. The managing director took the _____ for the accident, although it was not really his fault.
A. guilt    B. charge    C. blame   D. accusation

12. The worker agreed to _____ the strike if the company would satisfy their demands.
A. call for    B. call forth    C. call off    D. call up

13. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn't _____ what color it was.
A. look out    B. make out    C. get across    D. take after

 14. He has impressed his employers considerably and _____ he is soon to be promoted.
A. eventually    B. yet    C. finally    D. accordingly

15. It was a great _____ for him to be pleasant to people he didn't like.
A. attempt    B. trouble   C. power    D. effort


Shanghai draws up plan for nation's tallest building


For real-estate developers in the city, the sky is not the limit.


Shanghai, already crowded with skyscrapers _______[build] on the back of robust economic growth and financial might, will be home to the country's tallest building in Lujiazui financial zone of Pudong New Area.


Construction on the proposed 580-m building, among the world's tallest, will start this year, Xinhua News Agency reported.


The Shanghai Center, reportedly scheduled for completion by 2010, has been approved by the city's development and reform commission.


The project will be _______[joint]  developed by Shanghai Chengtou Corporation, Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Development Co Ltd and Shanghai Construction Group. The cost has not been revealed.


_______[Take]up 20,300 sq m, the Shanghai Center is expected to house offices, hotels and shopping malls as well as recreational facilities, complementing the two _______[neighbor] buildings with more office space for financial institutions and companies as the district sees an increasing inflow of foreign capital.


In the past two decades, Pudong New Area has developed from a rural backwater into a financial district which is home to scores of financial institutions and internationally renowned companies.




Unfilial son kidnaps and robs his father

A man surnamed Zhao has been sentenced to serve a 10-year-jail term after teaming up with another man to kidnap and rob his own father, in Guangzhou's Huadu district.


Zhao, 24, broke into the accounts department of the singing and dancing hall his father worked at and took 147,000 yuan ($20,400), HK$3,000 ($1,666), plus a 15,000-yuan gold ring and _______ 14,000-yuan watch, after kidnapping his father in August.


Zhao's father was in charge of the financial department of the dance hall, run by Zhao's sister-in-law.


Police detained Zhao two days later. His accomplice surnamed He was sentenced _______ nine years in prison.





Table tennis queen seeks last Olympic ticket



GUANGZHOU - With a bulging trophy cabinet and happily married _______ a multimillionaire realtor, Chinese table tennis queen Wang Nan says her life will be perfect with an Olympic appearance at home.


The 29-year-old is the most decorated Chinese table tennis player, with 20 world and Olympic titles to her belt, beating previous record holder Deng Yaping _______ two. Called to the national team at the age of 15, the baby-faced northeastern Chinese wears the national jersey longer than legendary Deng.

"I will keep fighting until after the Beijing Olympics," Wang Nan has told reporters _______ many occasions.

Wang Nan is seeking China's last Olympic ticket since 2004 Olympic singles winner Zhang Yining and reigning world champion Guo Yue have qualified automatically.



 11 [答案] C. blame.
注释]take the blame for ......承担责任。Take charge of 负责管理 (照顾) [注意]charge 前无冠词the.

12  [答案] C. call off      [注释]  

13 [答案] B. make out      [注释]  

14  [答案] D. accordingly.
注释]accordingly (=for that reason, therefore) 因此, 所以。

 15 [答案] D. effort.
注释] effort (作可数名词用) (=vigorous attempt) 努力的尝试:Does it require a great effort of will to give up smoking? (戒烟需要坚强的毅力吗?)















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