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Challenge both your English & minds





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I am one of the many city people who are always saying that given the choice we would prefer to live in the country away from the dirt and noise of a large city. I have managed to convince myself that if it weren’t for my job I would immediately head out for the open spaces and go back to nature in some sleepy village buried in the county. But how realistic is the dream?

Cities can be frightening places. The majority of the population live in massive tower blocks, noisy, dirty and impersonal. The sense of belonging to a community tends to disappear when you live fifteen floors up. All you can see from your window is sky, or other blocks of fiats. Children become aggressive and nervous - cooped up at home all day, with nowhere to play; their mothers feel isolated from the rest of the world. Strangely enough, whereas in the past the inhabitants of one street all knew each other, nowadays people on the same floor in tower blocks don’t even say hello to each other.

Country life, on the other hand, differs from this kind of isolated existence in that a sense of community generally binds the inhabitants of small villages together. People have the advantage of knowing that there is always someone to turn to when they need help. But country life has disadvantages too. While it is true that you may be among friends in a village, it is also true that you are cut off from the exciting and important events that take place in cities. There’s little possibility of going to a new show or the latest movie. Shopping becomes a major problem, and for anything slightly out of the ordinary you have to goon an expedition to the nearest large town. The city-dweller who leaves for the country is often oppressed by a sense of unbearable stillness and quiet. What, then, is the answer? The country has the advantage of peace and quiet, but suffers from the disadvantage of being cut off: the city breeds a feeling of isolation, and constant noise batters the senses. But one of its main advantages is that you are at the center of things, and that life doesn’t come to an end at half-past nine at night. Some people have found (or rather bought) a compromise between the two: they have expressed their preference for the “quiet life” by leaving the suburbs and moving to villages within commuting distance of large cities. They generally have about as much sensitivity as the plastic flowers they leave behind—they are polluted with strange ideas about change and improvement which they force on to the unwilling original habitants of the villages.

What then of my dreams of leaning on a cottage gate and murmuring “morning” to the locals as they pass by. I’m keen on the idea, but you see there’s my cat, Toby. I’m not at all sure that he would take to all that fresh air and exercise in the long grass. I mean, can you see him mixing with all those hearty males down the farm? No, he would rather have the electric imitation-coal fire any evening.


46. We get the impression from the first paragraph that the author___.

A. used to live in the country B. used to work in the cityC. works in the city D. lives in the country

47. In the authors opinion, the following may cause city people to be unhappy EXCEPT___.

A. a strong sense of fear B. lack of communicationC. housing conditions D. a sense of isolation

48. The passage implies that it is easy to buy the following things in the country EXCEPT___

A. daily necessities B. fresh fruitsC. designer clothes D. fresh vegetables

49. According to the passage, which of the following adjectives best describes those people who work in large cities and live in villages?

A. Original. B. Quiet. C. Arrogant. D. Insensitive.

50. Do you think the author will move to the country?

A. Yes, he will do so. B. No, he will not do so.C. It is difficult to tell. D. He is in two minds.





A bad beginning makes a bad ending. 不善始者不善终。

A bad workman always blames his tools. 不会撑船怪河弯。

A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush. 一鸟在手胜过双鸟在林。

A bad thing never dies. 遗臭万年。w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m

A boaster and a liar are cousinsgerman. 吹牛与说谎本是同宗。

A burden of one’s choice is not felt. 爱挑的担子不嫌重。

A candle lights others and consumes itself. 蜡烛照亮别人毁灭了自己。

A cat has 9 lives. 猫有九条命。

A constant guest is never welcome. 常客令人厌。

Actions speak louder than words事实胜于雄辩。



10  “泰坦尼克”号的沉没

150. The great ship, Titanic, sailed ______ New York from Southampton on April 10th, 1912.


151. She was ______ 1,316 passengers and a crew of 891.


152. Even ______ modern standards, the 46,000 ton Titanic was a colossal ship.

        却使用现代标准来衡量,45,000 吨的“泰坦尼克”号与算得上一艘巨轮了。

153. At that time, however, she was not only the largest ship that had ever been built,


154. but was regarded as unsinkable, for she had sixteen watertight compartments.


155. Even if two of these were ______, she would still be able to float.


156. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered, for she went down______  her first voyage with heavy loss of life.


157. Four days after setting out, while the Titanic was sailing ______ the icy waters of the North Atlantic,


158. a huge iceberg was suddenly ______[spot] by a lookout.


159. After the alarm had been given, the great ship turned sharply to avoid a direct collision.


160. The Titanic turned just in time, narrowly missing the immense wall of ice which rose over 100 feet out of the water beside her.


161. Suddenly, there was a slight trembling sound from below, and the captain went down to see what ______[happen] .


162. The noise had been ______ faint that no one though that the ship had been damaged.


163. Below, the captain realized to ______horror that the Titanic was sinking rapidly,


164. for five of her sixteen watertight compartments had already been flooded!


165. The order to abandon ship was given and hundreds of people plunged into the ______[ice] water.


166. As there were not enough lifeboats for everybody, 1,500 lives ______[lose].

        由于没有足够的救生艇运载所有乘客,结果,1,500 人丧生。









had happened




were lost



41. I can't go-for one thing, I have no money, and __I have too much work.

A) what's more
B) as well
C) for another
D) in addition

42. Even as a girl, ___ to be her life, and theater audiences were tobe her best teacher.
A) performing by Melissa were
B) it was known that Melissa's performances were
C) knowing that Melissa's performances were
   D) Melissa knew that performing was 

43. ___ him tomorrow? 

A) Why not to call on
B) Why don't call on
C) Why not calling on
D) Why not call on 

44. There is no doubt ___the company has made the right decision on the sales project.

A) why
B) that
C) whether
D) when 

45. Intellect is to the mind ___sight is to the body.

A) what
B) as
C) that

46. ___I sympathize, I can't really do very much to help them out of the difficulties.

A) As long as
B) As
C) While
D) Even

47. The patient's progress was very encouraging as he could ___ get out of bed without help.

A) nearly
B) hardly
C) merely
D) barely

48. He was ___to tell the truth even to his closest friend.

A) too much of a coward
B) too much the coward
C) a coward enough
D) enough of a coward 

49. Barry had an advantage over his mother ___he could speak French.

A) since that
B) in that
C) at that
D) so that

50. You needn't worry ___ regards the cost of the operation.

A) with
B) which
C) as
D) about

When you are facing with a large audience, you may get --81______--.

nervous, you may forget what you want to say, you may stumble

over words, you may talk too long, and you may bore your

audience. Later you think, "Thank goodness, it's over. I'm just

no good in public speaking. I hope I never have to do that --82______--.

again." Cheer up! It doesn't have to be that bad. Here is some --83______.--

simple steps to take the pain out of speech making. First of all, it

is important to do your homework. Find out everything you can

about your subject. And, at the same time, find out much as you --84______--.

can about your audience. Who are they? What do they know about your subject?

Ask you the purpose of your speech. What is the occasion? --85______--.

Why are you speaking? Are you introducing another speaker?

Giving a lecture? Or convince someone? There are many possible --86______--.

speaking roles, and each one has its own special characteristics.

Make sure you know by which category you fit. Don't spoil your --87______--.

speech by confusing one speaking role to another. --88______--.

Let us suppose that you have asked to introduce the main --89______--.

speaker at a conference. First, find out the most important and

interesting things about the speaker. Then, summarize this

information in a few remarks. It is all right to tell a joke or an

anecdote if it is in good taste and will not embarrass the speaker.

Remember: Be brief, you are the man speaker. --90______--.


81______. with - to

82______. in - at

83______. is - are

84______. much as - as much as

85______. you - yourself

86______. convince - convincing

87______. by - in

88______. to - with

89______. have asked - have been asked

90______. you - and you


Traditionally, the woman has held a low position in marriage partnerships. While her husband went his way, she had to wash, stitch and sew. Today the move is to liberate the woman, which may in the end strengthen the marriage union.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to friendship in marriage is the amount a couple usually see of each other. Friendship in its usual sense is not tested by the strain of daily, year-long cohabitation. Couples need to take up separate interests (and friendship) as well as mutually shared ones, if they are not to get used to the more attractive elements of each other's personalities.

Married couples are likely to exert themselves for guests - being amusing, discussing with passion and point - and then to fall into dull exhausted silence when the guests have gone.

As in all friendship, a husband and wife must try to interest each other, and to spend sufficient time sharing absorbing activities to give them continuing common interests. But at the same time they must spend enough time on separate interests with separate people to preserve and develop their separate personalities and keep their relationship fresh.

For too many highly intelligent working women, home represents chore obligations, because the husband only tolerates her work and does not participate in household chores. For too many highly intelligent working men, home represents dullness and complaints - from an over-dependent wife who will not gather courage to make her own life.

In such an atmosphere, the partners grow further and further apart, both love and liking disappearing. For too many couples with children, the children are allowed to command all time and attention, allowing the couple no time to develop liking and friendship, as well as love, allotting them exclusive parental roles.

75. According to the passage, which of the following statements is CORRECT?
A) Friendship in marriage means daily, year-long cohabitation.
B) Friendship can be kept fresh by both separate and shared interests.
C) Friendship in marriage is based on developing similar interests.
D) Friendship in marriage is based on developing separate interest. 

76. The passage suggests that married couples become___.
A) unfriendly with guests
B) uninterested in guests
C) hostile when guests have left
D) quiet when guest have left

77. The passage seems to indicate at the end that children___.
A) help couples reinforce their friendship
B) make no impact on the quality of friendship
C) may pose obstacles in marital friendship
D) command less time and care than expected 






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