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Challenge both your English & minds





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1.He asked “How are you getting along?”

  = He asked us ___________

2.He asked : “Are you a teacher or student?”

  = He asked ___________

3.I prefer staying at home to _____[go]out.

 I prefer to work rather than ____[do] nothing.

 Would you rather go home or ____[stay] here?

 I would rather you ___[post] the letter right away.

 I would rather stand than ____[sit]

4. I havn’t the ____[]to lift the table.

  The thief took the money from the old lady by ____[]


5. Think about the job and write down your ____[strong] and weakneses.

6.I picked up a few words of Greek when I was ther last year. [翻译 pick up]

7.A better plan was put ____ by him.

8.Could you please tell me where you bought the shoes you ____[穿]yesterday?

9.Do you think the beauty could make up ____ her stupidity?

10. I had a lot of trouble making myself _____[understand]

11. They made him ____captain.

12.Someone is ringing the doorbell .Go and see who ___ is?

13. The bridge need to be ____[strong].

14.Fridship is like money :easier made than _____[keep]




76. It is hard to imagine a student focusing their energy on textbook while other children are playing.


  77. Moreover, children will have less time to play and communicate with their peers due to extra studies, consequently, it is difficult to develop and cultivate their character and interpersonal skills. They may become more solitary and even suffer from certain mental illness.


  78. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that, although extra studies indeed enjoy many obvious advantages, its disadvantages shouldnt be ignored and far outweigh its advantages. It is absurd to force children to take extra studies after school.


  79. Any parents should place considerable emphasis on their children to keep the balance between play and study. As an old saying goes: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


  80. There is a growing tendency for parent these days to stay at home to look after their children instead of returning to work earlier.



 81. Parents are firmly convinced that, to send their child to kindergartens or nursery schools will have an unfavorable influence on the growth of children.


  82. However, this idea is now being questioned by more and more experts, who point out that it is unhealthy for children who always stay with their parents at home.


  83. Although parent would be able to devote much more time and energy to their children, it must be admitted that, parent has less experience and knowledge about how to educate and supervise children, when compared with professional teachers working in kindergartens or nursery schools.


  84. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion that, although the parents desire to look after children by themselves is understandable, its disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.


  85. Parents should be encouraged to send their children to nursery schools, which will bring about profound impacts on children and families, and even the society as a whole.




课文6  砸橱窗抢劫

84. The expensive shops in a famous arcade near Piccadilly were just ______.


85. ______ this time of the morning, the arcade was almost empty.


86. Mr. Taylor, the owner of a jewellery shop was ______a new window display.


87. Two of his assistants had been working busily ______ eight o'clock and had only just finished.


88. Diamond necklaces and rings had been beautifully ______ on a background of black velvet.


89. After______ at the display for several minutes, Mr. Taylor went back into his shop.


90. The silence was suddenly broken when a large car, with its headlights ______ and its horn blaring, roared ______ the arcade.


91. It came to a stop outside the jeweller's.


92. One man stayed at the wheel ______ two others with black stockings over their faces jumped out and smashed the window of the shop with iron bars.


93. While this was going on, Mr. Taylor was ______.


94. He and his ______ began throwing furniture out of the window. Chairs and tables went flying into the arcade.


95. One of the thieves was ______ by a heavy statue, but he was too busy helping himself ______ diamonds to notice any pain.


96. The raid was all over in three minutes, for the men scrambled back into the car and it moved______ at a fantastic speed.


97. Just as it was leaving, Mr. Taylor rushed out and ______ it throwing ashtrays and vases, but it was impossible to stop the thieves.


98. They had got away with thousands of pounds ______ of diamonds.





Ban the Band(乐队)

Every year,our school has a dance for all the students.It’s a little funny seeing friends in clean shoes and trousers or colorful __36____,instead of the usual school uniform.

Most of us think the dance is great _37___ ---even the teachers enjoy being there.___38__,two weeks ago someone said that there would be no ___39___ band this year ---only CDs.

“I don’t __40__ it!”Amy cried out during the lunch break.

“Someone said the school couldn’t __41__ a band,and they think it’s too noisy anyway/”added Daniel.

“Well,I don’t think it’s __42__ enough without a band!”declared AngelA”and I’m going to see what can be done.”

Angela was as good as her __43__.In the afternoon she went to see the school headmaster who agreed to give the __44__ some more thought. And he suggested that one __45__for having a band was to increase the price of each ticket from $5 to $10.Angela had to ___46__ out whether the students would like to do that.

“I need all of you to help me,”she __47__to our group before school the next day.”Mr.Berry gave me a list of all the names,and suggested we ask each one their __48__ about the band and the extra cost.”

___49___ the day we asked around as Angela suggested,and wrote down peoples’s feelings about the band and the cost.We were amazed how much __50__ there was for the band and everyone agreed to pay the extra $5.

“I’m surprised,”smiled Mr.Berry,when we gave him the __51__.”I realty thought that only a few people __52__ their band and that the cost would be too high.OK.Angela,your next __53__is to find a good band and line them up for the dance. ”

Angela was all smiles and __54__ the news to Amy and Daniel.”You’re __55__,”smiled Daniel to Angela as he thought how close they came to having a less than perfect dance.


36Ashapes   Bdressed          Cflowers       Dpictures

37Afun     Bwork            Ceffort        Dprogress

38ABesides     BOtherwise        CHowever      DTherefore

39Anew        Blive             Cforeign        Dnarching

40Amean       Bneed            Caccept         Dbelieve

41Alead        Bserve            Cafford         Dform

42Agood       Bclear            Cuseful          Deasy

43Alook        Bbehavior         Cmind          Dword

44Aschedule        Bsituation         Cview          Daction

45Apossibility       Bconcern         Cdecision       Dchance

46Acall            Bfind             Ccarry         Dpoint

47Aadmintted       Breplied          Capolpgized     Dannounced

48Aknowledge      Binstruction       Copinion        Dinformation

49AOn            B For            CBy            DDuring

50Atrust           Bmoney          Csupport         Dcare

51Aresults         Bnotices          Cquestions       Dexamples

52Awelcomed      Bwanted          Cdefended       Dinvited

53Atask           Bbusiness         Cexercise        Dduty

54Ashowed        Bwrote           Cbroke          Dread

55Aamusing       Binteresting        Cexciting        Damazing




When I was young, my parents ran a snack bar in our small town.

One evening in early April, my mother told me to fill in at the snack bar   36   a worker who had the flu. I told her I would mess it up,   37   I had never worked at the bar before. I   38   that instead of making money, I would end up owing it.

You can do it, said my mother,   39  , you wont get much business until lunch.

But Ill never remember the orders, and Im no good   40   money. Please, Mom, dont   41   me.

Then Ill help you, she said.

I shrugged my shoulders. I thought my mothers   42   was a bad one, but I   43  .

When I got to the bar the next day, I found my mother was   44  . Because the weather that day was rainy and cold, people wanted hot snacks and drinks.   45  , I was really slow at taking the orders and making change. The line of people grew, and everybody seemed   46  , I was so nervous that my hands shook, and I   47   a cup into pieces. What a mess! Then my mother came to   48   me, and she also showed me how to make   49  . If someone gave me $ 5 for something that cost $ 3.25, I handed over

50   quarters and a dollar and said, 75 cents makes four dollars, plus one dollar makes five. Things went more   51   after that.

By the end of the day, I could remember orders,   52   the bill, and make change quickly with a smile. I was even a little   53   when the sun came out and dried up business. My mother said she was proud of me, and when she   54   that I work at the snack bar again next year, I did not even shrug. I was too busy

55   the restaurant I would open one day.


36       Ato      Bfor    Cafter  Dover

37       Abecause    Bthough      Cuntil       Dwhile

38       Apromised  Bnoticed     Cworried       Dhoped

39       ATherefore BHowever   CBesides       DYet

40       Aof     Bon     Cabout Dwith

41       Ablame       Bfool   Cfrighten       Dmake

42       Aidea   Bbar    Cday   Danswer

43       Aguessed    Bobeyed      Cbegged       Dadmitted

44       Aangry       Bsad    Cworry       Dashamed

45       AAt least     BAt last       CAt most       DAt first

46       Asurprised  Bimpolite     Cpleased       Dimpatient

47       Adamaged   Bdestroyed  Cbroke       Druined

48       Ascold Bhelp   Cbeat   Dsave

49       Amoney      Blunch Ccoffee       Dchange

50       Atwo   Bthree  Cfour  Dfive

51       Asmoothly  Bfairly Csimply       Dconveniently

52       Aturn in      Bcount out  Ctake over       Dadd up

53       Adiscouraged     Bdisturbed       Cdisappointed     Ddistrusted

54       Athought     Bstated       Cannounced       Dsuggested

55       Aimagining  Bpreparing       Cexamining Ddescribing










36B  37A  38C  39C  40D  41D

42A  43B  44C  45D  46 D 47 C 48B49  D50  B51  A 52D 53 C 54 D 55.A


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