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Challenge both your English & minds





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I don’t know why she is always in  low  spirits.  

He turned a deaf ear to what I said.

 I have no idea how to enlarge my vocabulary. 

 Since my childhood I have been fond of music. 

We will take the matter into account.

At the news of her death, he went pale with sorrow. 

She cares nothing for sports.



different trips

a difficult job



She is young and ambitious. she works hard to get the job.

The girl entered the room gracefully.

The students reached the top of the mountain exhausted.

A beautiful girl stood in front of me.

He was confused about the problem and went to ask for his teacher.



67. As for me, Im firmly convinced that the number of foreign tourists should be limited, for the following reasons:


  68. In addition, in order to attract tourists, a lot of artificial facilities have been built, which have certain unfavorable effects on the environment.


  69. For lack of distinct culture, some places will not attract tourists any more. Consequently, the fast rise in number of foreign tourists may eventually lead to the decline of local tourism.


      70. There is a growing tendency for parents to ask their children to accept extra educational programs over the recent years.


71. This phenomenon has caused wide public concern in many places of world.


  72. Many parents believe that additional educational activities enjoy obvious advantage. By extra studies, they maintain, their children are able to obtain many kinds of practical skills and useful knowledge, which will put them in a beneficial position in the future job markets when they grow up.


  73. In the first place, extra studies bring about unhealthy impacts on physical growth of children. Educational experts point out that, it is equally important to take some sport activities instead of extra studies when children have spent the whole day in a boring classroom.


  74. Children are undergoing fast physical development; lack of physical exercise may produce disastrous influence on their later life.


  75. In the second place, from psychological aspect, the majority of children seem to tend to have an unfavorable attitude toward additional educational activities.




Unit 15 lesson 1

The Importance of Life-long Learning

Nowadays, more and more people ______ various ages and backgrounds are continuing to study to improve ______them. Here’s what they have to say about their life-long learning experience.


Sun Wen -28 years old

“It’s never too late to learn.” That was the advice I got after I failed my college entrance exam. Now I’m about to graduate from the School of Continuing Education at Qinghua university with a Bachelor’Degree in Computer Engineering by distance learning. Because of my new qualification, I’m getting ______promote at work.

In the past, if someone like me had failed to get into university through the college exam, he would have had no chance of getting a degree. But it’s different now. I decided to give myself ______ second chance by studying for a degree in the evenings and ______ weekends while keeping a secure full-time job. Frankly speaking, the last four years have been hard work, but it’s been hard work, but it’s been worth it!


Ms Tang-45 years old

   Three months ago, when my manager told me that I would be ______lay off, my mind went blank and my heart swelled ______ anger. In the past, if someone had worked for a company for over 20 years, they would have stayed there until retirement! I suspect that they laid me off because the company was not doing that well but it still brought a lump to my throat and made me want to cry. I felt as if I ______do something wrong ! I know this isn’t true though. It’s just the status of the job market at the moment.

At first, I enjoyed ______be a full-time housewife and called myself ” CHO” or “chief home officer”. But soon I got bored and decided to do a business course. I have always dreamed of starting my own company.

I have nearly finished the course now and it has been very helpful. I have learnt so many new skills and have already prepared a business plan for setting up my own export company! I think that getting laid off well

prove to be the best thing that ever happened ______ me.


Grand Chen -75 years old

  I’m sure you all know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, it’s certainly not true! I’m an old dog, and I’m teaching myself new tricks every day!

   It all started a few months ago when postage went up. I’d been sending letters ______ airmail to my daughter in the US once a week, but, suddenly, it was too expensive. I decided that it was time I became an Internet user. I got my grandson to instruct me on how to email and use the Internet and I really enjoy the speed ______ which my messages get sent and answered. And aside from emailing, it’s fun to see and talk to my grandchildren in the US on the i-Cam. In the past, if I’d wanted to see them, I would have had to visit them ______ person.

  So many people think that after you retire, all you can do is switch ______ your brain and bury everything you’ve ever learnt. This is so wrong!

  Anyway, it’s time for me to go now. I have to practice the alphabet! I’m doing an English course ______ the Internet.



(  ) 96.  The doctor would allow him to go home _____ he remained in bed.

  A. as though  B. for fear that

  C. on condition that  D. as far as   

(  ) 97.  One of the most important social problems of today is _____ jobs to the unemployed.

  A. what to be given  B. having given

  C. how to give  D. to have given  

(  ) 98. The doctor said I was over-weight. If only I _____ less!

  A. ate  B. have been eating

  C. have eaten  D. had eaten 

(  ) 99.  It is said that he got laughed at for _____.

  A. his dishonest B. been dishonest C. being dishonest D. to be dishonest

(  )100. A baby animal knows animals of _____ own kind when it sees them, when it smells them and it hears them.

  A. her B. one's C. its D. their



It was the night of the full moon, a time which always drives Java' s young people mad with excitement.

Fireworks were lit long before the moon   36  . The big noise brought people out   37   the warm night to enjoy the interesting scene. Everywhere, there were the paper remains of  38__   fireworks lying on the grounDLittle boys   39   more and covered their ears as they waited  _ 40__   for the explosions.

The moon appeared above the horizon(地平线) : huge,   41   ball high above the city, and the  __42   filled with people, as Java began to enjoy one of the year' s greatest _ 43 _ : ' the Night of the Full Moon' , a festival(节日) that is especially popular   44_   young people.

More and more young Javanese   45   together and walked slowly through the   46    Joking and chatting, they moved towards the mountain _ 47   the city. They continued to climb   48   they reached the old temple 寺庙 at the   49   of the mountain.

After they were _ 50   the temple, they drank their water and ate their moon-cakes -- delicious home-made ones,  51   of dried fruit and nuts. Outside, on the mountain, young people   52__   cross-legged in circles, chatting and telling each other jokes. And   53   , in their hundreds, more young people continued to make their way up the mountain to   54   the brightly shining moon.

By midnight, the fireworks had stopped shooting up from the   55  city in the valley below them. But during the night, the sound continued to be heard from the distance.


36Alet out                Bgave out                    Ccame out                                 Dset out

37Ainto                   Bat                             Cof                                      Dfrom

38Aburning              Bused                                      Cexploding                                      Dbroken

39Alit                      Bbought                      Cpiled                                      Dremoved

40Apatiently            Bcalmly                                      Cworriedly                                      Dexcitedly

41Asilver                 Bnew                                      Ccolorful                     Dgold

42Amountains          Bvalleys                                      Cstreets                                      Dshops

43Agames                Bmeetings                                      Csports                                      Devents

44Afor                    Bto                             Cwith                                      Din

45Adanced               Bgathered                                      Cdrank                                      Dshouted

46Avillage               Bscene                        Cnight                                      Dground

47Aon the edge of    Bon the way to             Cin the center of                    Din the direction of

48Awhile                 Buntil                                      Cunless                                      Dthough

49Atip                     Bback                         Ctop                                      Dbottom

50Ainside                Bnear                          Coff                                      Dacross

51Afond                  Blittle                         Cfull                                      Dfree

52Ajumped              Bsat                            Cstood                                      Dbent

53Aso                      Beven                         Cyet                                      Dstill

54Afollow               Bshow                                      Cnotice                                      Dadmire

55Aclean                 Bgray                                      Cpeaceful                                      Dempty












had done










96. C on condition that= if

97. C 做表语的非谓语动词表示具体时间(将来)的行为,故用不定式一般时,排除 BD,短语中不缺少成分,排除A

98. D if only后用虚拟语气。此句中表示与过去事实相反。

99. C for介词,后接名词或相当于名词的短语或从句。

100. C



36C  37A  38B  39A  40D 

41A  42C  43D  44C  45B  46C  47A  48B 

49C  50A  51C  52B  53D  54D  55B




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